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Critique Time

The Zetas have described the time of death as complicated, as in many cases such as coma states the soul leaves the body well before physical death, and letting go of a past incarnation is not a simple matter, as often there are many unsettled matters.

ZetaTalk: When We Die, written Apr 15, 1996
Humans are aware of a reception line awaiting them when they die, from the reports of Near Death Experiences - a long tunnel with a bright white light at the end, and those now deceased who were close to them waiting or beckoning. If the moment of death is confusing to doctors, it is no less clear in the spiritual realm. An injured body, such as one sustaining massive brain injury, may cease to be a home for the incarnating [soul] months before those attending the death watch finally pull the sheets up over the lingering beloved. It is possible, in such a circumstance, that the [soul] has already been placed in another, thriving, human body - a newborn babe. On the other hand, some entities hang around long after the body has been cremated or burned, as haunting ghosts. Beyond the issue of when the spirit leaves the body is the spiritual issue of how the [soul] puts the past life to rest, judges progress made on various lessons that were at the fore going into the incarnation, and determines any future course of action they personally might desire as a result - critique time.

If the death was sudden and unexpected, the [soul] may have many outstanding issues they remain concerned with after the physical body dies. This invariably is the first stop after death, though it varies depending on the general orientation of the [soul] and their life circumstances. Someone elderly, who had long settled their affairs in preparation for the inevitable, might not do more than cast a backward glance on their way to the future, noting that their death was being handled as they had anticipated. Someone in their prime, with dependent children or oldsters and many outstanding promises, might linger at this stage, visiting those they are concerned about as a ghost, essentially an Out-Of-Body, for days or months until they can see the outcome. This stage differs between orientations, the Service-to-Others lingering longer due to their concern for others and the Service-to-Self wishing only to move on to future opportunities.

At times, those who have been wronged and wish for vindication or revenge may also linger at this stage, haunting in an effort to influence human affairs. If the spirit is lingering, it is often allowed to do so, else it avoids the current incarnation and is distracted. As we have stated, the spirit, once sparked, does not die, and pain must be dealt with as a resolution on future lives. Spirits are aware of their past lives, though the human incarnated is clueless, often. Thus, for the spirit, there is no change in this matter after death. The spirit between incarnations is like an Out-Of-Body experience, in that it can communicate more readily, and thus the Guides have no problem getting them to gather. They are talking up a storm, especially if coming from a recent disaster or shared experience. Once reincarnated, the young spirits are intent on learning experiences, pressing agendas forward, and the like. Incarnations are more than discussion groups, they are action oriented!

Critique time!
This, per the Zetas, is a discussion on the lessons learned, and takes place between the young soul and its Spirit Guides.
Remember that movie, Groundhog Day, where a self focused newscaster had to repeat a day in his life until he got it right?
When he realized he could not die, and would wake up the next morning in the same bed, repeating the same day, he progressed from selfish acts like pigging out on dinner and seducing women with lies to helping others.
This gave him more satisfaction, and eventually earned him the right to move ON with this life.
This movie is unquestionably about the lessons to be learned and reincarnation, as the Zetas state that most often, the lesson is not learned, and the soul must repeat in a life that will offer opportunities for the lesson to be learned.

ZetaTalk: Next Incarnation, written Feb 15, 2002
Critique of the incarnation, judging the success or failure of the incarnation, is not always what the [soul] might desire. The [soul] might feel they, themselves, have made progress where the spirit guides have another opinion entirely. Progress on lessons to be learned can be confused by cross currents, where the life circumstances offered opportunities such that unplanned lessons were addressed, and those planned got neglected. The immature [soul] may view the incarnation a failure, in this regard, and be surprised to find the record being looked at from unexpected angles. Most often the [soul] has made scarce progress, and will find themselves repeating the setting in future lives until progress is made. The stage where future action is determined marks the point where the past life is settled and the future is beginning. This point is not reached as long as issues from the first two stages are outstanding. It is at this stage that the lessons at the fore of the next incarnation are clear. The immature [soul] may not be in agreement, and thus this stage can be drawn out, as the incarnation would be wasted if the focus were not clear.

