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Constant talk on conspiracy message boards and web site -
Illuninati, the all seeing eye, and other secret societies run the world.

Lets examine this theory in light of what the Zetas have reported.

ZetaTalk: Clash of Agendas, written Nov 15, 2003
Puppet Masters
He with the gold, rules. The public assumes a broad ownership of corporations and media outlets, when the opposite is true. A very few individuals control the wealth of the world, install politicians to their pleasing, create global conflicts and create or destroy the fortunes of countries as well as individuals in the chess games they play with their control, and thus operate as Puppet Masters during the cover-up. Their agenda is to retain control, retain their position, and thus as their gold rules, they want minimal impact to their financial stature. No bank failure. No drop in stock value. No corporate bankruptcies.

Puppets [Dogs, 1]
Promised wealth, power, security, and opportunities outside of what their natural talents would afford them, puppets invariably allow their strings to be pulled. They are chosen because they can be controlled, by blackmail, by bribery, by intimidation, and if disappointed with the role they are assigned, they are alternately threatened and placated by their puppet masters, else eliminated. Puppets run amuck of their masters when they sense their world will not continue, and make demands. Occasional restless puppets are expected, with alternatives waiting in the wings, but when puppets panic en mass, malfunction, are absent, and many replacements are happening simultaneously, the chess game the puppet masters play does not go as planned.

One might equate the Puppets with what Pink Floyd called the Dogs, on his album Animals. Listen to the words in this segment. He is describing people without ethics, looking for the easy meat, and putting on a false front with an easy manner while looking for the kill.

Comfortable Class
Accustomed to being secure due to ownership of goods and the power this brings, the upper class or moneyed class will react with more than shock when their property, whether corporate interests or stocks and bonds or real property, is flushed down the toilet during the increasing changes pummeling the Earth. Insurance companies will go under when their insured base surpasses their wealth, corporate bankruptcy will ensue when all but the corporate name have been washed or blown away, and clutching jewels and artwork, they will stand and wail. Banking empires, government security blankets, all run by puppets of the puppet master, will receive demands to do something to return the comfortable class to their comfort. Simultaneous demands on nervous and malfunctioning puppets creates an explosive situation. More malfunction. Wailing all around.

One might equate the Comfortable class with what Pink Floyd called the Pigs, on his album Animals. He is describing those who belly up to the trough, and fake concern for those less fortunate.

Working Class
At the base of the pyramid, the working man and woman observe the drama. From their standpoint, they are living in the Land of Oz, where nothing is as it has been pronounced, the good guys doing bad deeds, the economic recovery putting them out of their homes and jobs. The point of working for the comfortable class is for food and a roof over one's head, and when both seem tenuous, loyalty fails. The working class is thus simply not where expected to be, not the drones and robots anticipated, and the comfortable class now switches from simply wailing to panic. Insecurity translates to autocracy, so strong arm tactics against the working class are the first armament. This of course backfires when cities are collapsing and the leadership proven inept, so the working class becomes the rebelling class, and is absent even more.

One might equate the working class with what Pink Floyd called the Sheep, on his album Animals.
He is describing those people who are naïve, unaware of the danger the dogs in the world bring to them.

If the Puppet Masters are described as those with great wealth, there seems to be a connection to the Illuninati as described by Fritz Springmeier:
Fritz Springmeier, author of books on the Illuminati, states:

' oligarchical families that are extremely powerful bloodlines.'

'one of these bloodlines includes all of your royal families of Europe. They are the people that have been in control.'

'top bloodlines are the Astors, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman, Kennedy, Leigh, Onassis, Rockefellers, Rothschild, Russell'

'Prince Charles is related to our Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison, both of the Harrisons, Tyler, Taylor, George Bush.'

'Bush´s vice president, Dan Quayle, was also related to the royal family.'

'There are a lot of groups around the world that are making decisions that are controlling things from behind the scenes and these particular groups are fronts for the Illuminati. Not fronts in the sense that they have no actual purpose, they serve a purpose. But there is a hidden level of control back behind them.'

The Zetas agree that such a group exists, operates behind the scenes,
and gives the goal, or mission, of the Illuminati to be a fear campaign.

