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ZetaTalk: Disaster Movies
written Nov 16, 2005

Do you have any comments on the TV movie that aired recently called "Category 7: The End of the World" ? It seemed like the typical disaster movie nowadays, where disaster starts to strike and then in comes Big Brother with some fantastical solution to save the world from impending doom. It seemed a little odd however that they chose pollution as the villain, and shutting down power plants as the solution that saves the day. Isn't the oil energy cabal one of the key members of the establishment and the established order of power? As silly and nonsensical as their propaganda always is, why wouldn't they decide to dream up some explanation that at least doesn't vilify themselves?

Disaster movies depicting part of the pole shift phenomena are nothing new. Over the past decade, they have been on the increase, switching to a presentation on TV for better impact on the American public. Listing but a few, there was Deep Impact and Armageddon, where an asteroid and meteors threatened Earth; 10.5 where massive continent splitting earthquakes suddenly emerge; Volcano, where a new volcano erupts in the middle of LA; Waterworld, where inexplicable flooding occurs worldwide; Postman, where post cataclysm government breakdown allows Mad Max gangs to prevail; Day After Tomorrow, where polar cold descends suddenly on a parts of the globe forming new ice caps; Oil Storm, where the problems with distribution of oil products causes social chaos; Yellowstone Supervolcano, where a feared volcanic eruption is suddenly on the scene; and now Category 7, where hurricanes increase in ferocity and descend on parts of the globe not expecting them.

Increasingly, these disaster movies, in particular the ones recently made for TV, show the government as part of the problem, a clear pattern and message. Both Day After Tomorrow and Category 7 had an evil VP insisting that corporate rights take precedence over public protection, a clear reference to VP Dick Cheney. In Yellowstone and Category 7, FEMA is shown protecting the federal infrastructure ahead of the public. In Yellowstone, the decision to keep the highways clear for FEMA functions dooms millions who should have been warned and allowed to escape. In both Day After Tomorrow and Category 7 and 10.5, scientists and their warnings are ignored at first. Another trend is that earlier movies show the problem fixed by the government, with later films showing the government primarily reactive. And a third trend, showing the all powerful and otherwise arrogant US government brought to its knees and begging such countries as Mexico to them in.

Another trend is to show the government less as saviors than individuals within the government, who take matters into their own hands and rebel, informing the public. Deep Impact had the President a calm leader, top down management, with the public quietly accepting of a lottery to determine who would be allowed into bunkers, to live or die. Armageddon had NASA to the rescue. Informing the public was to occur as a last step, because the government was busy saving the day. That posture a clear apology for the cover-up of the approach of Planet X, while Star Wars and various attempts to push Planet X into a different orbit were plotted and tried. The more recent movies show the leadership literally dragged into action, dragging their feet and protesting that the status quo of protecting their image and corporate buddies should take precedence. Does this remind anyone of the Bush Administration and their cronies?

For those wondering at the current trends, in these disaster movies, we point to our decapitation prediction, the increasing disappointment the Puppet Master has with the Bush Administration. Where this disappointment became acute after the stolen 2004 election, which was counter to his wishes as to who should be running the US, it emerged early in the first term due to the arrogance and rebellion among his Puppets in the Bush Administration and Israel. Thus, Bush and his cronies are to be the problem in the cover-up, to be made the scapegoat. As head of NASA, and control of the Hubble, and as the largest intimidator on the globe, using the US Military to strong arm other countries into compliance, the public would buy this. The Puppet Master's hand is also shown in the pattern of the common man emerging as leaders and heroes during disasters, self help, with less reliance on government rescue.

Is the public being educated on what to expect during the coming disasters that the passage of Planet X will wreak on Earth? Absolutely. Is the public being encouraged toward self help rather than looking to their government for rescue? No question. Is the public being pointed to the Bush Administration as the chosen scapegoat for the cover-up that has delayed informing the public on what is to come? Clear trend. Is the Bush Administration directing this education process? Showing the extend of their decapitation, they are utterly out of the loop and not even consulted.