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ZetaTalk: Power Outages
written Sep 29, 2003

We, the Zetas, cannot take credit for the recent rash of power outages affecting all sides of the globe, as this is a result of equipment failure in all cases. That the authorities decline to announce the failure is due to the media blackout in place on all matters that point to earth movement, stretching or compression, volcanic awakening, earthquake frequency and intensity increase, or rising oceans. The news is closely monitored, and must be approved prior to release. In that the establishment, which includes as we have explained the major powers of the world and the hands that own them, the wealthy elite, has not come up with a proper excuse for these outages, they are left unexplained. On occasion an honest comment will slip through, but if it approaches the truth, it is countered, promptly. So what hasbeen happening?

As with derailing trains, which cannot be explained by any but earth movement, and exploding gas lines or broken water main, which likewise point to earth movement, electrical systems are fragile, a single broken point causing domino effects. But the problems are more than single breaks, they are massive breaks, of major cables running underwater between European countries, of entire connections across a seaway tearing apart, of whole substations fracturing so all connections coming in or out are essentially broken. Large mechanical breaks, and not the ones that should be the focus of concern. Electrical breaks result in lose of electrical power, the public being plunged into darkness or without communications, but far worse than this are breaks that are about to occur in gas lines and gasoline refinery and distribution networks. When these break, as break they will, there will be explosions and fires that will not be so easily corrected nor subdued. A holocaust, an inferno, one that spreads without abatement along the distribution lines, so hot and intense that none can approach.