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ZetaTalk: Not Just UFOs!
written Nov 28, 2005

Would the zetas like to comment on the flying humanoid videotaped in Mexico City? [and from another source] Recently I stumbled upon a website that had an archive of UFO pics, videos, and stories and is updated almost daily. After looking through, I found a few alien pictures that I believe to be real. What I found strange was that these "real" photos were posted in mid to late 2004.

We stated early in ZetaTalk that sightings would be on the increase and progress to sightings of alien bodies, not just ships. We also stated that where previously photos or videos of ships almost always had failed to develop, the trend would be for photos and videos to be produced. Sightings, mass sightings, of ships have swung upward and included undeniable and dramatic captures. Examples are the 1991 Mexico City rash of videos, the 1997 Arizona mothership sightings, and the 2005 Prophet Yahweh call down filmed live by ABC. Starting with the Brazilian Roswell, where living aliens were discovered nursing their injuries in the woods by young women on a walk, there have been a number of well documented sightings. Examples are of an alien walking along a highway, which occurred in Indiana, or floating away from farmers when discovered in their fields, as occurred in Israel.

How is the public to discern a real story from a fake? General guidelines can be used. Yes, aliens can levitate themselves and float away, but this is unlikely to be their main means of transport. They will thus be sighted, or make contact, while standing on the ground on par with humans. Yes, most aliens making contact are hominoid, to ease the shock of contact, but for an alien to be captured on film the body or body type will likely be radically different from the human form, for emphasis. This is not a mistaken photo of a human, will be the message. Thus, photos which show what could be the form of a child, or a man or woman, are unlikely to be some of those early photos of alien bodies. Yes, a single individual might snap a photo of an alien body, but in keeping with these early photos to hasten the Awakening, these opportunities are more likely to occur in front of a crowd, or at least a group.