Where humans are unaware of their past lives, and per the Rule of Forgetfulness are supposed to start the incarnation with a clean slate, in fact the immature [soul] needs to be clear on how their progress is viewed by others. They may not agree, but they must understand. At this point the next incarnation is planned and plotted by the spirit guides, who give scant consideration to what the immature [soul] might be clamoring for. The spirit is often mulling the past life over prior to the moment of death, and planning the next incarnation. Thus, there is a normal progression to discussion with the Spirit Guides, who are in teamship with the Birthing Guides, and the next incarnation is often arranged quickly. As we have mentioned this is not the choice of the young spirit, but of the guides. Thus, it's a bit like getting off a train at the station, and walking over to our next train! Just like that, on your way again!

The Zetas have stated that approximately 1,000 lifetimes are required for a young, newborn soul, to learn its first lesson, to determine whether to be Service-to-Others, caring, or Service-to-Self, self focused.
This may not seem like a lesson, but recall that all the spiritual lessons are taught by trial and error, upon the initiative of the spirit, action based rather than intellectual. The young soul is learning, by experiences, how they want to function vis--vis others. Thus, this is the first lesson on our first spiritual schoolhouse.

ZetaTalk: Many Incarnations, written Jan 25, 2003
Humans tend to underestimate the number of incarnations they will have before advancing to light form, the stage where a body no longer is a learning tool. They explore their past lives, digging about with a past life regression therapist, and remember only those that are pleasant or put their actions in a good light. The horrific times, or times when they behaved so badly they prefer not to dwell on the matter, are not brought forward. The soul, of course, does not forget, but the human consciousness, hearing these tales, discards them and will only allow the pleasant to come through. Incarnations run into the thousands, in the main, before a graduation is achieved. Nancy is an example of someone who quickly made her orientation decision, having done so in a little more than 1,200 lifetimes, but there are others who require 50,000 or more incarnations to firmly decide. Even then, entities may vacillate, and need to return to re-establish this decision.

50,000 lifetimes to decide!
Per the Zetas, the spiritual orientation decision is not just a lean to the right or left, it's a dither most of the time, and even when the lean to the right or left occurs, progress in any one direction is slow, reversals can occur, so it takes time to reach the point where one is thinking of themselves 95% of the time, the Service-to-Self criterion, or thinking of themselves only 50% of the time, the Service-to-Others criterion.

ZetaTalk: Survival of the Fittest, written Oct 15, 1996
Polarization of the orientations occurs even in cultures where the life support systems are ample, so that all living members of the intelligent species survive. Polarization of the orientations occurs due to myriad decisions the [soul] makes, that build upon each other until the trend is undeniable. For those leaning toward the Service-to-Self, each self-focused decision requires that they harden themselves against others, and focus on what they consider the rewards for having done so. This tends to harden them, increasingly, as these decisions are made, until cruelty becomes a power trip, all sense of empathy having been lost. For those leaning toward Service-to-Others, each rescue of another is rewarded by the comfort and joy that another experiences, which is likewise experienced vicariously. Sacrifice is weighted in this light, so that as empathy and the ability to experience comfort vicariously increases, the sacrifice diminishes in proportion.

Pole Shift Effect

The Earth is scheduled to become a home for those in the Service-to-Others in the near future, during and after the pole shift.
This is not a specific date, as those living today will be allowed to live out their lifetimes, while new incarnations will in the main only go to those souls who are strongly Service-to-Others.
Thus, over time, 100 years or so, the spiritual Transformation will have occurred.

ZetaTalk: Transformation, written by Jul 15, 1995
What is the Transformation? The Earth is undergoing a subtle transformation, as the Transformation is now. This Transformation has been progressing for at least this century, and will go for at least a century more. Transformations occur for many reasons. [One] reason is administrative, and that is why the Earth is undergoing its Transformation now. The majority of those on Earth have not yet reached their orientation decision, but will be moved to another planet, as the Earth has been designated as a future home for Service-to-Others oriented entities. The coming pole shift will expedite this process simply by the fact that 90% of the populace will die, either during the shift or shortly thereafter. To qualify for Service-to-Others orientation, a [soul] must consider others as often as the self. To qualify for Service-to-Self, the [soul] must focus on the self 95% of the time, almost exclusively. This decision, or the lesson of 3rd Density as it is called, needs to precede almost all other lessons, as mixing the two spiritual orientations together creates chaos and thus other lessons cannot proceed.

