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ZetaTalk: Stretch Zone
written Sep 11, 2004

Since last week, Chile and Argentina have been experiencing Unprecedented seismic activity. Argentina, not an earthquake-prone region, began experiencing tremors this past weekend. The aftershocks have been followed by more intense quakes. It was necessary to evacuate tall buildings in Buenos Aires, including the city center, where such phenomena is rare. There was alarm and surprise, and some people in tall buildings claimed feeling dizzy.

Where mankind tends to think of great quakes in areas where subduction takes place, during the plate adjustments going into the shift, Tear Points are just as affected. Following a pole shift there are centuries of after shocks, where catch points along plate boundaries give way, allowing pressure to be more equally distributed. These catch points are routinely in subduction zones, as here the weight of the upper plate upon the lower plate is forcing the issue. Tear points are where the catch points are easing, letting go and separating, and rarely let themselves be known unless a drop in elevation suddenly occurs. Thus places such as the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Red Sea and African Rift in Kenya, and the Parana river basin near Buenos Aires rarely experience strong quakes, and certainly never in the memory of man experience great quakes. But during the time leading into a pole shift, when the surface of the Earth is tugged in different directions, torn, and plates are torqued to assume new positions with each other, tear zones participate and are not exempt.

Additional ZetaTalk added Dec 14, 2005.

Yesterday, London had some oil tanks explode in a massive explosion. The British government had a bulletin from Al Queda 4 days ago about a similar type of event planned. Officially, it is ruled an accident. Do the Zetas want to comment on this?

As with the Stretch Stench that occurred in the eastern portions of the US this past Fall, the evidence that the North American continent is being torqued continues to emerge. Is there a correlation between a bursting dam in the Ozarks on Dec 14, sudden geysers in Oklahoma on Dec 11, and an oil refinery explosion near London on Dec 11? All are in the stretch zone. Is there a correlation also to the earthquakes that occurred in Africa's stretch zone, the Rift area, on Dec 5? Indeed, as the Torque Effect on the Earth is increasing, tearing the Atlantic apart, twisting the North American plate into a diagonal with New England pulled East while Mexico is pulled to the West, dropping Africa into the Indian Ocean as the African continent is likewise pulled East while its tip is held firm near Antarctica, and sinking the western edges of Great Britain as the Atlantic Rift widens and stretches under the curve of the Earth so the land along the edges sinks.

Confused investigators look for reasons for disasters that have their etiology in Earth quietly pulled apart, rock flakes pulled away, rather than pressed together, so that no quakes occur. The stretch zone is that sinking feeling, where support weakens, the ground sinks, and silently so. Thus gas and water mains explode, because the ground under them shifts, factories or refineries with gas line joints firmly sealed explode as these joints are pulled apart, and bridges fall as their mooring lose their firm footing. What also happens when rock flakes are pulled apart is that any underground reservoirs of gas or water lose their firm cap, and vent. In the case of the London explosion, the rumbling heard by witnesses ahead of the explosion was certainly not terrorism, but the ground adjusting, and more than the ground adjusted. Fittings in the refinery adjusted, metal on metal scraping into sparks, and boom!

What has happened recently that the stretch zone is so obviously under increasing tugging? We have repeatedly stated that the Earth changes will not diminish, but will increase going into the pole shift. This is not a lineal matter, as the closer Planet X comes to Earth, an inevitable path, the more the torque effect and the polar wobble where the N Pole of Earth is pushed away violently on a daily basis, occur. The wobble will become more pronounced, more violent. The plates are tugged back West of the Atlantic, pulled forward East of the Atlantic, during the daily rotation of the Earth. The North American continent is allowed to roll East during rotation while the S Pole is pulled West, creating the diagonal pull likely to trigger the New Madrid fault line into an adjustment, and soon. The N Pole is pushed away and allowed to bounce back, daily, as the Earth rotates, a wobble that puts stress on all fault lines when the plates are suddenly in motion, and suddenly stopped!

As there is no other explanation for the effect on the stretch zone, lacking any earthquakes to blame, and as these stretch zone accidents will continue to emerge, and with ferocity, this is a certain clue to those on the fence, that the influence of Planet X is the cause. Or is it Global Warming?

Signs of the Times #1522
It appears as if things are changing. The 6.8 in the Tanganyika region was during the last sweep on Dec 5th. Then a 6.8 in the New Britain region Dec 11th and a 6.7 in Afghanistan Dec 12th and a 6.7 in Fiji Dec 13th. [and from another] Sweeps have an 8 day spread, from the Dark Twin to Earth, 2.5 days, then Earth into the arms of Planet X, 2.5, the Earth bouncing back against the Dark Twin again, another 2.5 days. [and from another] Missouri reservoir fails, towns on alert [Dec 14] 'A dam in rural southeast Missouri failed Wednesday morning, washing away homes and vehicles and leaving at least one person missing, authorities said. The dam is in the Ozarks, about 120 miles southwest of St. Louis. Initial reports said heavy rain was a factor but Pedigo said that was not the case. The region received only about one-tenth of an inch of rain overnight. t wasn't clear why the breach occurred, but AmerenUE officials said there was no obvious equipment failure, nor was there evidence of foul play.'
Signs of the Times #1521
Fiery depot explosion rocks England [Dec 12] 'Explosions ripped through a fuel depot north of London on Sunday, injuring dozens of people, blowing doors off nearby homes and sending balls of fire and clouds of black smoke into the sky. Police said the blasts appeared to be accidental, though just four days ago an al-Qaida videotape appeared on the Internet calling for attacks on facilities carrying oil that it claims has been stolen from Muslims in the Middle East. The powerful explosions, felt throughout a large swath of southeast England, also rattled nerves in a country still jittery over a July terrorist attack on London's subway and bus system that killed 52 people and the four suicide bombers.' [and from another source] [Dec 11] Many witnesses reported hearing an aircraft in the area at the time of the blasts. Some also reported heavy rumbles before the explosion.
Signs of the Times #1520
Kingfisher County OK officials trying to find source of odd eruptions [Dec 11] 'A hole that has engulfed half of a county road is spitting a mixture of mud and water while venting gas into the air above a 5-foot crater the geyser created. About 10 yards from the crater, another geyser can be seen, spitting thin mud and gas into the air. The geysers have appeared throughout the countryside of rural Kingfisher, with stretches of up to 12 miles between spots, and some as short as a quarter of a mile, Crawford said. The areas near the geysers have been cordoned off because the nature of where the gas is coming from is still unknown. The biggest geyser, located in Dead Indian Creek, had been shooting sprays of water and mud into the air 12- to 14-feet high.' [and from another] Geysers near Kingfisher spew gas, spur confusion [Dec 11] As gas-spewing geysers shot up to 9 feet high along a winding creek, two dozen state and local officials scratched their collective head in Kingfisher County's courthouse annex Monday. One theory, he said, is that the vent holes are somehow connected to oil and gas exploration. Winter Camp Creek is the only common denominator among six general locations where geysers are bubbling. A geologist with the Oklahoma Geological Survey, and there has been no seismic activity in the area for at least two weeks. The most likely cause is equipment failure in a natural gas well. If a section of the pipe failed pressure could build up until the gas could surface. He said the most likely cause is a drill that let natural gas to escape into permeable underground layers. It's man-induced. There's is no geologic activity out there that would cause that.' [and from another] They don't think it's a pipeline leak. An Oklahoma utilities official says the only pipeline in the area was brought to zero pressure and the problem got worse, not better.