ZetaTalk: Illuminati, written on Nov 15, 1996
Their symbol, the single eye, is discovered so frequently that interest is raised, rather than suppressed. This is exactly what the Illuminati want, as they want the populace to feel manipulated, hopeless, left out of the loop, and that others more special and privileged are in control, in the know, and able to manipulate events in their favor.

The eye, a symbol taken from ancient times so as to imply an age-old organization, carries the implication of being all-seeing, never blinking, and thus all-knowing.

This was a well thought out fear campaign, with the moves in the game being played exactly as planned.

Are the Illuminati in fact the Puppet Masters? If so, why have the Zetas chosen to call them the Puppet Masters, rather than by the more commonly recognized name, Illuminati?

ZetaTalk: Illuminati, written Aug 8, 2005
Since we have described those who manipulate world events, based on their great wealth, as the Puppet Masters, does this mean the Puppet Masters ARE the Illuminati? No, though the Illuminati virtually worships the Puppet Masters, desires to be associated with this clout and influence, and thus often are used to further the Puppet Masters goals. The Illuminati are an old society, centuries old, and emerging in Europe naturally were composed of royalty, members of court in attendance to royalty, and organized religion which in those days were often so closely allied with royalty, as state religions, to be one and the same. Do the royalty of Europe run the world? Do the heads of organized religions, the Vatican, run the world? On what basis? It is WEALTH that runs the world, by the many means we have outlined, from purchasing cooperation from corporations, which they own, to assisting their Puppets into political power via their control of the media and assets to be used for bribery and coercion. The members of the Illuminati seek favors from the Puppet Master, and offer services, and in this regards act as a supplicant, not a master.

Are the Bilderburgers, CFR, and Freemasons part of the Illuminati?
What of those who attend the annual Bohemian Grove affair?
They may be visible, but not powerful, per the Zetas.
Their function is control of information on the alien presence and approach of Planet X, aka Nibiru.

ZetaTalk: Bilderberger Group, written on Nov 15, 1996
It is not hard to imagine the state of affairs after Roswell. The heads of state of US allies and their close confidants, chairmen of major US or international companies and their confidants, and a number of scientists from prestigious universities or institutes were aware of the alien presence but were unsure what this meant for the future of the Earth.

the original group was tasked with sorting out the issues and coming forth with recommendations, and the mission is not yet accomplished.

Like most committees that cannot come up with an action plan, the only thing they accomplish is their self perpetuation.
ZetaTalk: Council of Foreign Relations, written on Nov 15, 1996
Sought to influence nations to cooperate by maintaining control over US foreign relations. US dollars to be invested, trade agreements, the placement of military bases - all could be used as leverage.
ZetaTalk: Masons, written on Dec 15, 1996
Membership in the Masons is often mentioned in association with secret societies holding special knowledge about the alien presence or alien technology.

The reason for this association is somewhat natural, given the structure and operation of the Masons - rigid rules, endless hierarchies, and privileges withheld from all but the elite members.

this predominance worked its way into NASA and the Apollo program, as individuals selected for key posts were chosen based on their long standing habit of following nonsensical rules.

Those at the top wanted complete control, and only virtual automatons such as the devout Masons often are, were trusted.

So membership in the Masons merely indicates the individual will follow silly hierarchical rules.
Story about Uncle's funeral.

If the Puppet Master is controlling the world by his wealth,
primarily as the Zetas have recently stated by diplomacy,
rather than bribery or intimidation, thought those tools indeed used,
how exactly DOES money control the world?

