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ZetaTalk: Passover
written Apr 5, 2004

Passover is mentioned in the Book of Exodus as coming before the exodus and after the plagues of locusts. Does this imply that the Passage of Planet X occurs in the Spring? The Book of Exodus and related Egyptian scribes mentioned some grain crops cut down by hail, others not yet with grain set so spared. This again sounds like Spring or early Summer time for the last pole shift period.

As one can note by the weather over the past year, when Spring flowers bloomed in the Fall in the northern hemisphere in many countries, and the seasons almost alternating within the span of a week all over the globe, there is confusion going into a pole shift on just what season is in place. Yet where droughts and plagues are mentioned in both Hebrew and Egyptian texts, not given to anything but a religiously exacting portrayal, there is no mention of the stars being wrong for the seasons, the seasons coming after one another out of turn, or a season lasting too long. Thus, to both Hebrew and Egyptian scribes, both these cultures noted only weather extremes and their results. The frozen bodies of mammoths also speak to a Spring season in the Siberian grasslands, with spring flowers found in their frozen guts. Then there is the Nebra disc, which shows constellations surrounding the Sun as they would be in March, or even as viewed somewhat later for a tilted and leaning Earth.

Does this mean that the last pole shift, during the Jewish Exodus, happened under circumstances similar to what the Earth finds itself in now? It does.

Planet X takes its sling orbit in a retrograde orbit around one side of the Sun, and one side only, on its way out into dark space again, passing through the solar system in what is closer to a straight line than any other depiction. For at least the last thousand passages, Planet X has always come in from the direction of Orion, always reacted to the sweeping arms of the Sun such that it started to hop them and assumed a retrograde orbit, always dropped to a 32° position below the Ecliptic to avoid the crowded Ecliptic as it plunged toward the Sun, and always, thus, is in the Earth’s orbit to create havoc where the Earth would be in the fall and early Winter, not the Spring. So why the Spring flowers and grain set during the time of the Jewish Exodus? Planet X has also always captured the Earth in a head-on staring contest when it happened to be on that side of its orbit when Planet X was passing through, and thus when a cataclysmic pole shift is reported, it can be assumed that the Earth went into a halted orbit and tilted and leaning stance, as it is today.

When the Earth is on the safe side of the Sun during a passage, Planet X zooms past, with no Repulsion Force conflicts to cause it to creep along, and if the Earth comes near an encounter at the Summer Solstice, it slows there, staying out of the traffic lane, while Planet X passes. During the Jewish Exodus, when the last pole shift occurred, the Earth arrived late to the posture it is in now, and thus Planet X had already risen up to the Ecliptic, had gained momentum, and passed quickly and at close proximity to the Earth, thus causing a quick jerk to and fro, as we have described, and not the long standoff that has occurred this time, though a slowed orbit and tilted inclination simulating a move into Spring did occur. Passover, thus, was assumed to be in the spring, with the first grain crop having set grain heads but others yet to do so, when the hail cut them down. On this current passage, the Earth was blocking the road as Planet X was rising to the Ecliptic, Venus and Mars were rounding the corner to crowd the roadway shortly thereafter, and Earth’s dark twin will have time to bring up the rear, all intensifying the Repulsion Force conflicts creating the staring contest ongoing.

Just when this ends, we will not say, as the establishment, despite plans for corrective action, have still not informed the public of what they know, nor do they have any plans for regular updates when the public has become informed. If the common man cannot hear the news we have to bring, simultaneously, then the elite will continue to be denied too.