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As the time of the pole shift comes near, the Earth changes more obvious, people make their individual preparations.
In many cases this is a spiritual prepartion, an anticipation of better times to come and an opportunity to help others through the chaos and confusion.
Physical preparation ranges from preparing a fully functional and self-sufficient survival site to what is termed a bug-out bag to merely getting in physical shape.
Individuals become aware of what the coming times will bring by many routes.
Some are clearly contactees, others rely on an inner knowledge their soul has, having lived through prior pole shifts, and yet others noting the Earth changes.
It is a time of individual preparations.

ZetaTalk: Life Changes, written Oct 15, 1995.
Contactees who have become comfortable with any role they have volunteered to perform during the Transformation are seldom passive. They reflect this in their daily life. As the Transformation is now, if the awakened contactee has chosen a role they seldom delay. Those in Service-to-Others, of whom we are speaking, want to assist with preparations for the cataclysms or helping mankind understand what is to befall them and its import.

Frequently these contactees are already acting, as Service-to-Others do, as a mainstay for others. Stepping up to larger responsibilities does not concern them, but those who have come to rely on the contactee are frequently alarmed. Life changes are planned and enacted by the contactee, who often is grimly determined and turns a deaf ear to complaints.

Not infrequently a well paying job is dropped so that more time can be spent on the pressing tasks at hand which the contactee is eager to take up. A spouse or children who have to curtail their standard of living or move to more modest quarters are often furious.

Family and friends are sent to argue with the contactee, who is, in their eyes, failing to listen to reason. What's gotten into him? Mental illness is suspected but discarded when none of the classic symptoms show up. Sometimes divorce or alienation from the family results. Often old friends who fail to understand are dropped and new friendships are developed among those of a like mind.

Mary felt the time was right in 2003, and left a delta area along the East Coast to put a foothold in theMidwest.
In this, she put her marriage at risk, and alienated her family,
But felt that her husband would be more likely to move, in time, to safety if she were there as a beacon than if she remained on the delta pretending there was no worry.
She reports being a contactee, and also simply have a soul knowledge of what is to come, being an old soul.
Regardless of whether her husband moves in time, her decision was also based on wanting to survive the shift to help others into the time beyond the pole shift, which she anticipates to be a better time for mankind.


Such dramatic life changes, putting the contactee at odds with family and friends, is not uncommon.

ZetaTalk: Individual Preparations, written Oct 15, 2001
On an individual basis, the subliminal mental and emotional preparations done by many who have sensed that something momentous is about to occur, will move into the overt. Individuals who have been watching the news, seeing the erratic weather and the increasing inability of scientists to explain the changes and the impotence of governments to address the obvious implications for their citizens, will decide to take action.

In the main, these individuals are not contactees, though many are as they have given The Call due to their concerns. The steps that an individual takes will differ, depending upon the individual's spiritual orientation.

Those [who] have considered changes in light of family needs,
such as the need for children to receive the best education,
or the need for a particular family member to receive expert medical attention,
or the need for employment to support the family at a comfortable level,
or the need for able-bodied members of the family to be close to those needing physical assistance.
Often these individuals have lined up an alternative site as a vacation home or second home, or made contacts during business trips so as to be able to move if the need arises.

Those in urban areas are most likely to be struggling for alternative living, as well publicized riots in heavily populated areas have brought home the danger when times turn ugly. Those living along coastal areas subject to tearing tides or on fault lines subject to increasing quakes likewise increasingly consider their alternatives.

The Service-to-Other guided individual or family will make their move not when the opportunity arises, but when the advantages to moving offset the advantages to staying. This varies, and can be no more a trigger than the loss or threat of loss of a job, or the end of a school year, or the failure of a family garden.

Denial of what is to come, even among those who are intelligent and informed, and with the physical capacity to plan well and early, is common.
Robert, in Texas, reports:

Some people seen interested at first, but I never hear from them again.
Others say they do not believe any of what I say - rather like their belief makes it untrue.
Some say they think the end is coming but do not know how soon.
Still others say they will be OK whatever happens because God is in charge and the Rapture will take
them away or they will just die.

The Zetas report that in this denial, many are EXPRESSING their decisions.
They do not wish to survive, or know they will not survive.
Others are in denial as to make changes to prepare for the coming times would put their life in too much turmoil.
In either case, denial is extremely common.

Onan, on the West Coast in southern California, has made personal preparations to bolt to safety,
but finds his words of warning falling on deaf ears, even among those family member he is certain are contactees.


Beyond denial, those refusing to digest the Earth changes, which are becoming increasingly obvious, may attack the messenger.
In this, they are attempting to make the Earth changes stop, to make what stands before us, go away.

ZetaTalk: The Insecure, written Dec 5, 2004
There are those so in the grip of fear and insecurity that they attack the message for no other reason. The message is, in short, unthinkable.

Enter Planet X and the ZetaTalk message that the world will turn upside down,
experience earthquakes that will shatter cities everywhere,
roll flood tides inland for hundreds of miles along coastlines everywhere,
explode industrial complexes into a cesspool of chemical pollution,
destroy the communication and transportation networks so that travel is on foot or impossible,
remove the convenience of electricity and clean water supplied to the home and replace this with long dark nights and drinking water smelling like the neighbors sewage,
suddenly stop the delivery of food stuffs to the local store with no replacement so that rats and weeds and rotting corpses become the only food available.

