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ZetaTalk: Nudging the Pandemic
written Apr 8, 2006, during the live GLP Saturday night radio broadcast.

Remember the April 2005 release of a 1957 bird flu strain, a live virus, to some 4,000 labs in over a dozen countries worldwide, by a US lab? This was in a packet of viruses to test, during flu season, helping to identify the strain that might be afflicting a region. But the release of this older live virus was not only unexpected and inappropriate, not being a current flu strain, it was also likely to start a pandemic, as this virus was proven to spread human to human. Immunity for this strain, which had caused a pandemic in 1957 killing millions, was now low, and vaccines now unavailable. The accidental release to countries such as Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan as well as the US was designed to created the opportunity for exposure, and spread, in more than one country. Where this ploy was stopped by the rapid recovery of the packets, which went out by regular mail, the agenda compares to the events in Scotland a year later, at this date.

In April 2005, the 1957 virus would have emerged in countries likely to get the current H5N1 virus via wild bird migration, and thus be presumed to be a mutation of the H5N1 virus. At the time of the testing packet release, H5N1 had spread to all of Asia, and was traveling through Russia and India to Europe and Africa. Would this not cover most of the recipient countries? The line was to be blurred, the emergence of a bird flu strain spreading human to human emerging around the same time as wild birds delivered the H5N1 strain to a region. What is occurring in Scotland, and is likely to be tried in other countries, is this same gambit, take two. Genuine H5N1 afflicted dead birds, lying alongside birds dead from the 1957 strain. This was to be proof that the H5N1 strain had mutated, and proof that wild birds were spreading it, so that humans falling sick in the region, infected with the 1957 strain, would be assumed to have gotten a mutated version of the current bird flu strain. Are those who would create a pandemic at this time, longing for it as it is the prized excuse to invoke martial law in the US, so anxious to get started they cannot wait for H5N1 to mutate and catch on? Yes, but the assist is occurring not only because of impatience, but because H5N1 is proving to be difficult to spread, human to human, by the nature of its assault on the human body. It is already known by your doctors that H5N1 lodges deep in the lungs, not in the upper air ways, and thus is not in the breath sufficiently to be a successful air-born pathogen among its human prey.

So is a pandemic about to begin, springing forth from Scotland? This is a gambit that will not succeed, as the Council of Worlds has intervened to stop this attempted play for domination of the world by those currently in residence in the White House. We have stated many times that the Council of Worlds allowed an exception to the rule of Non-Interference in human affairs to counter the Bush coup, the takeover of the US Military to allow Bush to become king of the world in the Aftertime. Assumed to be in the White House for the pole shift, or arranging to be there by declaration of Martial Law, Bush and company merrily set out to plant WMD in Iraq and create additional terrorism incidents in the US that would assure his place as Commander-in-Chief. These ploys did not happen because of benign alien interference with their plans. Nukes and bombs just disappeared, on not only one occasion but during hundreds of attempts. If the mechanism in these blocks is via the human brain, someone conceiving of a plot and the means to carry it out, and thus available to benign aliens via telepathy and thus known, bird flu operates differently. A virus does not carry a telepathic message, and its spread would not be traceable by benign aliens. A bird infected with a virus and released would not register that it was part of a plot. Any telepathic message it would send would be indistinguishable from any other bird in panic message. A sick bird would likewise not be thinking about bird flu, that context, as birds concentrate on their daily need to find fodder and shelter, regardless of feeling ill.

So the hope was that this plot, by not being related to WMD and terrorism attacks in the US, would succeed. Infected birds were not part of the Council's exemption, or so the plotters assumed. After all, we pointed out that the London bombing, a false flag operation, was not stopped as the exception on preventing terrorism attacks was limited to the US. Quick! Infect birds, start a coincident pandemic among wild birds, and reap the benefits by declaring Martial Law! Oops, too late! If human minds are plotting, benign aliens are listening, and a meeting with the Council is not something as awkward as getting on the Supreme Court schedule. It's quicker than quick! New exception. Tag the birds infected as they are in the hands of the humans perpetrating the plot, by freezing all in the room, a common technique we use during visitations, and irradiate the infected birds when they sicken and are dying to eliminate the virus from their systems. Why not simply cure the birds at the start? There is a message here, meant to be delivered to those plotting and scheming. You will not succeed! Were the birds irradiated immediately, thus no dead birds, it would be reported back to headquarters that infecting the birds had not been done properly. In addition, the mass of evidence points to some mischief. Why are so many birds laying about? Why just a single H5N1 bird, and this badly decomposed? The plot is not only obviously being countered, it is being exposed! Oops!

Signs of the Times #1580
Bird Flu Reports Soar, but Only One Remains Positive [Apr 8] ' Despite thousands of calls from the public and the examination of hundreds of birds, a single dead swan found in Scotland remained the only confirmed case of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu in the UK tonight. A total of 14 dead birds have so far tested negative for H5N1 in Scotland over the last few days. Officials said they had difficulty identifying exactly what type of swan the infected bird was because it was found in an advanced state of decay.' [and from another] 'A dead swan in a village in Fife was found to have the deadly H5N1 strain of the disease. The swan, which was washed ashore in the village of Cellardyke, had a strain similar to that contracted by 100 birds in Germany. Tests are continuing on hundreds of other dead birds, but none - apart from the swan - has tested positive for H5N1.'