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In early 1995, when ZetaTalk first began, Nancy stated in the Zeta Vision given to her
Following this I am given a vision of a house in what seems to be a hot, desert like place, with a dry wind blowing. I am told this will occur in the late spring or early summer of the year 2003. The earth will be hot and still. I can see in the vision that there is a red glow over everything. I am told that there will be crop failures, worldwide, due to drought, for 3 years in a row at this time.
and the Zetas stated in Crop Failures
Going into the cataclysms the weather will become unpredictable, with torrential rainstorms where not expected, and droughts likewise where not expected. Extremes of temperature will be experienced. Unusually warm winters, where the trees and shrubs will start to bud, thinking spring, and then be subjected to frost. Similarly, frosts will come late in the spring, almost into summer, killing the buds which have already put forth their tender shoots. Where today the world balances these situations, shipping produce around the world, during the years coming close to the time of the reappearance of the 12th Planet, the giant comet, all parts of the world will experience extremes.
and in Heralding
Changes have already begun, and are known to your scientists and meteorologists. Violent storms, unusual weather patterns, severe and long lasting droughts, increased frequency of hurricanes, torrential rains, and a general warming of the planet. ... Areas of the world which have been deserts throughout mankind's memory will become swamps under constant and repeated rains. Temperate climates used to periodic gentle rainfall will suffer intractable droughts. Then this will switch about, for no apparent reason.
and the readership was reminded of these predictions in the 1999 Predictions
We predicted, in 1995 when ZetaTalk first started, the weather changes. This is a matter of record, because our emissary Nancy has put on the web site a What's New page that traces all the way back to 1995. We predicted the erratic weather that is occurring now where no one else did. We stated in the beginning of 1995 that there would be weather changes of such a nature that there would be crop failures due to crops being wrongly signaled, a spring coming too soon so that plants start off on their cycles and then a dramatic reversal, winter returning. This can cause a crop failure as surely as an intractable drought or a deluge that literally washes the seeds out of the ground. In addition we predicted that livestock and fish harvests would suffer, because they are going to be affected by a tendency to have increased diseases, fungal infections and the like that can run rampant through commercial operations.
and the Next 3 1/2 Year statements
As we have predicted in 1995, there will be increasing crop shortages to the point where commercial crops will fail for the next 3 years running. Not in 1999 but during the 3 years following, going into the coming pole shift. This is already occurring around the world, where it is noted that this or that crop has failed. This does not get the news coverage it should, on what this means for starvation and food shortages, which are rarely mentioned. Everyone should anticipate that the price of food is going to skyrocket, shortages will occur.

These predictions, among many ZetaTalk predictions, have come to pass. Note the additions to the Shortage TOPIC in Troubled Times.