The coming pole shift is expected to result in a 90% die-off on the current Earth's population.
That's a lot of souls looking to reincarnate!
But due to the sudden population explosion, which moved from about a billion souls on Earth to a current population of 6.5 billion, all in a hundred years or so, MOST of the humans on Earth are not housing reincarnated souls, but in a situation like the early cave man, providing the possibility for a soul to spark.
And mostly, they don't. Most opportunities do not spark a soul, and thus there is not a soul to collect upon death, nor a reincarnation to arrange.

ZetaTalk: Harvest, written by Jul 15, 1995
On your Planet Earth, because of the geological changes that periodically happen, the Transformation to 4th Density has been planned to coincide with these geological changes. The reason is simple, though some may view it in horror. During the coming geological changes the vast majority of your Earth's populace will perish, suddenly. Those who survive will find a world without food or shelter from the elements. Medical treatment will be scarce, and hygiene the least of anyone's thoughts. Consequently, even after the cataclysms, the die-off will be huge. Reincarnation will not be affected by the pole shift any more than normal life cycles. Humans died young in the past. In the days of the cave man life was far shorter, so this is common to your species. There will be much death, and this has horrified many people, but at the present time the majority of humans on Earth, in fact four-fifths or more, do not have reincarnated souls but can spark new souls.

This has happened because of the population explosion. Reincarnation on new worlds does not happen because of every intelligent life that harbors the possibility of this. We call these aborted souls. This is not any decision on the part of an administrative force, it just simply happens. Nothing sparked a soul. Nothing sparks a soul in a parakeet or a dog. If there is an indolent life, or one without challenge, frequently the soul dissipates upon death rather than remaining to reincarnate and grow and increase in mass. Therefore the pole shift will result in quite a number of souls suddenly looking for reincarnation, but because this is a Transformation time they will be gathered, if they have not made their orientation decision to be Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others, and whisked off to a water world to be reincarnated into a type of octopus and carry on their lessons. Those who are Service-to-Others will reincarnate into more intelligent hominoids on Earth, and those who are Service-to-Self and have firmly decided this will be sent off to various worlds, at times in human form, for what we would term a very unpleasant life among others of their own kind.

The majority of reincarnating souls on Earth are in the spiritually undecided category, neither Service-to-Others and thus qualifying to reincarnate into the Zeta/human hybrids on Earth, nor Service-to-Self to the extent that they will be removed to the prison planets that await them.
The undecideds will be taken to a water planet, to become a type of octopi.

ZetaTalk: Next Stop, written Jul 15, 1997
What will this new world be like? It is a water world, with scarcely a rock or two jutting above the surface of the endless waves. The species on this planet have all evolved from life forms that spend their entire life in the water. Spiritual growth or spiritual interaction does not require the trappings of modern civilization - electricity, long distance communication, and dentures. Spiritual growth was ongoing during the days of the cave man, and proceeds today in Third World countries where life is scarcely better. For spiritual growth, what is needed is for the incarnated creature to be able to interact with each other, to enable anothers life, improve it, out of caring, or conversely to punish, intimidate, or starve another out of concern only for the self. Guns and knives and the oppression of debt are not needed to enable or express a Service-to-Self orientation. In a waterworld, snatching food from those weaker, blocking the way so that escape from a threatening situation is delayed, are all tools by which the selfish can demonstrate, by their actions, their chosen orientation. Likewise, opportunities to care for one another are available to every species.

I presume nukes are not possible there, thank goodness.
At least there is THAT to look forward to.
And presumably no pole shifts either.
What can those solidly in the Service-to-Self expect, in their next lifetime?
Nothing nearly as pleasant, that's for sure.