For many, especially those in cities or whose lifestyle by choice or necessity has made them soft and dependent, this is what the message means. Unthinkable. There are no options that come readily to mind, for these individuals.

And thus, they attack the messenger.

STORY: Agnes, in Ontario, Canada

Some individuals, seeing the Earth changes and increasing discussions in the media,
in those countries such as the UK that are more open to talk about the possibility of a 10th Planet coming in from the direction of Orion, as Planet X has,
are making solid plans.
They plan to be completely self-sufficient.

ZetaTalk: Self Sufficient, written Apr 15, 1999
There will be no security blanket that the populace can rely upon, so self reliance must be the rule. The panic that will settle into governments as the time approaches, when each individual will be dealing with their own personal panic and anxieties, is completely unpredictable. It may run in all manner of directions.

The movies that have been put out of late, where asteroids are falling and a calm prevails, and the government is like a rock of logic and quietly empties towns or flies people up to blow up asteroids, is so far from the truth as to be ludicrous.

You will have your military running down the halls and bumping into each other; leaving their posts, turning guns on themselves and others. It is totally unpredictable. What will a frightened animal do when cornered? Well, your entire government and bureaucracies will turn into that in the last few months. So the populace should not look to them, but rather look to themselves.

Tom, in the UK, is such an individual.
And addresses the following questions in regard to his situation.
1. why he thinks something big is around the corner
2. what physical or spiritual changes he has made in their life
3. the difficulty he has in talking to others about this
4. what plans he has, what steps he plans to take
5. his biggest worries


Life after the pole shift will be radically different, those working soft white collar jobs suddenly finding themselves with skills not valued,
while those working blue collar jobs, hands on, or farming, finding their skill sets of value.
Life, upside down.

ZetaTalk: Life: Downside Up, written July 31, 2004
No longer forced to put in hours that restrict one's life virtually to the work place,
no longer forced to pander to the supervisor or boss and restrict one's chatter to reflect the proper attitude,
no longer forced to freeze out social interactions that threaten the status quo or repress the urge to spontaneously help others,
the former drone of the status quo finds themselves more alert,
feeling an energy they had lost early in life as restrictions closed about them like a net,
and perhaps feeling alive for the first time in decades.

I, Nancy, find myself in this position, ironically, before the shift.
I knew, because of my contactee experiences, that a pole shift was pending.
In order to live a normal life, I burried this knowledge deep within me, not even allowing myself to realize I was a contactee until the age of 55.
Within a year of that realization, ZetaTalk became a reality, and I was distracted from my normal life.
Perhaps having my children early, so that I would be free to move into my role, was part of the plan, as what I had to lose by moving to a safe location early, what I would be putting at risk, was only my solid and highly compatible marriage of 20 years.
I had an opportunity to buy the old family homestead, as my cousins were being forced by illness to sell.
I took this opportunity and moved to central Wisconsin, humid in the summers and bone chilling cold in the winters, where the Bay area of San Franciso where I lived with my husband had an idyllic climate.
I moved to a rural area among the cows and cornfields, red-neck country where speaking against the Bush cabal is sacriledge, from international and fascinating San Franciso where
sailing and whale watching and
beach combing and
meals in China Town or along the Embarcadero and
views of a fog shrouded Golden Gate bridge and
walking the trails among the red woods was our normal fare.
My husband stayed behind, and eventually divorced me.
My greatest worry is that my husband, or should I say former husband, will change his mind at the last minute, deciding NOT to go out with the tidal waves but to live, and will find himself stranded and alone.
To those who complain that they cannot get their family to listen to them, I report the same, in the main.
There are those who relate to the Earth changes and give them credence, and those who slam the door and deny all.
It seems to be black or white, either they do or don't, no in between.
However, I feel I am being a role model by taking the steps I have, walking my own talk.
No longer at a desk job, pulling down healthy pay, I garden, save seed, keep chickens, have become familiar with manual pump operation, and walk around a darkened house at night practicing for the time when the lights will go out.
In that I was close to retirement age when I made the move to Wisconsin, and was not forced into full time employment,
I in essence have been able to experience Life Upside Down early.

Some, aware with a deep inner knowledge of the cataclysms to come, have prepared well and early,
though are distressed with the lack of a firm date,
and were certainly distressed by the ZetaTalk white lie of 2003.
This white lie force Bush to invade Iraq, for its oil, early, so as to be in place by the false date,
and the Bush campaign to comandeer the oil fields of the Middle East has now fallen to pieces.
The white lie also showed the plans to use harsh repression of Homeland Security to in essence murder their citizens,
as was shown during hurricane Katrina when FEMA,
under the thumb of Homeland Security, was delayed for days while the citizens of New Orleans drown.

ZetaTalk: White Lie, written May 23, 2003
And what is the effect on the common man, being denied even at this late date any honest information on what is about to devastate their lives? For those who have made very early changes in their lives, moving to safe locations and settling in there, an exact date is not crucial.

Rich, in Pennsylvania, is such an individual,
and shows a great determination to help others survive the turmoil and emerge into a better time in the future.

ZetaTalk: Likely Outcome, written Mar 13, 2004
Those who have determined to survive, taking their loved ones and others into a new life, can plan.