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ZetaTalk: Eye of the Storm
written Aug 17, 2004

An Aug 13 12 Hour Wobble was followed by Days of Wobble from Aug 14-17, the Sweeps remarkable quiet.

A term familiar to all who watch hurricane or cyclone updates is 'eye of the storm', where the high winds and devastation swirling at the periphery of the storm seem eerily absent. Much of the distress experienced by the Earth as she approached the point last Dec 25 when she halted in her orbit, or during the intervening months when Planet X continued to round the Sun's S. Pole and climb to the Ecliptic, has been due to the disjunct between directives from the Sun and interference from Planet X. There were two monsters giving directives, pulling in different directions. Principally, this was a pull on the Atlantic Rift toward the side of the Sun, where Planet X rode during this time, and toward the center of the Sun. As the Global Quake pattern shows, this resulted in global shuddering when the Atlantic Rift either faced or was in opposition to Planet X. The position of Planet X can even be inferred from the timing of these face and dark side global shudders, more in keeping with UTC 12:00 and 0:00 times when Planet X was centered with the Sun across the solar system from Earth, and then pulling to the side to be a tad earlier in UTC time as the Earth came round in her orbit to put Planet X to her East. As Planet X became Sun centered, from the vantage point of Earth, and a single directive is given to the Atlantic Rift, the tearing at the Earth's plates lessened. A sudden silence. Does this mean all is well?

Unlike hurricanes, where a spot on the Earth does not arrive at the eye unless the periphery is encountered both coming and going, the Earth has arrived at the eye almost like a spotter planet dropping into the eye from a high altitude. She slid into her place in front of the Sun while Planet X was arriving to be Sun centered, in essence, before Planet X as a hurricane developed its full fury. We are not speaking here of solar winds, we are speaking of magnetic interference, where the Sun's dominance will be blocked and Planet X as it rolls and twists will be the voice the Earth will listen to. As we have explained, this time of rolling and twisting will not be as traumatic for the Earth as the point when Planet X pierces the Ecliptic and exits, swiftly, lurching the Earth into a sudden pole shift. The twisting and rolling at the eye of the storm, while a shock to those watching the Sunrise West, does not tear the crust from the core as there is a single directive from Planet X, supplanting the Sun as the magnetic dictator, as it now stands in front of the Sun, squarely. So lest you set the picnic table at the beach, and think all is well in the eye of the storm, beware!