ZetaTalk: Service-to-Self, written by Jul 15, 1995.
When we refer to there being lots of rules in 4th Density Service-to-Self, this is due to the nature of the Service-to-Self orientation. Self-focused entities want only to do what will be of service to themselves. How does their society run, then, if no one wants to grow food, for instance, and all want to steal food from the others. Unless there are strict rules, food does not get grown and processed. Thus, those at the top of the heap, who have won out in the pecking order contests, give the orders, make the rules, and viciously enforce them. It is only when such a situation exists that the Service-to-Self orientated groups do anything except squabble. Where those in the Service-to-Self consider control of others of prime importance, they do not control other souls, but attempt to create an environment of threats and enticements such that this is the outcome. They are perforce required to live with others, and once the pecking order is established, go about the business of learning, lessons, in this manner. Those at the top of the pile have the best life style, not unlike human society. Those at the bottom do the grunt work, and live in the worst circumstances. Riots or revolts are unheard of, quickly settled during what we have called Leveling Wars between Service-to-Self groups. Newcomers to a group go through a quick process to determine pecking order, often injured horribly if they are slow learners. Thus, there is no ownership of the soul of others, only influencing behavior.

Leveling Wars? The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk: Leveling Wars, written May 15, 1996.
In these wars the soldiers are not motivated out of loyalty or a commitment to ideals, they are all like gladiators - kill or be killed. A soldier who refuses to be the perfect killing machine for his master is made an example, and a quick and painless death is out of the question. Human wars see the use of biological weapons such as nerve gas, nuclear bombs, maiming devices such as mines, psychological weapons such as reminders of home and comfort, and various wearing techniques such as starvation. Intergalactic wars between Service-to-Self groups are more brutal and direct, with complete destruction in the wink of an eye the goal.

The Service-to-Self groups, when establishing their pecking order, frequently brutalize and decimate each other, just as establishing the pecking order within a Service-to-Self group results in brutality and maiming if not death. The pecking order is thus established, and maintained with the same heavy handed methods so that a visitor to a Service-to-Self camp would think it remarkably peaceful, not seeing what came before. Service-to-Self ranks are rebuilt from the orphanages where all their youngsters are raised, procreation temporarily stepped up until the count of physical bodies approximates the 4th Density Service-to-Self entities incarnating within the group. All is peaceful again until some factor or another changes the power structure. All this is viewed from afar by Service-to-Others groups, who are aware of the battles but as they cannot be affected, essentially disinterested.

Meanwhile, the hybrid program, babies to receive the souls of those in the Service-to-Others orientation here on Earth when they die during the pole shift, has picked up the pace.

ZetaTalk: Stepping Up the Pace, written by Jul 15, 1995
After the cataclysms the majority of the Service-to-Others humans due to remain on Earth will require new housing, so to speak, and our task has been to provide sufficient infant hybrids at that point in time. We are rushing at this time to meet that goal. Therefore, the number of hybrids are numerous.

The Process

The Near Death experience of going down a tunnel toward a light, seeing familiar friends or family members waiting in greeting, is so common as to be taken as truth.
What's going on here?
Is this only the first step in many between lives, between one incarnation and another?

ZetaTalk: Near Death Experience, written by Jul 15, 1995
Near Death Experiences are quite common, and are similar to Out-Of-Body experiences, but with a twist. Where the [soul] has left the physical body, seeing the trend, it moves forward on its journey to return to the birthing envoys in preparation for the next incarnation. This process is complicated, and has many steps. The first step is to let go of the former incarnation. As every dying person has many issues left undone, many statements left unsaid, and many concerns not yet completed to the [soul]'s satisfaction, their focus is torn between the life they are leaving and the future. The birthing envoys meet this head-on, by presenting the newly disincarnate [soul] with those involved in the leftover concerns. Thus, in a Near Death Experience, a [soul] may meet relatives and friends, both loved and hated, or co-workers involved in incompleted projects. When the pending death does not occur, the person remembers meeting familiar people, but not much else as the death was aborted. Had the death continued, settling these leftover issues would have proceeded.

If issues from the incarnation ending in death are not easily settled, the spirit may be allowed by the Spirit Guides to hang around, haunting, until the issues are settled and the spirit can proceed to the next incarnation without distraction.

ZetaTalk: Ghosts, written by Jul 15, 1995
All humans have visits from those they knew in the past, now dead. These spirits, who are primarily disincarnate but can come from their next incarnation in an Out-Of-Body, are trying to settle things they feel were left outstanding. These matters can be as simple as an apology they wished to express to you, or a bit of information they felt you needed, intended to be told to you when you next met. Death interrupts the plans. Ghosts are such disincarnate entities. Ghosts often show themselves to humans in a form that the human remembers. This is not a willful act on the part of the ghost, it is the way the human's mind perceives the ghost based on the fact that they understand they are communicating with someone they knew.

