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ZetaTalk: Solar Cover
written Oct 24, 2003

D-TV signal in Southern NM is out! Blanked out at about 10:38 AM on Oct 23rd. The sky has been clear for four or five days and no cloud cover at all for past three days. Been almost two hours and no satellite yet, still searching for signal.
Satellites, pagers, cell phones, and electrical grids could be affected Friday [Oct 24] by a moderately powerful ejection of magnetic material from the sun. It is expected to reach Earth about 3 p.m. EDT Friday, and its effects could last 12 to 18 hours.
We have predicted that in the year prior to the shift that satellites will fail, consistently.
ZetaTalk: During 2002, written Dec 15, 2001
Solar Flares, an extended or anomalous solar cycle, has been planned for decades to be used as a distraction and excuse during this time. Where the 11 year cycle was to end in 2000, it was reported prior to its end to perhaps be a 14 year cycle, ending in 2003. Where did the historical references to base this estimate come from? This is not provided, the conclusions provided, but not the data. In fact, there is no historical reference, as all previous solar cycles recorded or observed by man fall into the 11 year cycle.
ZetaTalk: Solar Flares, written Jan 1, 2002

We predicted in 1995 that solar flares would be used as a cover for much of what the government knew would occur approaching the passage of Planet X. Heroic efforts to maintain regular satellite service were thus done, in part due to multiples more satellites in service than the public is told exist, overkill to ensure steady service and maintain geo stationary sats in position, and this masked the problems this industry was having, greatly. Our prediction was loudly announced a failure, but it was only delayed. Steadily increasing complaints have been heard about cell phones that fail to connect or encounter noise, TV reception that disappears without explanation and is hours late in returning, and internet connections that drop and lose data. In addition to loss of fuel and mechanical damage to sats due to the dust and debris in the tail of Planet X, their electrical systems are subject to the same bombardment of electromagnetic particles that are causing power outages worldwide of late. Are these due to solar storms, retroactively?

Where numerous countries around the world are hoisting sats aloft for the US, so as to mask the number required to be put into service and thus mask the amount of failure being experienced, this has not proved sufficient to address the problem. They are failing faster than they can be replaced. In addition, there are switchover problems, where one sat is taken out of service, another given duty, and all tests done during each switch to ensure operability. These switches require downtime, a few minutes, but the rate has caught up with the exhausted personnel. What to do? Schedule a mega solar storm! Explain to the public that outages should be expected! Do massive switchovers! Go out for a beer and laugh at how gullible the public is! Such is the state of concern over alerting the public that, for most, doomsday is arriving, and they will be the last to know.