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ZetaTalk: Travel Blocks
written Dec 27, 2003

Being that earthquakes and volcanoes are beginning to show up in 'not normal areas', is there any place(s) that will be hit harder by earthquakes, or natural disasters making it more difficult to travel through or to, getting to safe locations?

We have consistently warned that waiting until the week or rotation stoppage to travel to safe locations is not wise, for several reasons.

Aside from the blocks to travel caused by moving earth, water, and air, are the blocks put in place by man, deliberately. Passage into or even through lands considered the property of the elite will be blocked, for hundreds of miles in every direction. Those arriving at the perimeter will find at best a gun pointed in their face, more likely minefields that leave the screaming injured as warnings to those that come behind them. If a city is the threat, the population, the numbers considered the threat, these will be eliminated by blockading the city so the residents die during the quakes or drown, or are forced into starvation in their virtual ghettos.

Anyone thinking this will not occur has only to look to the track record of Homeland Security, when it chooses to rise the threat of Martial Law, the timing. May 12, operation TOPOFF, and May 20, level Orange. Now that the Sweeping Arms of the Sun show predictable earth change crises times, the last Nov 9-14 and the next expected Dec 25-30, level Orange raised its head again. Terror threats of course are not the reason. It is the need to control the populace, who paid for the guns Homeland Security will be using against them, in the employ of the elite.