So does the dying human get to choose, get to dictate their next incarnation, get to refuse an incarnation they don't relish?
How is it that incarnations occur in crippled bodies, damaged during the birthing process, into desperately poor families, into families where the father beats the children or the mother is neglectful, with genetics that give one bad teeth or a low IQ or a bad smell?

ZetaTalk: Life Circumstance, written Nov 15, 1995
What type of lifestyle, or life circumstance, or race, or sex, or physical appearance most leads one to either the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others orientation? Incarnations are chosen by the birthing envoys based on the particular lesson or lessons the [soul] is most in need of learning, but the incarnation can bring unexpected influences to bear. One formerly leaning in the Service-to-Others orientation, finding themselves born into wealth and a beautiful body, may be lured by the ease with which they can make demands on others into considering the Service-to-Self orientation. On the other hand, this [soul] may take advantage of the avenues open to one born into wealth to do service to others on a major scale, and good looks only used as a door opener in this regard. The choice is up to the [soul], solely. One formerly leaning to the Service-to-Self, finding themselves born into the weaker sex and unattractive at that, may find themselves empathetic to their former victims and regretting their behavior in former lives. On the other hand, this [soul] more likely will choose to make themselves as unattractive as possible, taking a rebellious stance, and bully anyone in their vicinity weaker than they as compensation. Again, the choice is up to the [soul], solely.

Crises, such as major disasters like earthquakes or hurricanes, offer opportunities for action that help with the spiritual orientation decision. As you say, actions speak louder than words, meaning that words can lie, but the actions a person takes demonstrate their true intentions. In a major disaster, choices must be made, as bleeding bodies and the screams of agony are everywhere. When one turns away from the bewildered, bleeding toddler and takes oneself to comfort and safety, one has made a clear choice. But life offers these kinds of choices every day, in less dramatic ways, and the circumstances one is born into make little difference. Take the choice a wealthy young man must make - a choice between taking a job that will gain him the approval of his family and friends, or one that will allow him to make a difference in the world. He will lose some of his creature comforts, in the form of family and friends - his security blanket. How much different is that from a poor man, relying on his extended family, who risks alienating them if he emphasizes the big picture rather than the short term financial gain. In both cases the security blanket is being risked, and the loss is measured in relative terms.

To one used to wealth, not being invited to join the yacht club is equivalent to not being included in a game of billiards, and having to downgrade one's standard of living by moving out of the big house and into a flat is equivalent to moving out of a crowded bedroom and using the back seat of the car for a bed. It's all relative, and the spiritual lessons proceed in spite of differences in life circumstances. In all cases, what is done with the incarnation is up to the [soul], solely.

Apparently, it's the Spirit Guides who decide, at least early in the process, for young spirits.
Maybe the more mature souls get to choose what they want to do, my guess.
But for young souls, per the Zetas, having tribulations actually helps the process of making a spiritual orientation decision.

ZetaTalk: Tribulations, written by Jul 15, 1995
Tribulations are important in helping a [soul] determine their spiritual orientation. Without tribulations, there would scarcely be any progress in this regard. Why would there be, as in times of comfort and plenty, when there is essentially no stress or competition, it is not difficult to get along. One can see this every day. Children at play, who all have the same toy, engage themselves in playing with the toy and ignoring the others. But give only one or a few the toy, and place the others in want, and a drama ensues. Some entities decide to enjoy the toy vicariously, reveling in the enjoyment the other is having. Some entities, consumed with envy, plot how to secure the toy for themselves. Some entities, having learned how to manipulate social situations, may wail and cry, seeking what they term justice. Where this is a simple example, one every adult can relate to and sees everyday, most tribulations are born in silence and are hidden from view. This does not change the nature of the action, however.

Serious tribulations, such as a debilitating disease, also have an effect on the entities spiritual growth, and not altogether a negative effect, either. The debilitation affects others, too, such that they are moved to care for and sympathize with the afflicted one. In the Service-to-Others orientation there are two parties involved, the giver and the receiver. Learning how to receive is just as important, surprisingly, as learning how to give. When one is in Service-to-Others, they do not serve well if they simply give the other whatever is desired. What the other wants may not be in their best interests. Likewise, when one is in a position to receive, this can be done effectively, in a matter of fact manner, or detrimentally, seeking an enslavement of some kind of the giver. Who has not seen a debilitated human dominate the household? Likewise, tribulations such as difficult job situations or an appearance that turns others off contribute to growth on all sides.

