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ZetaTalk: Bait and Switch
written June 9, 2004

How could Venus appear to be where expected when the Sun arc is so high, the Moon late, the Ecliptic offset by several degrees, and Polaris no longer in position as the North Star?

We have stated that Venus did not transit, and it did not. For the government to have confidence that they could proceed with this trumpeted announcement requires that they be lulled to the point where the world would be looking. Thus, they saw Venus dropping on the horizon, moving into position, to their amazement, a gift, an unexpected surprise. Had it not moved into position as it did, they would have proceeding anyway, allowing all photographers and viewers to assume they had been faulty. SOHO was prepared ahead of time with doctored images, not a difficult feat for them as the backdrop is predictable, and current Sun flares on C2 and C3 an image simplicity no more difficult than creating a spray of light from a hidden source. Thus, when Venus appeared to be moving into position, the SOHO doctors got Confused as to which set to use in the last minute excitement, and they faltered.

We would ask the public if the Moon's orbit, wildly out of position at times during the tilting and leaning the Earth does during the sweeps, has been in the news? Does the fact that the news fails to notice mean it did not happen? The Second Sun, astonishing those who have seen it, getting no explanation whatsoever. The Sun’s arc high, the entire Ecliptic off by several degrees, and GoTo scopes not being able to track as expected, all ignored. The tack the establishment takes is to ignore what they cannot explain, to explain with great fanfare what they want the public to believe, and rely on the psychology so aptly portrayed in the child’s tale, the Emperor’s New Clothes. Thus, whether Venus appeared or not, the establishment would proceed with the script, doctored photos long in hand, doctored SOHO lined up at the gate. Did Venus transit? What does the word ‘transit’ mean? It means a concluded and completed passage, in one side, entirely out the other, and nothing half way about it.

Venus went half way, and is not proceeding past the Sun on its orbit. How do we know? We and others pushed it there, into position despite its reluctance, and properly so as to be viewed from Earth. But why? Because we wanted the public to see it, wanted the observation of other anomalies around the Sun to become the buzz of amateurs. Like the Moon off orbit, and the Second Sun dramatically confusing those viewing it with the real Sun they see moments later, this phenomena will not go away, nor will the attention it gains diminish because the establishment ignores it. The tail of Planet X, the moon swirls, the increasing fireballs streaking through the atmosphere, all are here to stay while the situation only worsens. Those with scopes and solar filters, seeing what puzzled them on June 8, will go back for another peek. How could there be those objects around the Sun, getting no mention from NASA? The SOHO images are light frequency screened so not all comes through, but amateur equipment sees the larger picture. One more nail in the coffin wherein the credibility of NASA will be buried.

Uh, what am I looking at? Clouds that move back and forth?

The speck at the top has maintained its distance from venus, and is going clockwise around that Venus´ moon? Does Venus even have a moon? That´s cool.

There are three anomalous objects in this one.
One at 11 o clock
One at 2 o clock
One at 7 o clock

It´s northeast of the sun now, I´d say 3 o’clock. Small round object with an aura it looks like. It looks really odd, anyone have an idea on what it is?

I see two objects and they are moving!

There are about six of those things positioned all around the Sun.

I save the pictures, and then changed them to reflect like a negative, and there is indeed something there (the one at the 7 o’clock position is very odd shaped, reminds me of the asteroid that one of the news sites had pictured), and it does seem to have moved.