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ZetaTalk: Leveling Wars
written June 27, 2004

So far we have been hearing and reading about disasters hitting, as always happens, poor, defenseless, innocent people all over the world. Would please the mighty Zetas let us know if there are any chance to be hearing or reading about some of those who are and have brought us to this infamous and mischievous point to be hit by some of those disasters?

In human society, it seems to those not ruthlessly clawing their way to the top of the pile that justice seldom occurs, and the mean spirited and self centered win, almost invariably. Or so the man behind the curtain would certainly have the populace believe. A key element of any intimidation is to maintain this facade, that the hammer is poised, the unblinking eye never sleeps, and any setback to those in control is temporary and any rebellion is about to be punished, horribly. Another key element in this facade is control of the media, so that any news that counters this facade is suppressed, but rather a falsehood prevails. By all means, keep the populace afraid to hope, trembling, and deciding to join the ranks of the oppressors if they wish their personal circumstances to change. Given that the Transformation period, ongoing at the present time and to prevail for at least another 100 years on Earth before it can truly be a Service-to-Other world, is a time of extreme polarization and desperate grasping at power and control by those in the Service-to-Self orientation, is this facade also an extreme falsehood? Indeed.

We have explained that those who have chosen the Service-to-Self orientation, when removed from the schoolhouse where they were mixed in with a populace mostly leaning toward the Service-to-Other orientation, are in shock when first encountering what life with other hardened Service-to-Self will be like. A place of horror, where entities are allowed to hack at each other to establish the pecking order, a process we have termed Leveling Wars. This starts early during a Transformation. Polarization happens increasingly, where those in the Service-to-Other get increasingly serious minded and dedicated and group together in order to accomplish their goals, and those in the Service-to-Self band together increasingly in order to likewise have an uninterrupted focus on their goals without the distraction of discussions on whether the common man should be helped, with those undecided left to party and wonder about it all on the periphery. Thus thrown together, and nervous about losing territory, the Service-to-Self are mean spirited with each other.

Thus, where the Puppet Masters will not be exposed during these leveling wars, their much hated Puppets will be, and by watching this drama play out the populace can take comfort that there are no oppressors that reign supreme, untouched, as all in the Service-to-Self orientation find others stronger and more ruthless than they, at some point in time, and suffer a similar fate.