Where a [soul] is growing toward the Service-to-Self orientation, tribulations have the effect of speeding this process. The firm decision can, in fact, be made in an instant. Given a situation where the self would have to sacrifice to a small degree to help another in dire straits, or more particularly where the other would have to be drastically sacrificed to improve the lot of the self to a slight degree, the tribulation can result in a decision to become Service-to-Self in a flash. It is simply clear to all concerned where the self stands, and is most particularly clear to the self. For the self to have made this decision, the orientation is clearly Service-to-Self. Should the reader feel that many times the [soul] may be vacillating, and have serious regrets afterwards, let us say that this in fact does not occur. Vacillations occur were a decision has not been made and a series of half hearted actions, in this direction and then in that, ensue. Where a firm decision has been made, there are no regrets afterwards, only insight into what
the future holds.

Remember, the criterion for STO is that 50% of the time we think of ourselves, and 50% of the time, think of others.

ZetaTalk: Self Doubts, written Feb 15, 1997
In general, if a person wonders what orientation they have chosen, they have not yet chosen. Those who have chosen their orientation have almost daily clues that they have made a choice, and that they are solidly in one camp or the other. For those in the Service-to-Others, they not only find themselves frequently musing about the welfare of others, they take steps to enhance the welfare of others. These steps are not a mere phone call inquiring about someone's health, but require the concerned one to go out of their way, spending precious time that would otherwise be spent on recreation or pleasure or bettering one's circumstances, or spending personal resources such as savings or personal possessions. These steps are not done as a result of a resolve to become a Service-to-Others person, they are done automatically. If one needs reminders to take these steps, then they are trying to become an individual operating in the Service-to-Others, and have not yet arrived.

For those in the Service-to-Self, the focus on the self is never ending. It is a rare and fleeting moment that this individual ponders another's circumstances, most likely because the other's circumstances reminded the individual solidly in the Service-to-Self of his own past. At these times the individual will quickly correct themselves, getting back to the business at hand - self interest. Where the person firmly in the Service-to-Others orientation will of course have occasional preoccupation with self, and even give the self priority at time, the person firmly in the Service-to-Self continually takes this posture.

The Struggle Toward Growth

So with the anticipated death rate of 90% after the pole shift, and the options available for our next incarnation, how to improve our odds of being in the STO batch that reincarnates into high tech communities on the Earth of the future?
Unfortunately, this is not an intellectual decision, and there are no short cuts.

ZetaTalk: Short Cuts, written Mar 15, 1996
Faced with the human dilemma, that they are stuck in a world fraught with problems that their limited intelligence seems incapable of resolving, that they are thrown in with the mean-spirited and avaricious, that they have tenuous physical security at best on a world that can visit violent weather and geological changes upon them - humans look for short cuts. They have caught the gist of spiritual evolution - learn these lessons and you can progress to a world where you will have greater capacities, more intellect, can control your environment so that your lessons can progress, are separated from the mean-spirited, and can escape into another dimension when things get rough. Is there not a short-cut, some fast track to the promised land, a way to compress these lessons so that one could complete them, say, today? This is akin to the youngster, seeing his older sibling driving off in the family car or taking a trip without an escort, wanting the same privileges.

What parent would give in, just to relieve the youngsters frustrations? Would not the youngster feel better but for a moment, but then drown in troubles? The spiritual lesson, that of choosing one's spiritual orientation, is not the simple decision that humans assume. Individual choices, during a lifetime, can be made quickly and simply, but the overall orientation is one that grows slowly, and is compounded by millions of choices, over thousands of lifetimes. A single choice does not suffice, although when the [soul] is close to completing its determination this may weight in so that the choice has been completed. Likewise, this is not an intellectual decision, but one based on the actions taken. A mother, loving her children almost more than herself, may find she can sacrifice for their betterment without regret, but when faced with a stranger in need, hesitates. A husband, feeling protective of his wife to the point of placing himself in harms way in order to shield her, finds himself looking the other way when a stranger on the street is under attack. A neighbor, watching another struggling to clear brush, may rush out to assist and enjoy the sense of bonding and camaraderie that ensues, but when away from home isolates himself from similar opportunities because payback is unlikely to come from a stranger.

