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ZetaTalk: Tilting, Leaning, and Dropping
written Feb 29, 2004

Have you considered posting more info about how off positioned the constellations and planets are? The moon and whatever planet or star is always near the moon are way off, and Orion is too far south from my view here in Eugene, Oregon.

As we have stated recently, there is strong evidence of the Earth rising up or as has recently occurred, down in the Ecliptic, as many note the sun too high or low in the sky. Tilts are also in evidence due to a different arch in the sky painted by the Sun, different rising and setting points for the Sun, and weather and cold patterns. But what does this do to the view from Earth of the constellations? A tilt will cause them to be presumed to be too far south, if the tilt of the Earth is toward the Sun, or too far north if the tilt is away from the Sun. Imagine a rowboat on rough seas, where the prow of the boat is pointed up along a wave crest, the boatsman surprised to find his view of the shore below him. A tilt will also change the direction of east and west. Imagine this same boatsman finding his boat rocking to and fro, such that his left shoulder is much above his right, due to the restless waves beneath him. He glances to his left, expecting to find the shore line, and finds he is missing the shore, as his left and right shoulders are not level. Were the Earth merely Tilting, computations would be simple, but it is currently also leaning and Dropping below the Ecliptic. All this changes the view of constellations, as N/S and E/W have changed somewhat, and the degree to which the viewer must look over the curvature of the Earth to view the constellations have changed.

Where is the Earth, on this date, in relationship to Planet X? Remarkably, and not at all by accident, the ZetaTalk Triangle which we detailed in 1997, and which appeared in dual July 4, 2003 Wisconsin Crop Circles, describes the position these planets are assuming. Planet X, as we have described, has its N Pole leaning toward the Sun's S Pole as it passes this pole and rises to the Ecliptic, the Sun's middle. This causes Planet X to swing its S Pole outward, back in the direction from whence it came, Orion, as S Poles repulse. As it is moving in a retrograde orbit, it is carrying this skew toward Earth, which it encountered on or about Dec 25, coming toward it. The Earth reacted by moving its S Pole away from the S Pole of Planet X, as S Poles repulse, thus assuming a reverse skew and tilting its N Pole in toward the Sun.

What does this triangle say about a drama about to occur? We have stated, in our cagey dance with the elite and their plans to murder hundreds of millions of the Earth's populace outright, and selectively exterminate others, during the coming pole shift, that any maneuver that will discombobulate the elite is justified, including confusion about what the dance of the planets will bring. We have stated that rising and dropping in the Ecliptic, a move of the globe that can hardly be missed by the common man, was not predicted by us, nor the erratic movements of the Moon, nor the reflected light from Planet X that cause the Moon to be full days earlier and longer than anticipated. Thus unprepared with a prepackaged excuse, the elite fall mum, saying nothing, and the common man takes note. We have stated variously that Planet X would come to within 14 million miles of Earth during its passage, and elsewhere that it would pierce the Ecliptic approximately mid-way between Earth and the Sun, and recently, that the Earth would Draw Nearer the Sun during this drama, both because of increased gravity giants on one side and because of the magnetic grip of Planet X upon the hapless Earth. Thus, the ZetaTalk triangle shows Planet X closer to the Earth than a mid-way point, as the Earth will move in.

Is tilting, leaning, dropping, and now tightening up the last phenomenon, the last card to be played? Hardly. We note that the elite have still not informed the public, the taxpayer, the little man used as drones in the work trenches, of what is to befall them. They are still making their own arrangements, stock piling goods, defending the perimeters of their enclaves, all without a word to the hard working families which they have used as virtual slaves, fodder feeding their arrogant demands for comfort and power and prestige, caring not for the lives of innocents or the pain denial of this vital information will cause. They still harbor in their hearts a desire to entrap and enslave the common man, though expectations of being able to enforce Martial Law when the date seems so uncertain are fading. Blame anyone for the lack of a certain date, blame them, as they are the reason no date can be given.