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ZetaTalk: Amish Massacre
written Oct 7, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

There have been quite a few school shootings lately. This last one happened to the Amish. I wonder if Planet X is making people a little more irritable and just plain nutty. Can the Zetas comment on these new shootings?

School shootings have sprung into the news in the last few years in the US, as a new occurrence. They are not new, but the level of violence is new, and their occurrence in peaceful suburban schools rather than in inner city schools is a new trend. In the slums, knife fights are common, and many schools have armed guards at the doors in order to allow the school to function at all. In these neighborhoods, drive by shootings occur, the innocent taken out as target practice, for sport. This seldom hits the news, as it is considered commonplace, and the media panders to the wealthy or comfortable and their interests and concerns. At most, such violence in schools in the slums gets mentioned when statistics on rising violence of the prison population are discussed. So what has caused this behavior to migrate into comfortable suburban neighborhoods, and into peaceful and relatively crime free rural areas, and with a level of violence not anticipated by school administrators and not present in the past?

We have mentioned that society should expect increased polarization between those in the Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self as the Transformation proceeds. Those souls that have incarnated repeatedly in the past are aware of past pole shifts, aware of the die-off that occurs during a pole shift, and aware from discussions with their spirit guides that this incarnation will be their last in a schoolhouse that allows both orientations to mix. Thus, those in the Service-to-Self are often making their mark as they leave, to show their new bosses that they can be trusted to be ruthless, hoping to vie for the best positions in their new worlds. We mentioned during the Columbine massacre that mankind should expect more of these episodes, as many highly Service-to-Self individuals are deciding to go out with a bang, in control of their exit, and not wait for the pole shift which would potentially take control from them. Why the molestation of young girls, as part of the package? Mere murder and terror are not enough, they are raising the bar into pedophilia, and competing with one another!

Signs of the Times #1645
Another Colorado School Shooting [Sep 28] Less than 40 miles away from Littleton, Colorado where the Columbine school massacre took place in 1999, another high school shooting occurred on Sep 27, 2006. This time, an older man attacked a class at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado. The man released all the male students and kept the female students as hostage, then killed one student and himself as SWAT closed in. [and from another] Principal killed at Wisconsin school; 9th-grader charged [Sep 30] A teenager who pried open his family's gun cabinet brought two weapons to his rural school Friday and shot the principal to death after a struggle with adults and other students, authorities said. the teen had complained about being teased by other students and decided to confront teachers and the principal using a shotgun and handgun taken from his parents' bedroom. The shooting also came one day after Weston Schools Principal John Klang gave him a disciplinary warning for having tobacco, according to a criminal complaint. [and from another] School killer told wife he molested family members [Oct 3] Pennsylvania schoolhouse killer Charles Carl Roberts IV told his wife he molested young relatives 20 years ago and was dreaming about molesting children again. Investigators talked to relatives and analyzed suicide notes as they tried to determine what made Roberts barricade himself inside the tiny Amish school, tying up girls and shooting them -- five fatally -- before killing himself Monday. Roberts may have targeted the school for its girl students intended to molest the children. Roberts brought KY Jelly lubricant to the schoolhouse where the assault occurred.