ZetaTalk: Elite Exodus, written June 11, 2003
* The wealthy own stock, large blocks, and through stock ownership often have influence on corporate holdings of stock. Thus, they influence corporate direction, by threat of vote power as stockholders.
* The wealthy influence corporate direction. Their lackeys are the CEO's, who controlling what the public can buy, what jobs are available, and what the public hears on the closely held media channels. In that the wealthy want corporate heads to be their lackeys, they interview them, and thus these individuals are known to them.
* The wealthy also fund political campaigns, bribe, pay for smear campaigns against political enemies, and assassination of those not cooperating if necessary. Thus, they influence government direction, through bribery, support, or intimidation. The politically powerful thus are known to the wealthy, who put them into office.
* If the wealthy did not have a hand in elections, in those countries not holding elections, the wealthy soon have a relationship to those in power by engaging in bargaining. A country has resources, labor, or is strategically located, and under the guise of corporate interests the arm of the wealthy reaches in to strike a bargain.
* The banking establishment has a natural relationship to the wealthy, as they manage the wealth. Wealthy individuals are well known to the banking establishment, who pander to these clients above all others. Bribery of the politically powerful often involves covert movement of funds, to evade detection, and here the banking industry is the link between the wealthy and those they would buy.

What do the wealthy,
those controlling enough immense wealth that they essentially control the world, fear
as the world spins into chaos and devastation, earthquakes and collapsing cities and drought stricken fields around the world,
during the approach of Planet X?

ZetaTalk: What They Fear, written Sep 7, 2004
We have mentioned that the establishment fears losing their perch on top of the pile, and being reduced to the stature of the common man. They fear, primarily:

1. A sudden panic in the masses to the extent they leave their jobs and the infrastructure collapses as maintenance is not done on power grids or water mains, and security over corporate assets is not maintained.
2. Opportunistic looting which catches like wildfire when it becomes apparent that security is lacking, the police or private security forces distracted by their own panic.
3. Military sent in to quell riots becoming brutal, as they have frankly been trained, creating in the populace a rebellion beyond panic that sets the common man against the establishment, a class war seething under the surface boiling and not settling.
4. Stock markets collapsing under sudden sell orders in an effort to liquidate cash, and banks unable to meet the demands that bonds and savings accounts be liquidated, so the financial system is no longer considered functional and squatters rights begins to prevail as the mindset of the masses.
5. Military units or militias becoming breakaway units such that rogue states are formed, the world in the main becoming a no-man's land where the safety of the elite cannot be assumed or assured.
6. The wealthy elite, and those in power when the big lies are exposed, becoming targets of those who have long resented them, with more than focused looting and retaliation unleashed as starving masses of humanity become organized.
7. The power of the elite no longer recognized when it is reduced to paper ownership no longer enforced by the courts and control over police and military forces no longer listening and consisting of paper money no longer having any value in a barter driven economy.

Ownership in fact being something merely recorded on paper,
and money in fact being merely a piece of paper, a bond or stock certificate,
and the value of what stands behind that money ephemeral, as things can be destroyed,
except for land, perhaps, but land can become useless if is goes under the waves or crop land becomes a desert.
What the wealthy have in hand, in essence, is a paper promise. Debts are promised to be paid. Government bonds are promised not to default. Banks promise to keep you savings safe.

ZetaTalk: Paper Promise, written Sep 17, 2004
The banking system or any paper money system is built on confidence, confidence that a note will be paid out in something solid, something other than a paper promise, which is what all money systems and bank notes are. Centuries past, when the world was operating primarily on the barter system, such promises were few and were backed by gold or silver, or land, or a herd of horses or cows, something solid. Villages and towns, farmers and those in the trades, all operated primarily by barter, a cabinet built by a carpenter and payment in a quarter of a slaughtered hog, a bushel of apples getting a tooth pulled by a dentist. Financial sophistication developed slowly, based on the growing confidence that the backer of a money system, a paper promise, could be counted upon to deliver something solid. Thus it was, until recently, that gold was considered the backing. When the press to use paper money to support a debtor economy ran beyond the supply of gold, the money systems were taken off the gold standard. In the past, a creditor could put his house and property up as backing for a loan, his herd, perhaps even his pending harvest of wheat, but could not get credit unless he had something solid as collateral. But today it is the norm for every person, without substance to his name, to have access to credit cards that allow him to go into debt beyond his ability to repay. The creditor is given credit on the assumption that he will repay. The funds he is loaned are assumed to have worth. And all pass paper promises around as though these were based on things that could be brought forth upon demand.