A human may think themselves to have made the determination to be Service-to-Others, but the many tests in the arena of life prove otherwise. Since the lessons of higher densities cannot progress without a separation of the orientations, those who have not yet decided must stick to their lesson until it is completed. No short-cuts allowed.

For those wanting a clear cut guide for STO behavior, the Golden Rule is the best.

ZetaTalk: Golden Rule, written Sep 23, 2004
To those intellectually examining the definition on spiritual orientation, and the rule that moving into one or the other camp requires many lifetimes of trial and error to grasp what living in that orientation means, the matter is anything but clear. We have stated that those in the Service-to-Others orientation are thinking of others at least as often as they are thinking of themselves, 50%, and that those in the Service-to-Self manage a fleeting thought about others only 5% of the time. What times are those? If a banker considers the starving in his community, giving a percentage of his profits directly to food purchases for them, a charity, does this have the same weight as if this banker gave this percentage of his profits to small businesses in order to hire the unemployed, thus reducing starvation perhaps for less but for a longer time? One must examine his motives. The first move would seem purely humanitarian, yet if his motive is to increase business at his bank by getting publicity for his move, his motive is selfish, Service-to-Self.

The second move would seem to be shrewd, to increase business activity in the community from which he might profit, but if his motive is truly to reduce starvation and despair in his community in the most effective way possible, the best use of his dollar, then this move is driven by Service-to-Others motives. From an intellectual standpoint, it is a quagmire. In the simple words of Jesus, 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha, Star Children all who came to leave a gift of clarity for mankind, all preached the same message. Equality, where 'the least of you' is considered on the same level as the self. Considering ones physical needs, for food and shelter, in a manner that balances concern for what others need, what the goat about to be slaughtered might feel, what the land over grazed or tilled into a dust bowl might need. Confusing, a quagmire of intellectual decisions, if left to the intellect alone.

What these great preachers left with mankind was the suggestion that the answer lies in the heart. Before you do something that will affect another, put yourself in that other's place, and imagine the consequences of your action. This is generally known as the Golden Rule, 'do unto others'. Driven by the heart, one will never make an errant decision from a spiritual standpoint. A man in agony over whether to share the meat from his last goat with his starving neighbors, when his own family is faint from hunger most of the time, will find his answer by placing himself in their perspective as well as his family's perspective. What sense of abandonment will his neighbors have, seeing his family feast when they are cramped and weak. What need to throw up walls against empathy for the neighbors will his family require in order to choke down the meal quickly, blinded to the neighbor's plight. He chooses sharing, seeing that damage to the soul is the greater danger, as the physical will in any case pass.

The reason that an average of 1,000 lifetimes is required for a young soul to reach its orientation decision is this complexity, as the man about to share his last goat with his neighbors, each a bite and none a full meal, knows from experience what the alternatives are. He has experienced abandonment, has forced himself to block empathy at some time in his past lives, and has experienced hunger to the point of starving to death, and thus can arrive at his decision. He has become, rather than a young soul, an old soul, wise. The Earth currently has a large number of very young souls, due to the population explosion, most so immature as to be considered infants, if an old and wise soul is to be considered aged. How does one explain to an infant that the others in the playpen must be considered? Where infants are often considered to be focused solely on themselves, they in fact respond to other infants put in the playpen, smiling at each other and vicariously enjoying the play of the other. Body language, the vibes that all living creatures exude and which can be read by another, are there. Thus, even infants can practice the Golden Rule, even on a first lifetime, and this is the lifeline to be used going into any event when sudden change and turmoil will ensue. This is our best advice.

The Last Incarnation

In that many souls, who have known each other for perhaps hundreds of incarnations, perhaps as husband and wife or in the same communities or family settings, may have to SEPARATE after this, the last incarnation, there are often goodbyes from the newly dead.

