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Polaris Wobble
in February 2004

Observations from Norway, posted on the PS2004 Message Board in Yahoo, indicates that a Polaris Wobble has developed, Orion's slant not correct, and Venus too far to the South - all indications of an Earth Tilt/Lean and orbit halts, as the Zetas stated.

Date: Tue Feb 17, 2004 6:28 pm
Subject: Something's cookin'?

[Note: SUNSET shows longer day in northern hemisphere, a tilt toward the Sun]
Yesterday [Feb 16] was a most beautiful spring day (even if it is still only mid-February), with clear night skies. When I returned home from the city at about 16:30, I could observe the bright sun at least 10º above the water horizon, with no obstacles. According to the latest release of Starry Night Pro, the sun was supposed to be only 3º 50' above the horizon at the time at this location.

[Note: POLARIS viewed 5° West just after sundown shows tilt toward the Sun of N Pole.]
At 19:30 [Feb 16], I went out to visually check the sky. When I built my house nearly 20 years ago, we placed it so that it was more or less exactly aligned with magnetic North, with the front facing East. The magnetic deviation was at the time about 5º West. Every viewing session later has verified this deviation, in that Polaris has been about 5º East of the N/S axis of my house. Yesterday, Polaris' position seemed to have moved to the West, so that my house now pointed directly towards Polaris.

[Note: ORION 7° too West and slanted shows orbit halt as a combined tilt/lean causes what the viewer assumes to be West to be what is in fact NW and the assumed SSE rising of a Dec 1 position thus to be viewed as SSW. Note on Feb 23 below the Ecliptic a full 25d West. Thus assuming ORION 25° too far West due to tilt, places it at the 155° location for Dec 1 or thereabouts.]
When checking Orion at the same time [19:30 Feb 16], the middle star of the belt, Alnilam, and the sword seemed to be at ~175º and the bottom star, Rigel, due South. According to Starry Night Pro, they were supposed to be at ~168º and ~175º respectively. I verified my findings with a Silva compass, after having checked that magnetic North was not relocated.

[Note: SUNSET shows longer day in northern hemisphere, a tilt toward the Sun]
Today [Feb 17] at 14:00, the sun was supposed to be about 15º 45' above the horizon.Visually, it seemed to be more like 20-25º.

Unfortunately, a thick fog moved in this afternoon, canceling my planned viewing session for tonight. While I accept that these visual observations prove nothing, they have of course increased my curiosity if the ZetaTalk allegations may indeed be right. If so, I suspect others may have done or will soon do similar
observations. Anybody else having observed anything strange with respect to the sun or constellations?


Date: Mon Feb 23, 2004 7:27 pm
Subject: Re: [ps2004] Something's cookin'?

[Note: POLARIS 5° East drifting West, repeatedly shows increased tilt/lean in a week]
On Saturday [Feb 21], it seemed to be a clear night, so I brought out my equipment at about 19:00 UTC. I was initially a little baffled by Polaris seemingly being not only back where I would expect it to be, but further East than normal, maybe > 5º off position. I pointed my LX200 guiding scope directly onto Polaris and left it there while I started playing with my new toy, an ETX-70. I never turned on the LX200, so there should be absolutely no movement. After about one hour, I checked the guiding scope, and Polaris had moved out of the crosshair by about 10 mm left. I centered it again by manually adjusting the scope, and left it for another hour. As the clouds were moving in, I checked it again, and found a similar movement. Please note that there were no indications whatsoever of a circular movement, only a straight movement westward.

[Note: POLARIS tilt/lean increased in just 2 days]
When checking without any equipment [Feb 23] just a few minutes ago (~18:30 UTC), Polaris were closer to where I would expect it, maybe a few degrees West of the normal position.

[Note: VENUS 25° too far West shows stalled Earth and Venus orbits.]
Another interesting observation [Feb 23] however was the location of the Moon and Venus when I arrived home at about 17:20 UTC. According to Starry Night Pro, Cartes du Ciel and SkyMap Pro, they should have been at about 235º from my location. However, their true location was more like 260º. Their relative position was shown a little bit different in the different sky charts, with SkyMap Pro and Cartes du Ciel showing the correct relative position of Venus vs. the moon, whereas Starry Night Pro showed Venus a bit too far South.

Something's definitely cookin'!