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SOHO Fakery
on July 14, 2003

I believe they're been using old images since July 8th after the SOHO Burnout images. Somehow On that Date every flare on the EIT 196 images completely changed and with the new larger text for the date and time. But it looks like from these new images (which are old images from the archives) there's still some drama being played out behind the scenes.
Steve Havas
First, the date and time stamp, in the last image, is bigger, but worse, you can see that the last image is upside down! Maybe the guy at NASA didn’t realized his forged image was upside down?

I believe you have Friends and Messengers at their site. Our American Flag, upside down, is alway a sign of distress!
Turning the SOHO EIT 195 upside down wasn’t a mistake, it was quite on purpose. This provides them with a clean field to put the time stamp on! If that SOHO isn’t destroyed by now, it's been rendered useless.
Now it seems all images between 2003/07/13 - 14 h 36 and 2003/07/14 - 15 h 36 (upside down images) simply disappeared.
Steve Havas