As can be seen when whole countries default on the paper money they float out under their flag, the value of a dollar can collapse quickly. Argentina is a case in point, the money becoming worthless almost overnight. In days past when banks and paper money were closely tied to things, such a panic would result in the banks who had loaned money to farmers demanding payment in things, and any who deposited savings in the banks demanding payment in things, so that at the end of the shuffle those having made savings deposits would find themselves with a herd of cattle or some acreage, rather than paper money. When money became unhinged from solid backing, speculation crept in, resulting in inflated stocks, loans without collateral, a pyramid scheme that is a house of cards that would collapse with few left after the shuffle with anything solid in their hands. Most would be left holding worthless notes, uncollectable, standing atop a deep pile of bankruptcies. During the Great Depression, it was no secret that banks were in default, farmers and corporations bankrupt, but this was ignored as demanding payment that could not be produced would only put properties and empty buildings in the hands of banks who could not sell them as the market itself was dead. So a bankrupt status was ignored, and all floated along until life came back into the system and payments began to be made again, extension after extension made. This is what is occurring today, among countries and creditors and banking entities, to avoid a breach of confidence that would start a panic in the world at large. Say nothing, make no demands for payment in things, give extension after extension, and the house of cards, built on paper promises, stands. This assumes cooperation among all parties, and where this is holding today, as it did during the Great Depression, there is a difference.

During the Great Depression, the world was not beset with natural disaster after natural disaster, as is starting to occur today. Commerce, trade, was reduced due to lack of confidence but at the base, the economies were solid and recovery followed renewed confidence. Today, all countries are in a crisis affecting their base economies. We mentioned that Crop Failure would follow the irregular weather, and it did. But buildings collapsing in earthquakes, trains running off suddenly twisted tracks, factories exploding as gas lines breach, and storms tearing at coastlines without remorse do more than represent an opportunity to rebuild. They represent insurance companies unable to pay for rebuilding, factories laying off workers or unable to function, and distribution of goods blocked. In other words, paralysis, rather than a fever of economic activity, results. When those at the top of the financial pile, or those whom they command, see the structure starting to become a pile of bankruptcies likely to tie up their ability to reach down and grab a thing, so they will not be left with worthless paper promises, all want to move first in order to get a thing before the other financial giants beat them to it. They are holding notes, and at the base these notes translate to land, buildings, inventories, oil deposits, ships, food stocks, herds, and virtual slavery of those who cannot pay but need to eat and have shelter. Indentured servitude, returned. We have mentioned that the pending pole shift has resulted in Leveling Wars between the Puppet Masters and their restless Puppets seeking to become opportunists during times when their masters might be unable to retain control. These wars will result in the pact of cooperation between creditor countries and corporations and those who own them cracking. Fail to cooperate and I'll call your notes due, and while you struggle under a rain of failures I will pluck what I wish from the pool and emerge owning you once again, but with you wasted and discredited, is the threat.

Thus, where banks default because those they have loaned money to are going into bankruptcies, and where at base this is due to collapsing economies struggling with the effect of the current Earth changes, natural disasters, there is also the element of warfare among the Puppet Masters and their Puppets. To the extent that the rebellious Puppets are the political power in a country, that country may find itself fiscally undermined and corruption within that power structure exposed. To the extent that the rebellious Puppets are corporate heads, those corporate heads will find themselves unable to get the loans they need to continue, and forced into bankruptcy court. To the extent that a Puppet Master, and there are many, senses that the enemy is another Puppet Master, the property holdings of that Master will be undermined, whether this includes a country, a corporation, or financial holdings such as bonds. Watch closely, during this war of the titans in the financial realm, and you will see the swords flash and parry.

If the paper promise will likely not survive into life after the Pole Shift, what commodity is likely to emerge as the new Gold?
As should be evident from the way oil fields were invaded going into 2003, when Planet X was seen roaring into the inner solar system,
they figure it will be BLACK GOLD, oil.