ZetaTalk: The Dead, written Dec 15, 1995.
Increasingly, during the Awakening, humans will experience contacts with [souls] formerly incarnated as their family or friends - with the dead. Where visions of dead relatives or friends have been intrinsic during a Near Death Experience, or within minutes of the death of a loved one who would appear briefly to say good-by, these visions will begin to occur out of these contexts. These visions, a result of a spirit-to-spirit communication, are recorded in the subconscious and thence appear during recall in the conscious in a manner the human brain can grasp. These formerly incarnated [souls] in no way have their former form or garb, but are recorded in the brain in that manner due to mental connections that are bonded to thoughts of the dead loved one. If the spirit formerly incarnated as Uncle Joe visits, then one frames out this awareness of the visit with Uncle Joe's visage and tone of voice, just a brain cell away from where memories of Uncle Joe are stored. As the Transformation is now, [souls] who have made their orientation decision and undecided [souls] alike want that last word with loved ones before moving on to their next incarnation.

If firmly in the Service-to-Others they may wish to encourage others in this direction. If undecided and aware that they will be taken to a world far from Earth, they may wish to say good-by or express encouragement to loved ones they know will likewise be making the same trip. And if firmly in the Service-to-Self, they may wish to contact a former cohort and put a word in for this orientation choice so as to be less alone in a potentially distressing environment. Humans giving The Call will thus find that increasingly they are communicating not only with aliens but the dead. This increase is not due to any change in Council rules or in procedures in the alien groups visiting Earth, but is due to the awareness that the dead have of the Transformation, which is now. In the past, the dead expected their next incarnation to follow past patterns. Now they know otherwise.

Likewise, sensing the coming times as very troubled, living hard, many who are not in good health or fear being a burden on loved ones are taking themselves into locales where they will be taken out by the pole shift, expressing a death wish.

ZetaTalk: Death Wish, written Nov 15, 1995
Florida and California are both at risk to heavy tidal waves during the coming pole shift, and as suffocation is a painless and swift departure many oldsters or transients wishing not to linger during troubled times have migrated there. These decisions are not conscious, however, and if challenged would be denied. Suicide, for those in good health who have concern for others, should never be considered, though this is of course a personal decision. The reason we advise to consider otherwise is that others will need you. You are aware of what is coming, and so many will be taken unawares. There are children who will be left orphaned, without protection, vulnerable to the worst nightmares. There are those who will wish to stay alive for the sake of their dependents, children or others in poor health or needing them, who will need advice. What to eat? Where to go? How to distill the water to avoid lead poisoning? Where to get Vitamin C?

And what to expect over the next few months? Should they move to the hills or remain along the rivers where fish abound? Should they rebuild a shelter or plan a houseboat to accommodate the rising water? Should they join this group or that, or take to the road? What country or direction is the best direction, if moving is the obvious choice? How long will this last? Will help arrive to rescue them? All these questions are those you can help them with. So before considering an easy way out for yourself, consider how much you can relieve the pain of others, who will suffer without your help!

The Zetas have predicted a 90% death rate during the pole shift, not because of drowning and being crushed to death in collapsing cities, but primarily because of depression and starvation and disease.

ZetaTalk: Death Rate, written Jan 15, 2000.
Many humans are alive today only because of modern crop growing techniques, where a very few large farms can feed many in the cities. It was not that way 100 years ago, nor was it the case that humans with genetic faults would live. If they got diabetes, for example, they died. Pneumonia took people out in a wink, and now it's cured with antibiotics. The Earth will return to those times when there were no antibiotics, where people who need special medication simply don't receive it, and they will die. This is not a horror, this is simply a return to life as it existed 100 years ago.

Death is not the end for those souls that are reincarnating, and death does not need to be painful or a source of anxiety if it is accepted and those around are supportive. It can be a time of anguish if everyone is fighting this reality. In days of yore, the reality was not fought. It was a time of acceptance, and grief. So prepare those who will die for death, if it's inevitable or appears to be inevitable. Life will be hard enough for those who are genetically blessed, who are in good health, who are in a safe area where a reasonable food supply can be grown. The times will be terribly harsh. People will lose their teeth, they will have broken bones that are poorly set, and it will not be a time when life is a joy and carefree. It's a time for spiritual growth, a transitional time. Look upon it in that manner, as then you can embrace some of the good aspects of the times, and not just the horrors.

So you can see, for those born on Earth, that the coming pole shift will truly be Judgement Day, when souls will go off to reincarnate on a water world, or be hauled off to the prison planets, or reincarnate here on Earth into hybrid communities.