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Signs of the Times #547 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
From the 20th floor of the Marriott hotel in downtown San Francisco [Dec 14]. I got up to watch the sunrise. Few clouds on the horizon blocking the actual Sun, but its red glow was quite visible. Watched for 20 min before the Sun broke through the clouds, sun seemed to be really small. Thats when I realized it was not the Sun. This small sun had several smaller objects very close to it. As I continued to watch the sunrise another object broke through the clouds some 20 degrees to the right of the small Sun. This was the real Sun. After about 5 min the small sun was no longer visible. Last night [Dec 13] 5:30 PM Went out to have smoke. Looked to the West, extremely bright object in the sky. I have a set of 10x70 binoculars mounted on a tripod set up very close by. I was able to observe this object for 15 min before it moved past the tree line. It was defiantly a disk. It is too high in the sky to be Venus. Checking my sky chart, it could be Neptune or Uranus, but this thing was so bright, it put Mars to shame in fact it was the brightest celestial thing I have ever seen in the sky besides the Sun and Moon. I have been an armature astronomer for several years. I check out everything I can’t identify on my sky charts. I have invested in a 10” Dobsonian Telescope and a pair of 10x70 binoculars.
Signs of the Times #546
New storm hits Northern Norway [Dec 11] 'Already in the night, the weather was too rough for the coastal cruiser Hurtigruten to attempt docking at Bodoe, on its way south. ‘This very rarely happens. I have never experienced it before’, says Chief Mate Torfinn Stokkmo of the Trollfjord. Many ferries and express boats have also been forced to stay in harbour. There are reports of waves of up to 12 metres along the coast of Nordland, seen as very unusual by the meteorologists, NRK reports.'
Signs of the Times #545
New Orleans [Dec 14] ‘High waters in the Gulf of Mexico for the past two months have forced communities along Louisiana's low coast to close floodgates to keep their roads and homes from flooding, even on the sunniest of days. The global seas are rising about .08 of an inch a year because the oceans are getting warmer and glaciers and polar ice caps are melting. South Louisiana's ground is sinking due to soil compaction, the levees on the Mississippi, and oil and natural gas extraction. Ever since Tropical Storm Grace pushed through the Gulf of Mexico at the end of August, the seas have remained high.’
Signs of the Times #544 (via email to Nancy)
Based on USNO [Dec 15] sunset has jumped from 4:48 to 4:59 in Kansas. Why later? This seems odd that sunset would be later. I was assuming that sunset would be earlier and would thus be reporting a very late sunset. Based on later sunset times, sunset is late 15 minutes. Based on assumed previous times sunset may actually be 25 minutes late. [and from another poster] I drive the same route home for 10 years and the Sun has always been directly in front of me for my 14 mile trip. This year however since September it has moved about 15 degrees further then previous years. I no longer have to use my visor [Dec 14] for it is no longer directly in front of me. I agree that the Sun moves during the seasons, just not this drastically. I have always had to use my visor for the trip home. The Sun isn´t suppose to move that far south. Why? [and from another poster] Driving home tonight [Dec 14] I noticed it was setting in the extreme south. I’m in the southern hemisphre, and mid summer the sun blazes in my front windows, only two weeks into summer and the Sun way south of the windows, somthing very odd here.
Signs of the Times #543 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
More earthquakes, weird weather, East Coast USA ´sinking sands´ (NBCE news) sands dropped 10´ down and lost 65´ out NY to Long Beach Island NJ [and from another poster] In the Carolina mountains tonight [Dec 14] my small desk compass is off by more than 30 degrees NE of normal. Usual fluctuation is 5-8 degrees. Ten days ago was off by at least 25 degrees. [and from another poster] Field must be fluctuating a bit lately. I´ve had some off readings lately too. I have more than one compass, and all had the same readings. [and from another poster] Mine is off about 13-14 degrees to NNWest in CT. [and from another poster] Washington DC area - compass pointing NWesterly.
Signs of the Times #542 (via email to Nancy)
Johanne Friede 1204-1257 ‘The nebula of the greater Bear will arrive in the vicinity of Earth ... and will fill the space of 5 hundred suns at the horizon. The illumination will not come from the Moon but from Orion, which constellation, by the light of Jupiter, will send forth its rays on the greater Bear and will dissolve its nebula with the force of light. ... In the abodes of children of light, the Book of Revelations will be read, and in the palaces of the church they will await the arrival of the Great Comet.’
Signs of the Times #541
Saddam Captured Alive [Dec 14] ‘Saddam Hussein has been caught alive in the northern Iraq stronghold of Tikrit’ [and from other sources] Compare eyebrows, eye distance, nose shape and angle, lips and jaw. Don´t you ever wonder what happened to all his doubles?
4: and the captured ´Saddam´
6: [Note: note too fat across bridge, forhead too low, cheeks not like a chipmunk, and black mole not on the original Saddam. Check Sign of the Times #139, July 2003 for similar fraud about capture of Saddam’s sons in July.]
