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ZetaTalk: Whiplash
written Apr 14, 2004

What is the effect on the Earth, currently swept into the arms of Planet X periodically by the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, when more planets crowd up to the stop sign, and halt, due to the massive Repulsion Force issues presented by Planet X standing before them. Planet X is 23 times as massive, this mass not reflected in the mere diameter of this interloper, which is only 4 times as broad as Venus or Earth or the Earth’s Dark Twin, all of which are approximately the same size. The Sweeping Arms normally just propel the planets in the inner solar system to continue their path, counterclockwise around the Sun, a nudge so benign as to go unnoticed by man, who assumes this motion and direction due to other factors. It is only when the sweeps create disaster, at predictable intervals, that man takes notice. The Sweeping Arm effect only became noticeable in the Summer of 2003, when the Earth began rounding the backside of the Sun and moving toward Planet X, which was inbound from the outer solar system regions toward the orbit of Earth where it encountered the Earth on Dec 25, 2003. The Sweeps then had a different pace, as rebounding away from Planet X or standing still or backing up under pressure, the Earth encounters the sweeps more often as it is not running ahead of them as a normal orbit would allow.

Presently, the sweeps have the characteristic of

  1. pushing the Earth into the arms of Planet X, which it is avoiding due to Repulsion Force issues, thus creating phenomena man has come to associate with the sweeps such as strong Global Quakes, electromagnetic surges creating power outages and magnetic flux, and more falling bridges, separating rails derailing trains, collapsing buildings, water line breaks, and gas line or fixture explosions.
  2. hopping Planet X toward the Earth a few days later as its reaction in its Retrograde Orbit to a sweep is to hop over, rather than sweep before, the Sweeping Arms. This causes a second round of quakes and phenomena associated with sweeps, and often pushes the Earth backwards so it makes no progress in its orbit, but is stalled, and slightly backing up, during this process.

With Venus stalled to the left side of the Earth, and Mars stalled to the Right, and with the Earth unable to leave her orbit due to the presence of these other planets, and unable to lift far above or below the Ecliptic where other particle flows which sweep all the planets into the Ecliptic plane as they wash back toward the Sun’s middle, the Earth is stuck. Now approaches her Dark Twin, apace, closing the gap and just months behind her in their shared orbit. What will occur when this Dark Twin, the equal of Venus or the Earth in size, is close? It will surely stall in its orbit, but more will occur. The sweeps will now have a ricochet effect on the Earth.

  1. the Dark Twin will first encounter the Sweeping Arm, and will smash into Earth with the gravity Repulsion Force effect, not only creating a bump but pushing the Earth prematurely into the arms of Planet X. Disaster Scenario ONE.
  2. the Earth will then encounter the Sweeping Arm as noted above, and be sweep into the Arms of Planet X, bringing Disaster Scenario TWO.
  3. Planet X will then hop the sweep, smashing it into the Earth as noted above bringing Disaster Scenario THREE.
  4. where the Earth has been reacting to this hop by backing up, it can no longer do this without another crunch from the back due to its Dark Twin behind it, creating Disaster Scenario FOUR.

This is twice the impacts already received, and each such impact that forces the Earth into the arms of Planet X creates more tilting and leaning and magnetic grip. In that the Earth cannot back up away from Planet X, but may in fact rebound into it when encountering her Dark Twin at her backside while attempting to do so, it will increasingly engage in the magnetic play that is inevitable between the Earth and Planet X. Slowing, beyond the steady pace that has been occurring but disguised by the halted orbit, will occur. Tilting and leaning or aligning with the bully magnet that Planet X represents will occur, with ricochet effects and twirling possible to an extent we decline to reveal at this time. If the Earth has been able to avoid Planet X as it creeps forward up to this point by backing up, what would cause the extreme pole shifts that her geology attests to? She is trapped, and the magnets engage, and the Earth, inevitably, is the loser.