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ZetaTalk: Magma Voids
written Feb 18, 2005

This is a little fountain. Water on the base is pumped to the top where a crystal sphere rotates all day. When I bought it in January 2005 its rotation was clockwise or like the planets from East to West. Now at the beginning of February it stopped this direction and it rotates counter-clockwise North to South.

We explained early in the ZetaTalk years that Spin is caused by objects on the surface affected by magma under the surface, and recently that Magma Slam is due to the polar wobble and the Earth's simultaneous desire to rotate in the old direction while being tipped to its side so rotation is forced into a new direction. Thus there are magma surges that collide and have voids under the surface. Why would Edgar Cayce, in his famous Earth changes prediction, have warned 'the sinking or rising in the Mediterranean' would follow 'the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Seas'? We have explained the relationship between those parts of the globe experiencing Weather Wobbles and the Magma Slam on the opposite side of the globe, pointing out the relationship between the sudden wind storms from the South in Europe to the Sumatra quake and tsunami. Those speaking through Cayce, a true channel, knew this relationship would exist, and would become apparent as the tipping of the globe into the 3 Days of Darkness began. What is this relationship, specifically?

Volcanic activity, increased eruptions in already active volcanoes, have been recently noted in the Kamchatka Peninsula. We have mentioned the sudden wind storms in Japan as being linked to anticipated Magma Slams against the spine of the Andes, and thus Japan is an area where a magma void could be anticipated. If these magma voids are causing vertical magma flows that clash with the normal horizontal magma flows, increased activity, would this not roil the magma up into volcanic outlets more aggressively?

Spin on the surface of the Earth reflects what is occurring in the core of the Earth. Spin moves in different directions when it is above or below the equator. One of the outer edges, the one on the pole side, is lined up over core parts that are moving slower than the other outer edge, the one on the equator side.
ZetaTalk: Spin, written Jan 15, 1997
The Earth's crust is in an equilibrium with the normal magma surges driving the rotation. Now things have changed, and this change will accelerate. Europe has experienced those, winds from the South, and on the other side of the globe from there a double whammy point, Tasmania. The US has experienced these vertical sudden windstorms, and on the other side of the globe lies the African Rift. Japan has been assaulted by sudden winds from the South in Tokyo, and on the other side of the globe lies the spine of the Andes in South America.
ZetaTalk: Magma Slam, written Dec 28, 2004
Where the Earth is pulled, the atmosphere is not, and lingers where it was while the crust moves beneath it. Accounts of sudden wind storms, unexpected and
out of season, are occurring.
ZetaTalk: Weather Wobbles, written Dec 6, 2004
Signs of the Times #1302
Edgar Cayce´s prediction about Earth change activity in the South Seas also goes on to state that activity would coincide with activity at Mt. Etna. Within three months of these events you could expect the pole shift. ... Edgar Cayce most certainly did predict this Tsunami. He also said that a major sign to watch for, following this, was Mt Etna in Italy becoming active the same time as a volcano in the Caribbean. Yesterday 3 volcanoes in that area also became active. ... Question: How soon will the changes in the earth´s activity begin to be apparent? Cayce: When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Pacific and the sinking or rising in the Mediterranean and the Etna area then we would say they have begun. [and from another source] Gondolas stuck as Venice waters recede [Jan 13] ‘Gondolas are running aground and hotel docks hang in midair as Italy´s lagoon city Venice, more commonly awash at high tide, dries out.’ [and from another source] This is not normal at all. This is the flood season in Venice and there is NO record of the canals ever going empty like this. ‘Acqua alta (High tides): Generally Venice only has Acqua Alta in Autumn and Winter when some streets and squares flood. The city is well prepared with pedestrian routes equipped with special footbridges to avoid the high water and to reach the main parts of Venice.’ [and from another source] News on TV in Spain today saying the water level is down 65 centimetres in Venice. About 10 days ago there was also news on the weather report of one of the big channels here explaining to people why the level of the Mediterranean Sea on the shores of Barcelona was down 20 centimetres - they said it was due to an unusually high pressure area over the Iberian Peninsula and much of the rest of Europe. Seemed very odd. [Note: interesting correlation between Cayce predictions and present day occurrences, the tsunami in Indian Ocean, volcanic eruptions of late, and now a heaving floor in the Mediterranean.]