Signs of the Times #540 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
The hairline is different, the nose is different, the brow bone is different. [and from another poster] I watched them catch Noriega and I watched them catch Milosevic, and I still say this looks orchestrated! Saddam is NOT acting like the dictator of a nation whose life is now over. He is acting like he is following a freaking script. [and from another poster] DNA tests are only as reliable as the people telling you the results. [and from another poster] I notice in the film of the guy taking the mouth swab on Saddam, that he has a large mole over his left eyebrow, that would be hard to fake. Are there any previous pics showing the large mole over his left eyebrow, I can´t seem to find any. [and from another poster] You´ll notice in the picture on the left Saddam has a grey/black mustache. In the picture on the right he has a jet black mustache, no hint of grey. [and from another poster] Why no Audio of Saddam´s voice on the video´s shown? Clearly, hearing Saddam´s voice would convince everyone, so why no audio? [and from another poster] Compare the height of the foreheads. It´s a look-alike. [and from another poster] Look at his nose. Does not look the same as in the older pics of him.
Signs of the Times #539
Mysterious Ice Balls Falling from Heavens [Dec 11] ‘Great balls of ice that fall out of the clear blue sky - possibly because of global warming. Most weigh 25 to 35 pounds, but one whopper found in Brazil tipped the scales at 440 pounds. Ice balls have punched holes in the roofs of houses, smashed through car windshields and whizzed right past people's heads. Research on megacryometeors in January 2000, after ice chunks weighing up to 6.6 pounds rained on Spain out of cloudless skies for 10 days. Lab tests showed that ice in megacryometeors had the distinctive chemical signature of ice in ordinary terrestrial hailstones. That leaves monster hailstones forming in a cloudless sky, a notion that defies more than a century of research on hail formation.’
Signs of the Times #538 (Nancy)
The Face (around 12 UTC) and Dark (around 00:00 UTC) Global Quake pattern was evident from Dec 1-10, and stretch zones in the N American and S American plates under stress from Dec 11-13. Stretching points on the N American Plate include the SE United States, which drops below sea level, stress evident in Houston through the New Madrid fault, the borders of the stretch zone, and where the N American Plate abutts the great Eurasian Planet in the Kamchatka Peninsula, a pressure point when the N American Plate moves. In the S American plate the stretch zone finds a weak point near Riachuelo, Brazil where the rivers empty into the Atlantic Ocean.
Signs of the Times #537 (via email to Nancy)
For the past three nights in El Paso, Dec 8, 9, 10 [Dec 10] the Moon has risen 40 d E of magnetic N. I saw the two moon halos mentioned for December. The smaller was 3X the Moon diameter and the larger halo did indeed reach into Orion. [and from another email] Last night's moon [Dec 11] came up at about 6:30 PM here on the Florida panhandle, but about 10 degrees too far North. It hesitated , or seemed to climb very, very slowly until about 9 PM. and then began to transition to a more southerly track. At 11:15 PM it was almost directly overhead with Mars as a close companion to its South. [Note: per Skymap the El Paso report is 15 degrees too far North and for the panhandle, this is an early rise, not due until 8:00 PM, and overhead far too soon also!]
Signs of the Times #536
Earth's magnetic poles on verge of flipping? [Dec 12] ‘The Earth's magnetic field is weakening, and that could lead to a flip in the planet's poles making compasses point south instead of north for the first time in almost a million years, say scientists. Experts at the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco say the field has declined 10 percent in the last 150 years’ [and from another source] Earth´s Magnetic Field Fading [Dec 12] ‘The field could vanish altogether in 1,500 to 2,000 years, said Jeremy Bloxham of Harvard University.’
Signs of the Times #535 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I purchased a new large flatscreen television (tube not plasma) last summer. The first setup procedure was what it referred to as "geomagnetic correction". The manual simply states this function helps to correct for "geomagnetic differences" that might cause the image on screen to tilt. [and from another poster] This does not bode well for airplanes, now does it? The Earth´s polarity has tilted a full 13 degrees from its original North pole. [and from another poster] Compass and magnetic north changing geographic positions would make most navigational maps obsolete. Welcome to GPS [which airplanes use]! No one would ever discover just how fast the poles are moving with GPS would they? [and from another poster] My magnetic compass is off about 12 degrees from its pre-1995 reading. [Note: magnetic Irregularities noted for months.]
Signs of the Times #534
Pentagon Finds Halliburton Overcharged on Iraq Contracts [Dec 11] ‘A Pentagon investigation has found evidence of overcharging and other violations in billions of dollars worth of reconstruction contracts for Iraq that were awarded to Vice President Dick Cheney's former company ... government documents show that the United States is paying the Halliburton Company an average of $2.64 a gallon to import gasoline and other fuel to Iraq from Kuwait, more than twice what others are paying to truck in Kuwaiti fuel.’