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ZetaTalk: Zhuge Liang
written Aug 4, 2006

0="" align="right" height="75" hspace="0" width="10">Zhuge Liang wrote a set of Prophecy in the form of poems, 20 or more poems. The 15th poem wrote about the sudden rise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the last sentence of that poem clearly refers that in 2005 the CCP will meet a great debacle. In fact, it was in the spring of 2005 that a book 'Nine comments on CCP' was released and caused a trend in China to resign from the CCP. Now there has been over a hundred million former party members resigned. So the poems have a track record. In the 16th poem Zhuge Liang wrote that the world will face a great danger. The red flood will destroy the land and many people will die. At this time a saint will emerge and lead people to overcome the hardship. Finally China will be a land of light and love. Since his prophecy indicated the demise of CCP, any information referring to his prophecy has been blocked in China.
The poems after the one that described the pole shift talk about a kind of transformation process that China will enter, a new kind of era. The 18th and 19th mainly describe that after the saint's salvation, all different kinds of people, all different races of people will get rid of any misunderstandings or obstacles and unite with each other. The whole world will become one. People will not care too much about fame or individual interests. The saints or holy people will get off the stage and won't let people worship them. All the lands in the world will enjoy light and love. I sense that in Zetatalk, most information is largely about the US and the western world. So I hope the Zeta can comment on the Eastern Prophecy and give more concern about the Eastern world.
Ma Qian Ke
In almost every culture, there is folklore and prophecy to warn about the coming changes, what the Christians call the End Time. Revelations points to red dust and mountains being moved. Islam points to a prophesied 6 days when the Sun will seem to rise from the West. And quite outside of organized religion are the prophets in almost every tongue and backwater and island chain who have described what to look for, signs in the skies, and what these signs will lead to.
ZetaTalk: Dragon's Claw, written Mar 9, 2006
In the twenty-ninth year of King Chieh [the last ruler of Hsia, the earliest recorded Chinese dynasty], the Sun was dimmed... King Chieh lacked virtue... the Sun was distressed... during the last years of Chieh ice formed in [summer] mornings and frosts in the sixth month [July]. Heavy rainfall toppled temples and buildings... Heaven gave severe orders. The Sun and Moon were untimely. Hot and cold weather arrived in disorder. The five cereal crops withered and died.
Written during the reign of Emperor Qin c.1600 B.C.

China has great history, much of it lost in past pole shifts. There are on occasion discovered great cities, or pyramids, burried and forgotten. Record keeping in Egypt suffered in the same manner. For hundreds of years, survivors are discombobulated, wandering, starving, half mad, and keeping records the least of their concerns. No one knows why the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built, as they certainly were not burial vaults. How could such information be lost? Thus it was with the great cities of China, as the Chinese people have not just recently come to benefit from their native intelligence and steadfast work ethic. They were great before, immensely so. Ideally, the records would be intact and shared with the common man. Has this been the case in Western civilizations? The Kolbrin, a record of past pole shifts from Egypt, was hidden in Scotland and spirited away to New Zealand when the church hierarchy tried to burn the Kolbrin entirely. Does the Catholic church share what they know with their flock? They lie. At the present time, heads of state around the world have been alerted that there is a presence in the inner solar system, with contries such as the US and Russia and France and China nervously watching the interloper Planet X with all the technology at their disposal. Has the public heard about this? Not from these officials! Because of lost records, and the desire of leaders to mis-lead their people about what is to come, prophets and mirages have emerged to fill this void.

Zhuge Liang was not a mere mortal, which should come as no surprise among those familiar with his accomplishments. He was studious and intellectual, but also a great warrior and a natural leader of men. For a prophet to be taken seriously, they need a strong track record or some other boost in fame that keeps they from fading from view. Edgar Cayce is remembered in the West because he was a great healer and had insights into diseases that the doctors were unable to grasp. Were it not for this, his predictions on the coming pole shift, the signs to look for, might have been lost. In like manner Zhuge Liang stood tall, in legend, his words respected and recalled. His message was more than a warning about the coming pole shift, the red dust and incessant rains, which he termed a red flood. It was more than a warning to expect much death and hardship during these tumultuous times. He delivered a message of hope! One does not deliver the devastating news without explaining the outcome. His description of times of light and love, when men will stop fighting because of greed or the desire for power, but will instead support and love one another, is an exact description of what we have termed the transformation! That he devoted more time to describing the future, and scant time to describing the current Chinese Communist Party and the time of the pole shift, speaks volumes. He is saying, in essence, that this is what the Chinese people should focus on, the future, the time when those operating in the Service-to-Other will prevail.

Zhuge Liang predicts a saint, a natural leader who will emerge during the time of the pole shift. This was a logical guess, based on what he knew of the Chinese people and politics. He knew the Chinese people well. He understood that their ability to work in consensus with one another would put them into a government that would approximate Communism. He understood how corruption emerges in these settings, and that a dictator would likely emerge. The insights he gained during his life as Zhuge Liang were augmented by what he brought forward from past lives in China. In a past life, he had been close enough to the Dynasty leaders to see their reactions during a pole shift, and knew there would be a repeat performance during the coming shift. We have often stated that the official leadership will collapse during the times ahead, for many reasons. Cowards often strut around proclaiming their courage, as the current leadership in the White House exemplifies. Bush and Cheney and Rove, all avoiding duty in the Viet Nam era. It is the self focused and power hungry who claw their way to the top, by fraud and theft and intimidation and bribery and back stabbing. They will have no answers for the common man during the coming times, and will go into well stocked bunkers to save themselves. There with bedmates like themselves, the worst moral lot, without ethics or concern for each other and each power mad to become the top dog, they will essentially destroy each other in savage battles. Meanwhile, there stands the citizenry, without leadership. Natural leaders emerge, of a different moral fiber, and it is this that Zhuge Liang speaks about.