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Lou Gentile Hour!
Jan 30, 2004

Nebra Disc vs Eastfield Crop Circle

In the Jan 2004 issue of National Geographic there is an article headed Star Search on page 77 which states 'Relic thieves, a 3,600-year-old disk of the heavens, and an intrepid archaeologist add up to a real-life thriller.'

Assuming the notch on the edge at 2 o'clock to be symbolizing the direction of Orion, from whense Planet X comes, the grouping of 7 stars to be Pleiades, the 7 Sisters and the Big Dipper represented at 8 o'clock, this disc shows how the constellations would be grouped around the Sun on March 25, 1600 BC, complete with quarter moon. This is true for Germany, the country of origin, or Summeria/Iraq, the ancient country assumed to have this knowledge. Notably, there are 40 notches for the year, the gold band edging representing a Solstice period, a quarter turn of the year, and the aberant gold band thus an aberant quarter turn.

There are similarities to the Eastfield crop circle, interpreted to represent the Solstice periods as 4 seasons, and because each circle has a 23° tilt like the Earth.
Coincidence 1: Nebra Disc has 40 notches representing the year, Eastfield has 40 circles representing the year.
Coincidence 2: Nebra Disc has an aberant Solstice period, as does Eastfield, after representing the normal year for comparison.
Coincidence 3: Nebra Disc and Eastfield both imply a raised or lowered Ecliptic, an orbit reversal, or the Earth turning in toward the Sun.

Earth Now: Where the Heck Are We?

If the Earth halted in its orbit on Dec 25, having bumped into the Magnetic field of Planet X, and reversed, stepping back as Planet X progressed, this would make both sunrise and sunset appear to be early, which is what was reported by observers. This would be offset by a rotational slowing, however, until slowing became a strong trend. The comparison between Jan 30, 2004 and Nov 20, 2003 run up in SkyMap show little difference in rising and setting times in any case, or position in the skies. In the grip of Planet X, Iceland moved to become our N Pole in early January, later shifting back to Siberia. Thus the extreme cold over Europe and the New England area, and reports showing this tilt of the Earth from many sources. To keep the public ignorant as long as possible, printed Almanac's have been deemed by the FBI to be a terrorist tool.