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ZetaTalk: Rampant Violence
written July 2, 2006

I would like the zetas to talk about why so many people seem to be going plum crazy these days such as killing families and children, the rampant pedophilia, etc.

We have mentioned at the start of ZetaTalk that increasing polarization of the orientations would occur, going into the pole shift and certainly after the shift, due to the Transformation process. Where increased polarization can explain countries like Sweden that increasingly lean toward caring for their citizens, vs countries like Indonesia that increasingly become brutal toward their citizens, it does not seem to explain increasing brutality in general. But this is another face of the polarization process. The Service-to-Self sense they are being pushed out, isolated, and react with rage. This is the reaction of a wife-beater, told his wife will be leaving him. Stalking results, mutilation and death, as how dare the victim escape! Look to the turn of events in the US, where the Bush Administration is on the ropes, expects to lose support in Congress, which is already standing up to their demands, and has recently found the Supreme Court repudiating their arguments. There are reports of temper tantrums. They arrogantly proceed with their plans despite the rise of opposition, as though they can prevail over all opposition and not be restrained, ever! The Service-to-Self operate with each other in this manner, with leveling wars that establish the pecking order, and though this is not always evident when the orientations mingle, it is the mode when the spiritual orientation involved is exclusively Service-to-Self.

During the Transformation the Service-to-Others find each other and take up abiding with each other, to the exclusion of abiding with those who are still spiritually undecided. Of course, as these individuals are usually a mainstay for others, the spiritually undecided clamor for their time and attention, but are increasingly given self help instructions and sent on their way. In fact, the spiritually undecided find the environment provided in a Service-to-Other community to be a drag, dull. No confrontations, everyone dedicated and preoccupied, just not lively enough. The Service-to-Self are generally driven from the ranks of both the Service-to-Other and the spiritually undecided as they are today. At times it takes awhile for them to show their colors, but this is quite inevitable. Thus, those in the Service-to-Self find themselves banding together by necessity, and establishing the pecking order is the first order of the day.
ZetaTalk: Increasing Dichotomy, written Nov 15, 1995
Service-to-Self groups, when establishing their pecking order, frequently brutalize and decimate each other, just as establishing the pecking order within a Service-to-Self group results in brutality and maiming if not death. The pecking order is thus established, and maintained with the same heavy handed methods so that a visitor to a Service-to-Self camp would think it remarkably peaceful, not seeing what came before.
ZetaTalk: Leveling Wars,
written May 15, 1996