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SOHO Fakery
on July 17, 2003

I was just browsing through yesterday's EIT195 data, and I spotted a definite weirdness. Here are the EIT195 images from July 17 at 11:48:10 and 13:13:44 - the one is an exact 180 degree rotation of the other! I checked this in PhotoShop - they are an exact match. What's up with that?
Since the SOHO EIT Burnout on July 15, due to Planet X dust cloud adding reflected light that overwhelms the camera, they have not been able to take images and have resorted to doctoring, sloppy doctoring. This Reversing the images is nothing new. It is almost like someone is trying to tell us that the doctoring is going on, a deliberate leak! Else there is so much consternation and conflict at SOHO headquarters that these are slipping through.