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ZetaTalk: Falcon Depot
written Oct 21, 2006

Could the Zeta's comment on the Large explosion at the US Army base in Baghdad. There seems to a big cover up by the Military and the Media of the exent of damage to the Base,and troops.

The Iraq War has been in the hands of man, from the start, and thus as man has free will the course of this war has been impossible for us to predict with certainty. Nevertheless, we have from the start predicted that terrorist attacks within the US would not succeed, that support for the war would erode utterly, that the war would drag out and not succeed. We predicted months ago that the likely outcome in Iraq would be a secretive withdrawal by the US Military and that Iraq would 'split into factions', a fact no longer denied by senior Republic advisors, as recent news reports confirm. Though this is in the hands of man, we predict that Iraq will go the way it would have to begin with if the British had not partitioned it to include warring factions in the past. It is no secret that Britain structured Iraq so as to prevent it from becoming strong and resistant to Western control, grouping the Sunni and Shia and Kurds together in any impossible marriage. Afghanistan will return to Taliban control, a trend already firmly in place, Bin Laden victorious.

The US Military is no longer listening to Bush or Rumsfeld, ignoring their orders, but is loathe to publicly defy Bush as then this must be explained to the public. Since Bush is adamantly stating he will stay the course, where will this lead? A secretive withdrawal from Iraq would be along the lines already used to deny the rising number of troop deaths. No media coverage, and lies about the placement of troops and the forts deserted to be occupied by the enemy. This would be covered by claims that the Iraqi had taken over the area, successfully, as police or guards or troops trained or whatever, when in fact it was desertion by the US Military of their positions, allowing whomever is shelling them to take territory. The US Military is surrounded by hostile troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, as the natives do not want them there, as legitimate polls and citizen support of violence against the US has shown. As the Earth changes require US troops to be returned home, where they will be desperately needed, this withdrawal from Iraq will hasten, with only local news coverage on returning troops so the trend is not highlighted in the major media, though the Internet will have the true story.

We warned at the start of a non-specific incident that would be so horrific it would be as though 'the breath had been taken out of the body', and that the Council of Worlds may have something to do with this incident. The explosion at Falcon was certainly not anticipated by the US Military, as they thought this depot guarded and the surroundings swept clean of militia. If the main Iraq munitions depot, considered ultra safe, can be turned into a holocaust, taking the US Military so by surprise that they claim 'no injuries' when hundreds were clearly fried instantly, has this taken their breath away? The Falcon disaster certainly shows that no zones in Iraq are safe for the US Military, including the Green Zone in Baghdad where the Bush administration likes to ferry in for photo ops. If the Falcon depot, just south of Baghdad, was not safe, is the Green Zone safe? Will a sudden evacuation of the Green Zone occur, under rocket fire, with escaping planes and choppers targeted and blown out of the skies while escape on the ground is impossible? What is the current personnel count of those hiding in the Green Zone, not daring to leave, while Cheney is making outrageous claims that matters are improving in Iraq?

The maneuvers by the Bush administration to secure the oil fields of the Middle East is a lost cause. The disasters in Iraq are precluding any invasion of Iran or Venezuela by the US Military, who will be so annoyed with Bush and his ambitions they will eventually not even give he or his spokespersons an audience. Has the Council of Worlds had a hand in this? Without question, but only in preventing the Bush administration their victories. They prevented, as we stated, any WMD being planted in Iraq. They prevented any terrorist attacks within the continental US, as this would have fed into the Bush propaganda machine and strengthened the lies he spews. They prevented voter fraud in Iraq, certainly the Bush plan, so that the outcome gave dominant support to the Shia majority in Iraq. By this they facilitated the division of Iraq, as the new Congress gave the Kurds autonomy in their area and a recent edict gave the Shia control in the South of Iraq. The oil fields of the North and South are now in Kurdish and Shia hands, leaving the furious Sunni sputtering.

Recent speculation on how to resolve the mess in Iraq has suggested that Bush may have to bring back strongmen, forgoing Democracy, perhaps bringing back the real Saddam Hussein who is certainly alive and not in the docket for the faked court proceedings being televised. This of course may be possible only within the tiny segment of Iraq controlled by the Sunnis, loyal to Saddam, and would not give Bush the oil fields he coveted. Has the breath been taken away yet, in the final gasp that will spell admitted defeat for Bush in Iraq? Not yet, but the success at Falcon has certainly shown what is coming. The evacuation in Viet Nam was done while the US Military was in friendly territory, in South Viet Nam. Here the US Military is in hostile territory where it may have to evacuate suddenly, or where evacuation may not be possible at all! What would the timing be of such an explosion of violence, so well placed that guarded munitions depots are easy targets? The question should rather be posed, what is to stop such an explosion of violence? This is the question being asked in the tents of the militia who have for so long been trying to rid Iraq of the US occupation.

In short, they are not heeding the warnings of the Council, so stronger measures will shortly be taken. These measures will be as though the breath had been taken out of the body. All will hold their breath, confused, and this delay will be such that the earth changes already escalating will catch up with the power mongers.
ZetaTalk: Not Succeed, written Mar 22, 2003
There will be no terrorist attacks [in the US], nor will the war progress to the point where a regime change occurs. The US public is being told a quick war will result in success, but the utter opposite will be the case. Mechanical failure, human error compounding human error, and accidents that will silence the cry for support for war utterly.
ZetaTalk: Not Succeed, written Mar 22, 2003
Signs of the Times #541, Dec 14, 2003
Saddam Captured Alive. Compare eyebrows, eye distance, nose shape and angle, lips and jaw. Don't you ever wonder what happened to all his doubles? [Note: too fat across bridge, forehead too low, cheeks not like a chipmunk, and black mole not on the original Saddam.]
One should bear in mind that these affairs are in the hands of man, and a cornered animal will jump in many directions. Our analysis of the outcome does not include a war with Iran, nor an occupation of Saudi Arabia, but a gradual and secretive withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, which will split into factions as a result of their civil war.
ZetaTalk: Iraq Civil War, written Feb 25, 2006
Signs of the Times #1648
Forward Base Falcon Disaster [Oct 11] At the time of the attack, there were approximately 3000 men inside the camp, which also was filled with ammunition supplies, fuel, tanks and vehicles. Iraqi contractors had assisted in the construction of the camp, which occupied nearly a square mile and was surrounded with guard tower-studded high concrete walls. An after action report, issued by the Department of Defense, stated that: "no injuries were reported." When the flames had been brought under control on the morning of the 11th of October, primarily because the entire camp had been gutted, nine large American military transports with prominent Red Cross markings were observed by members of the foreign media taking off, laded with the dead and the wounded. Over 300 American troops, including U.S. Army and Marines, CIA agents and U.S. translators were casualties and there also were 165 seriously injured requiring major medical attention and 39 suffering lesser injuries. [and from another] Insurgents Hit U.S. Base in Baghdad [Oct 11] Falcon is located in a former commercial trucking depot in a sprawling industrial area at the southern entrance of Baghdad. It is near the violence-torn district of Dora, where U.S. troops have been focusing in a 2-month-old sweep of the capital neighborhood-by-neighborhood aimed at rooting out militants and weapons. [and from another] No Additional Troops to Baghdad [Oct 20] A senior military official told ABC News that any changes agreed upon would not include more U.S. troops going into violence-torn Baghdad. The White House has already ruled out partitioning Iraq, as even some prominent Republicans have suggested. And pulling out the troops altogether or on a timetable is a "nonstarter," according to the Bush administration. So what will Bush do?