ZetaTalk: Slipping Grip, written Oct 19, 2003
The oil fields in Alaska were considered in hand, Venezuela an easy step when the time came by removing the embattled President, defenseless Saudi a simple matter of stepping sideways from an Iraq stronghold, the fields north of Norway virtually undefended, pipelines into the fields north of Pakistan already guarded, and Nigeria on the plate for an easy snatch by suggesting US assistance with unrest. Thus, in order to have a stranglehold on survivors in the Aftertime, to have complete control of the future currency, oil, the move into Iraq was necessary, and the war proceeded on schedule. What has happened during the delay? The US Military, pushed into Iraq against their advice and assigned like robots to move into Nigeria, rebelled, and no longer can be counted on to follow orders from the White House. Public opinion on the need to invade Iraq has eroded as the smoking gun, evidence of weapons of mass destruction, were not found in Iraq. And thus control of all the oil fields is at risk, seems lost, as the US Military was the anchor in the grand plan and they have bolted.

Under the current setup where the paper promise rules,
how do the wealthy maintain the Stock Markets, and prevent banks from failing?
Economies around the world are struggling, in fact more like a global depression than a global recession, thought this is denied by the media.
Can a Stock Market such as the DOW be artificially maintained?
How many have heard of the Plunge Protection Team? [Apr 3, 2005]
Programmed trading in an utterly concentrated stock market pretty much guarantees the possibility of systematic and continual market rigging. It is known as the Plunge Protection Team. Executive Order 12631 specifically authorizes them to coordinate buying. There is even a potentially unlimited source of money to do this pumping. Federal government contractors operate under a special law. Should the pension funds of the federal government contractors lose money in their investments to the degree that they fall below minimum reserve requirements imposed by other federal laws, they can simply make up the difference by adding it on pro-rata to subsequent items sold to the federal government. [Nov 20, 2004]
In Spring of 2003 Ken Pedeleose, an analyst at the Pentagon department intended to control program costs at federal contractors, was startled to find that the overhead costs of virtually every airplane that Lockheed Martin sold the U.S. Air Force would soon be skyrocketing in price. The C-130J transport would go up from $1.193 billion in 2003 to $8.352 billion by 2006. The F-16 program would jump from $3.49 billion in 2004 to $6.66 billion in 2005 and then on to $14.84 billion in 2006.

Why would a country go to such means, to maintain a false face to the world, claiming to be a free market economy the truth is something quite different?
Since Bush took office in 2000, the dollar has plunged to less than half its worth around the world.
Foreign countries buying US bonds are faced with the bond being worth LESS when cashed in than when it was purchased, and are threatening to rebel.
In the words of the Zetas:

ZetaTalk: Market Freefall, written June 19, 2004
The print-to-spend cycle, an inflationary trend, discourages bond sales as the bonds lose value during their life. Not surprisingly, the US finds the value of the dollar at less than half what is was only a few short years ago before Bush took office, and the bonds they issue increasingly ignored by foreign investors.

Most stocks are controlled by money managers, who are under contract to pension funds or private individuals saving for retirement. If all sell orders are held until buy orders at that price are located, and these managers buy and sell from each other, the price is controlled. Low volume and these types of controls, which are illegal but not new to Wall Street, maintains the price.

If bank failure and crashing stock markets
and the dropping value of corporations who have their infrastructure devasted by the increasing Earth changes a
and loss of market as a world wide recession starts to bite into buying power around the world,
is a WORRY,
is Martial Law likely to be imposed to protect this wealth?
After all, he who runs the world could order his Puppets to impose Martial Law, it would seem.

ZetaTalk: What They Fear, written Sep 7, 2004
Well timed martial law would supplant what the elite fear with a controlled setting, where:

1. Travel would be prevented, and jobs attended to, by force, with workers returned to their jobs by gunpoint if necessary. Thus the power and water utilities would work, and food distribution would continue.
2. Looting would be reduced greatly by curfews and travel restrictions, and the wildfire effect would never ignite.
3. Brutal military techniques would not incite rebellion as torture would occur behind doors, not in the streets, and the organization needed to incite rebellion unable to occur due to curfew and travel restrictions and selective arrests of likely suspects.
4. Access to stock markets and banking would be controlled, so that the system never reaches collapse due to liquidation demands it cannot meet and the populace feels they must continue to honor their bills and obligations, as the monster lives and has not died.
5. Spearheaded from central commands, martial law instituted to encompass all possible militia units would prevent breakaway by exposing such maneuvers. A unit on its own can breakaway, a unit required to check in and coordinate with others finds this option exposed, and thus inhibited.
6. The infrastructure of power and water utilities intact and supporting an intact financial system, the political and thus the legal system is likely to prevail and not collapse, and thus fear of the courts could be used to prevent retaliatory acts against the wealthy elite.
7. The status quo continues, paper money and deeds and stock ownership of corporations still has the strong arm of the law behind it, and the common man sees the fist above them, uneroded, and continues to walk in the ruts of their workaday world, despite new dangers such as earthquakes and a tottering and wobbling Earth.

