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ZetaTalk: Not Politics
written Oct 11, 2003

At Schreiver Air Force Base [in Colorado Springs] as military and civilian leaders from all the NATO nations engaged in a study seminar ... NATO has decided to mount a new NATO Response Force, composed of about 20,000 personnel, that can respond instantly to asymmetric threats ... Wednesday’s war game, the centerpiece of a two-day gathering of NATO defense secretaries and chiefs of staff, was designed to get the member nations thinking about how to react in such cases.
NATO Conducts Rapid-Reaction War Game
Washington Post, Oct 8

Given the increasingly obvious fact that Planet X is in the vicinity and not going away before trashing the neighborhood, and the decision and actions taken last August by the US Military to supplant the White House as Commander in Chief with their own internal leadership, how should the meeting of NATO commanders for supposed war games be viewed? Would not war games be better played in Europe, where most participants reside? As NATO is a North Atlantic defense alliance, is not the western portion of the continental US an inappropriate setting? And where are the politicians, strutting about on the stage and explaining the situation to the public? Compare this meeting to one some months ago in France, where heads of state from all over the world met supposedly to discuss Iraq and mend fences, a representation of the worlds countries that rivaled meetings at the UN. The NATO meeting was unannounced, where in France much fanfare preceded and accompanied the meeting. The NATO meeting is nonpolitical, down to business, and exclusively involves those arms of the countries represented involved in defense of their individual homelands.

What is to be made of the lack of politicians and politics as usual, given the failure of the recent attempt to alter the path of Planet X with nukes under cover of Galileo’s death via a plunge into Jupiter, so that planning for disasters on Earth is the only plan to be made? In France, when the White House ruled the world it seemed, invading what countries it wished, and thus threatening those counties that could not be bribed, the heads of state were told that an errant planet was within the solar system, but would pass through and move on, so that the most important focus should be preventing awareness and panic in the public. Pressure, pain, payment, whatever was required was applied until all agreed to follow the White House and the major powers in this matter, no public statements to be made until the all-clear signal had been given. Part of this plan was to alter the path of Planet X, with nukes, and so sure were the arrogant hands at NASA that this would work that promises made in the event this path change did not work were made dismissively, an event that was not expected to happen. When the time came to honor those promises, paralysis set in.

Those with real estate interests along coastlines, retail businesses likely to be looted, ownership of corporations providing services likely to fail in times of panic among the workers, financial institutions relying on respect for the dollar for survival, wealth composed of paper such as stocks and bonds, or whose livelihood required the steady state of the economy argued loudly that any announcement about a new rogue planet in the neighborhood was irresponsible. Politicians who never expected to be required to do anything other than make an appearance after a local disaster, swapping resources from one part of their domain to another while acting the hero, paled when faced with the prospect of having to face the public with no resources to be allocated, and nothing but demands. In particular, those who would be king of the new world, orchestrating an oil grab in Iraq under the guise of fighting terrorism and manipulating the electoral process into their continued dictatorship, insisted that distracting the public with the truth not be done.

In short, the US Military, the Defense Department, and their counterparts in other countries, were faced with a decision - to allow politics and corporate and personal interests to rule, or to honor their oath to protect and defend the people of their respective countries.