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ZetaTalk: Hercolubus
written Nov 2, 2006

How about Ramatis, Brazilian prophet, who wrote the book Mensajes del Astral where is described the approach of an intruder planet into our solar system? [and from another] In 1950 a celebrated Brazilian medium named Hercilio Maes channeled a prophecy from his guide Ramatis. Maes predicts that the earth's axis will change through ninety degrees due to the gravitational pull of an enormous new planet which will enter our solar system soon. [and from another] Ramatis delivered lectures to standing room only crowds through human instruments like Brazil's Chico Xavier and Luis Muzio. Ramatis discussed the imminent destruction of Earth by an orphan planet named Hercolubus, orbiting an invisible sun named Tila, whose trajectory brought it through the solar system every 6,666 years.

We have lately been asked to address a prophet in China, Zhuge Liang, and a little known but genuine report of a NDE by one Lou Famoso. Both spoke of the coming pole shift and spiritual transformation of mankind. We mentioned that all cultures have such prophets, and in the current time, many contactees are given visions to relay, though not all come through with their mission completed. In S. America, the primary prophecies relaying the coming pole shift have been from an entity known as Ramatis, who used several channels, relaying the same message from each. All the channels Ramatis used were sincere, with the message essentially being relayed unpolluted by the human vehicles. That the message of a 90° shift, due to the passage of a large planet with a long orbital period, which orbits two Sun's, one of which has never lit and thus is invisible, remarkably parallels our description of the orbit and passage of Planet X. However, all channeled work suffers from the limitations of the human to relay the intended message, or confusion among those hearing the message.

Hercolubus is interpreted to be as large or larger than Jupiter, but the intended impression was to be huge when viewed from Earth, during the passage. Planet X indeed covers the Sun during the passage, particularly the writhing dust cloud and moon swirls which reach out from Planet X for an extensive area. In trying to relay these details, this impression, the channel or those recording the session took the Planet X complex to be a planet that large, thus monstrous. Likewise the orbit period of 6,666 is confusion between the period approximating 3,600, or our estimate of 3,657 years, and the Biblical number 666 interpreted to be the mark of the Devil. If the channel was well versed in the Bible, and the channels of Ramatis were, then any discussion of the End Times would bring up 666 as an important number. Channeling is not using the channel as a typing machine, it is using the channel's education, understanding of science, ability to entertain concepts, command of the language, and ability to formulate analogies or create scenario descriptions with depth and detail. If the channel has no word to describe something the spirit wishes to relay, the channel will wrap words about the concept as best it can. Thus, the possibility of distortion exists.

Bearing this in mind, these are valid prophecies, and should be carefully read with an open mind that looks for similarities with other valid prophecies, rather than dwelling on the differences.