But for Martial Law to succeed, a firm date is needed.
And thus the reason all valid prophecy, including ZetaTalk, refuses to put a date on the End Times going into the pole shift.

ZetaTalk: What They Fear, written Sep 7, 2004
For martial law to succeed at all, there must be a problem extreme enough to be recognized as a rationale for extreme protection, such as the continent rent in two by earthquake, a tidal wave tearing away all the cities along a coastline, or a wave of disease threatening to wipe out the country if not controlled by quarantine. And this threat must be real, else support for the strong arm of martial law would not be in place, and erosion would occur quickly.

Bush Authorizes Use of Quarantine Powers In Cases of Bird Flu [Apr 1, 2005] 'President Bush signed an executive order on Friday authorizing the government to impose a quarantine to deal with any outbreak of a particularly lethal variation of influenza now found in Southeast Asia. The fatality rate among those reported to have contracted the disease is about 70 percent.'

[and from another source]

Pandemic-causing 'Asian flu' accidentally released [Apr 13, 2005] 'The virus that caused the 1957 Asian flu pandemic has been accidentally released by a lab in the US, and sent all over the world in test kits which scientists are now scrambling to destroy. The flu testing kits helps pathology laboratories improve their accuracy. The 1957 pandemic started in China before spreading worldwide, killing an estimated two million or more people.'

[and from another source]
The virus was sent to laboratories in Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States

[and from another source]

Feds at Loss on How Flu Strain Got to Labs [Apr 14, 2005] 'Federal officials are still at a loss to explain how a potentially deadly strain of influenza could be sent to more than 4,000 labs around the world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is operating under the presumption that the H2N2 strain was purposefully included in the panels designed to test the labs´ proficiency in identifying viruses.' [Note: was this release of 1957 bird flu pandemic virus to allow an initiation of martial law?]

During late March, 2004, there were two incidents which occurred so close as to be almost simultaneously, conspiratorially speaking.
The first occurred on March 26, the second March 30.
They both raised the short hairs at the back of my neck, and I was not alone.
The first occurred on I-95 at Bridgeport, Connecticut on March 25.
The news reported, and I quote:

An oil tanker truck crashed on Interstate 95 Thursday night and started a fire that burned out of control, possibly destroying bridges in both directions on the heavily used highway between New York and Boston. The highway may be closed for days or weeks because of the damage. I-95 is a vital artery connecting the New York area, Connecticut and the rest of New England.

This was at first treated as a terror threat, termed that in the news, and I quote:

A terror threat targets Connecticut´s busiest stretch of highway, the Interstate-95 corridor in Bridgeport. State police began stepping up security in the area Thursday. The response is a coordinated effort between local and state police, the Coast Guard, and Homeland Security.

Well, WAS it a terror attack?
Apparently not, as no arrests were made.
The conclusion? Just an accident. But the trust expoded with a fire hotter than any fuel he might have been carrying could muster.
AND, despite this, the driver walked away from the blast, unharmed.

I-95 got a double whammy, that day, blocked at yet another point near Richmond.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
A raging fire broke out at 12:32 PM. today in a building under construction for Virginia Commonwealth University and ignited other blazes blocks away, sending soccer ball-sized cinders tumbling down city streets and the interstate and filling the sky with smoke. The fires affected an area bounded by Interstate 95 on the north. Witnesses reporting hearing two or three explosions before the fire.

Were these a deliberate attempt to immobilize the public, Martial Law by another face, a test?
This, on March 25, was a blockade test.

