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ZetaTalk: Sunrise West
written July 26, 2004

I got two bar magnets for a simplistic test of my hypothesis since I didn't know if they would align side by side regardless of which way the the poles faced. In my scenario, earth's poles are flipped when PX aligns side by side with the sun at the ecliptic. I didn't know, for sure, if the magnetic repulsion/attraction allowed magnets to remain in that orientation. Well, my Test proved it does.

We have mentioned that Planet X will do a 270° Roll to position itself in a side-by-side magnetic alignment with the Sun as it passes through the Ecliptic. The S. Pole of Planet X is slung away, positioned along the magnetic flow lines, and this continues until Planet X is almost horizontal, at the Ecliptic. This momentum continues for a 270° roll where Planet X will be aligned side-by-side, with its N. Pole pointing North. During this 270° roll, the Earth, as the lesser magnet in this dance, is greatly affected. It is today tilting toward the Sun and leaning toward Planet X, in the Tilt and Lean we have described, to accommodate the increased flow of magnetic particles in the vicinity of Planet X, attempting to line up end-to-end with Planet X, while simultaneously attempting to continue its side-by-side alignment with the Sun. Thus torn between two different dictates, the Earth has developed a Wobble. The Egyptians relayed to Plato that in the past the Sun rose from the West, during times of great catastrophe, and prophecy predicted this for the coming cataclysmic times. If we have predicted such a horrific pole shift for the Earth, after a week of rotation stoppage, would the Earth not be horrifically affected if stood on its head so the Sun would be seen rising in the West?

We have mentioned that Planet X makes a rapid exit from the inner solar system, once it has punched through the backwash of the Ecliptic. It has momentum away from the Sun, the intense Repulsion Force forcing it along on its path, and speeds away from the crowded particle flows at the Ecliptic. It is this rapid exit that causes the pole shift in the Earth, which has alignes side-by-side with Planet X and the Sun, all poles pointing North during the week of rotation stoppage. But before that week of rotation stoppage, much drama occurs. The Earth will tilt it's N. Pole toward Planet X as it slings into a horizontal alignment, in an end-to-end alignment, the Sun seeming to rise over the N. Pole for a time to astonished Earthlings. As the 270° roll continues, with Planet X at this point essentially negating the magnetic voice of the Sun because it stands between the Earth and the Sun, the Earth will be forced into a side-by-side fix, glued to Planet X as it rolls, because the intense flow of magnetic particles in the vicinity of Planet X dictates this direction for minor planetary magnets such as the Earth and Mercury. They go end-to-end with Planet X when it lies horizontal to the Sun's magnetic field, but assume a side-by-side alignment as the roll progresses.

During this roll, the Earth's rotation does not change, its molten magma revolving in the same direction regardless of how the core or crust might temporarily be positioned. The magma is not magnetic, is indifferent to the magnetic dance ongoing, so continues its direction as before. The Earth's core is magnetic, as is the crust, due primarily to the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift. Thus the core and crust participate in the 270° roll, while the magma rotates as usual. As the roll is slow, there is no tearing of the crust, no sudden motion of the crust, so the massive earthquakes predicted for the pole shift do not occur. This is instead a drama in the skies, which the establishment, hoping to keep the populace quiescent until the last minute, will find a horror. And just when this roll is to begin is a date we will hold in abeyance, because the establishment is still not sharing what they know with the public, nor are they providing an outlet for our predictions such that the common man can receive our words simultaneously with the elite. Our words, our predictions, are not for the select few who deem themselves above the common man, they are for all of mankind.

The rising of the sun from the west one of the things which must happen.
Kitab al Irshad, The Twelfth Imam
The Hour will not be established ... till the sun rises from the West.
The Hadiths
At certain periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction. There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives.
Politicus, by Plato