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ZetaTalk: If Gore Had Prevailed
written Sep 29, 2004

A good question for the Zetas would be how would the world be different if Al Gore was President?

With presidential debates pending in the US, and discussion of how the world might have been safer from terrorism had a different approach been taken than the one Bush chose, the question is begged, how might the world have been different if Gore had prevailed and the US Supreme Court not illegally entered into the fray, declaring a victor contrary to the popular vote and before the votes had been legally recounted as the Florida courts had ruled. If Gore had prevailed, it naturally comes to mind, when considering how the world might change, if Kerry assumes office. Would 911 have occurred, or was it, as we have stated, directed at Bush and his arrogance, not the US as a country? Would the invasion of Iraq have occurred, or would terrorism have been treated as an international problem, as it was under Clinton, to be resolved with close coordination with other countries, including Islamic countries, rather than alienation of those countries as has occurred under Bush? And most compelling, would the cover-up of Planet X and the impact of its imminent arrival have softened, leaked, and allowed the citizens of the world the opportunity to prepare, rather than be shocked and devastated?

We have stated that 911 was assisted by European countries, and would not have succeeded without this assistance. It was not, as the US public is told endlessly in the media, strictly an attack by Bin Laden’s associates, anymore than a hitman is the cause of an assassination. Bush Knew of the threats being made, with the US braced for this and practicing a response. Thus the delay in reaction to the actual attacks was confusion over whether this was an other practice drill, or the real thing. Bush is not the master, but a Puppet, controlled by those with great wealth who literally own not only US corporations but by the US national debt, the political process, as well. The Bush/Cheney arm of this superstructure of world control had been letting their control of the US Military go to their heads, a restless and arrogant Puppet that was brought to heel, after many warnings, with the 911 attack. Bush was even braced for an assassination attack. How would this have differed if Gore had prevailed.

Gore, like Kerry, was well known to the Puppet Masters, and not a wild card. Liberal and Conservative alike, Democrat or Republican, all those in key positions of power, or heading there, are well aware of what the Puppet Masters who control the world by their great wealth are desiring. There are open conferences, emissaries who deliver messages, and daily directives. The Puppet Masters want to be positioned to control the World’s Oil supplies, should the pole shift predicted occur. Oil will be the next commodity, as all paper money will be considered worthless, and gold and silver as a base thus worthless also. Worth must be a real thing of value, and as oil can run ships, fly planes, fuel helicopters and tractors and formulate into fertilizer for fields, it represents growth in the future. Thus, had Gore prevailed, he would have been pressed to guard and secure the oil fields, using the US Military in this service. How does this differ from the situation under Clinton? In that the military was already guarding the no-fly zone, was there, positioned to guard both Iraq and Saudi oil, only continuation of a policy was needed. Nigeria, Venezuela, the Alaska fields, all were an easy reach for the US Military. The oil fields of Russia, operated by the giant Yukos corporation, were also considered under the Puppet Masters control.

With the status quo under Clinton continued, had Gore prevailed, neither 911 nor the Iraq invasion would have occurred, and the Iraq oil fields would not be in disarray, unusable, as they are today. The Puppet Master is not amused. And the Battle between restless Puppets and their Puppet Master, the Bush/Cheney administration rebelling, has incited further problems in Russia, which considered the Iraq invasion too close to home and sought to protect itself. Bush/Cheney, as rebellious and arrogant Puppets, have ruined not only Iraq as an oil field, but are now starting to ruin Russia as a cooperative Puppet. At present, we have Bush/Cheney attacking Russian security and even attempting to control Russian oil, Russia fearing the Puppet Masters have lost their grip and inclined to take their assets into their own hands rather than risk a Bush/Cheney rule of the planet, and the Puppet Master enraged. This rage will be directed at Bush, whose arrogance will not protect him from a force far better organized and powerful than any control of the Executive Branch of the US can muster. Bush is already a king deposed, as he sits over a restless Congress and agencies that are tired of being made the scapegoat for his disastrous decisions and being treated like peons.