ZetaTalk: Blockade Test, written Mar 27, 2004
The Homeland Security threat levels were, as many have suspected, not laid out with terrorism in mind, but the coming catastrophes preceding rotation stoppage and the pole shift. The plan was to entrap tens of millions within the US in coastal or river basin cities and force them to drown. If they can't just call out an increased terror threat, at will, and with the excuse of chatter on the airwaves, perhaps they can simulate travel blocks under this guise. The test would measure:

1. the degree of travel disruption
2. the alternate routes taken by those needing to travel
3. the degree of panic or anger such a blockage would cause
4. how quickly local crews reacted to and cleaned up the disaster
5. whether the public suspected terrorism at the core, or looked elsewhere for a cause.

The results of this test were a failure.

1. the public flowed around the blockage like water around a pebble in its path
2. alternate routes increased as the need arose, endless innovation by the public where it was hoped they would be habit prone and rigid, refusing to try other avenues
3. the public was calm and were spontaneously helpful to one another
4. local crews were annoyingly efficient in putting out fires and setting up alternative routes for commuters
5. the public did not suspect terrorism, despite the alert which preceded the fires, and those who have long suspected the US government of trying to fake it became more convinced this was the case.

On March 30, 2004 another opportunity presented, with an exploding refinery at Texas City near Houston.
A shelter-in-place test was done this time, with the residents told to STAY in their homes as the refinery exploded right next door.
Per Houston news:

An explosion at the BP Amoco chemical plant in Texas City located at FM 519 East Tuesday evening had residents being told not to leave their homes. A shelter-in-place was in effect for Texas City and La Marque, but has since been lifted. The cause of the explosion is not yet known.

ZetaTalk: Shelter-in-Place Test, written Mar 31, 2004
We have mentioned that the duct tape and plastic sheeting suggestion, made early on by Homeland Security and defended as logical by the Bush Administration as a means of protecting against noxious gas attacks, was a test. The notion, that in homes where cracks and air leaks abound, that such a rig would protect against poison gas is nonsense. Homes have ventilation systems, which were not addressed, and if a bug can crawl about between the walls and into the rooms, air can likewise move.

Thus this was a gullibility test, considered a failure based on the resulting sales of duct tape. But it was argued that the test was a poor setup. No immediate danger existed to prompt such purchases. Duct tape and plastic sheeting are also products in stock in many homes, thus sales a poor measure. A second test was needed to determine how gullible, and likely to follow Homeland Security advice, the public would be.

Local communities were advised to issue a Shelter-in-Place order, and to monitor the traffic closely to determine compliance. This test has all the aspects not in the duct tape test, as an exploding refinery is an immediate danger, roads in the flat lands of Texas easily visible from the air and even from tall buildings, and the urge of those with any sense of self preservation would be to vacate, at least temporarily.

Prior statistics on the degree of compliance with orders to leave the areas when hurricanes were about to slam the coast were also available, for comparison. Once again, the reaction of people was considered to be a null for the test. Those who in the past rushed to leave during hurricane warnings, did so again. Those who in the past stayed in place, either because they were unable to leave or simply stubborn and even perhaps wishing to die, did so during the refinery explosion also. No change.

Thus, no one paid attention to the Shelter in Place directive. The public has a deep distrust of the motives of the Bush Administration and Homeland Security, and that is what this test proved.

Martial Law not possible because a firm date is not known,
Blockade and Shelter-in-Place tests having failed,
this leaves the elite in the tenuous situation of squelching news of Planet X if they hope to dash to their well supplied bunkers, unimpeded.
And this requires the cooperation of the media.

ZetaTalk: Muzzling the Media, written Dec 2, 2004
The wealthy elite and those in political control of governments have an advantage in knowing, and can shelter their wealthy and ensure their control in the Aftertime, whether at gunpoint or by virtue of food stores that the starving will be desperate for. Land, oil reserves, and healthy slaves willing to work for food are commodities upon which kingship in the Aftertime is to be built.

