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Dark Twin Looming

The appearance of a new star, never seen before, will be in plain sight to all humanity. The new star is explained by the jihadists as the discovery of a new planet.
Warnings from Islam's 'Messianic Whirlpool'

The Earth Dark Twin shares the Earth orbit but on the other side of the Sun, equally balanced.

Put two ball bearings in a circular track and spin this, and you soon find that the balls are opposite each other. Just so do these two evenly matched planets find this position opposite each other.
ZetaTalk: Earth Twin

Due to the stalled Orbit, it is due to come visible as it comes up behind the Earth. Not having an atmosphere, it would not reflect sunlight to the extent that Venus or Mars or the gaseous planets would. It is perhaps coming into view?

Holy Shit! What the Heck it that Star in the Sky! I know that it was at least 3 times bigger than Venus has ever appeared [Apr 16]. Possibly more. Obviously it was bigger than a normal star because I thought it was a light on a building. The buildings in New York sometimes have these enormous spotlight-type lighting. I thought it was that. So think of the size of a spotlight and then think of how big that would be if you saw it in the sky. That´s how big it was. And the color also! That yellow was flaming yellow! Then two minutes later - blue!

It was huge and yellow. Pretty cool looking and definately different than normal. I do believe it is Venus but man it is looking different than normal. I look up and there, low in the sky is this goddamned huge, yellow star burning out of control. I am wondering myself about this star. I began noticing this star a couple of days ago [Apr 17]. It is brighter then others and it is always low on horizon.

I´m 56 yrs old, never saw a star that damn big and bright, and I´ve been a star gazer most of my life. It´s not Venus. I am in middle
Indiana and I took the dog out and saw the huge yellow colored planet / star in the western sky. I didn´t stay huge yellow and low in the sky for more than maybe 10 minutes after I first spotted it.

I´ve been seeing it here in
Phoenix AZ. over a week now [Apr 17]. It is very obvious. It is due West in the western sky about 10:00 PM my time. Very bright, yellowish and the bigest star on the horizon. [Note: per Skymap, Venus is Azi 300 and on the horizon, Saturn Azi 285 Alt 20 for Phoenix].

I was walking home and I saw this huge yellow flickering thing low in the sky. It was just above the hills in the west. By the time I went in to get some binoculars it was gone. To give you an idea how startling it was I thought for a moment it was a fire reflecting the light into low clouds. But it was yellowish not red.

Truly this is for real. I live in suburban
Detroit [Apr 16]. I saw it in the sky around 11:00 PM. It was so huge I thought it might be an airplane coming in. I believe it was in the southwest sky, low on the horizon and the fact that it was so huge is what caught my eye. [Note per Skymap, Venus is at Azi 300 on the horizon, Saturn at Azi 285 Alt 18 for Detroit.]