This is the plan, as we have repeatedly stated. What will cause this plan to fail is the lack of certain timing on events, as Martial Law called too early is revealing, and called too late is ineffectual.
Existing political structures are not presumed to survive, except perhaps at the local level. Thus, no need for national politicians, considered Puppets by these Puppet Masters, to be considered assets of value, especially if they are broadly distrusted or despised by their public. The Puppet Masters can rely on their vast wealth to prepare for this time, stocking supplies and preparing to recover faster from the effects of a pole shift than any politically driven network could recover. The Puppet Master is an octopus with unbroken tentacles. Political control of government employees or networks or assets is an octopus put through a meat grinder, in effect. The Puppet Master wins.

In this setting, it is the Puppets who will terrorize those about to leak news of the cover-up, because the Puppets have the most to lose. Terrified of this precipitous drop, and hoping for a different outcome, they are resisting a breakdown in the cover-up.

Media suppression is arranged, as is suppression of talk from scientists working for NASA or Universities, often heavily reliant on government grants, with a national security order.
Do NOT talk about this, it will cause panic, and THAT is a national security issue.
But eventually the truth will out.

ZetaTalk: Cover-up Cracks, written July 5, 2003
Cover-ups meet their demise based on several factors, which vary depending upon the scope or longevity of the cover-up: how many people need to know, the demonstrable evidence that can be used to counter the lie, the ability to hide or destroy such evidence, and the benefit to those in the know of maintaining vs exposing the cover-up.

How many people need to know?
Where at first the cover-up of Planet X entailed NASA employees, who routinely take a National Security Oath, and key employees of major observatories who likewise are required to take this oath, when Planet X announced its presence with red dust, a blazing double sun, [and an obviously erratic Moon orbit, this group increased to include media spokespersons, newspaper editors, and staff members at observatories and scientific centers assigned to answer public inquiries. A mob.

What demonstrable evidence exists that can be used to counter the lie?
The Big Lie, that Planet X does not exist, is being countered primarily by the red dust in the Earth's atmosphere, dusting the ground and creating blood red sunsets and moons, unexplained by any excuse that the Sun is undergoing an extreme solar cycle. The Big Lie is also being countered by weather extremes without explanation, earthquake increases causes tremors in places not used to any quakes.

Can the cover-up hide or destroy such evidence?
To the extent that control lies in the hands of those perpetuating the cover-up, such as SOHO images, Hubble images, Navy master clock manipulation, and statements issued by scientists employed by the government or universities or major corporations, such evidence will be countered, but not destroyed.

What are the benefit to those in the know of maintaining vs exposing the cover-up?
Clearly, the establishment in the know about the coming cataclysms stands to benefit from a continuing cover-up. Public knowledge would cause their empires to collapse, banking failures, a stock market crash, corporations devoid of workers, security workers vacant from their posts, crowded highways, looted stores, and an infrastructure no longer there to support the elite high in their perches above the common man

What will the reaction of the elite, those who directed the cover-up from the start, be to a cracked cover-up? They will retreat, to their enclaves, to their bunkers, surrounded by the Military whom they assume will remain loyal or by well paid mercenaries, leaving the phone lines dead, the offices and swank homes vacant, no explanation, and no one home or in charge.

Which leaves the wealthy elite on the same footing as the common man, facing the pole shift with uncertainly.
It would seem money would be an advantage in this setting, but the opposite is the case.
The elite have no place to run.

ZetaTalk: No Place to Run, written Nov 18, 2003
Off-Earth bunkers are feasible only on the dark side of the Moon. In that even these are uncertain they would be returned to Earth safely, given the devastation that all shuttles are likely to suffer during the bombardment of debris in the tail of Planet X during the passage, this option is making all nervous. Can't run there.
Bunkers on Earth, established decades ago in the mountains of the Urals, Appalachia, the Alps, and even in low lying areas such as Houston, Moscow, western Australia, and Rome, have become known and in many cases widely known to the general public. Can run there, but can't hide.
Emerging from bunkers, well stocked and defended by the military controlled by the elite, to become kings in the Aftertime, was the plan, but this requires control of the US Military and this has lately been lost. The point of taking over the White House, by voter fraud and the unconstitutional entry of the Supreme Court of the US into the State of Florida's recount matter, was to control the US Military, which has recently bolted. Hiding in bunkers is distinctly distasteful if emerging will find one facing angry farmers with pitchforks. Can run, can't hide, and most certainly can't emerge.