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2003 Arrival

Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003.
During the Summer of 2003, it was approaching from Orion, on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth.
It was visible then as a Second Sun, reflecting sunlight back toward Earth from the massive dust cloud that shrouds it.

It also began tugging on the Atlantic Rift, highly magnetized hardened magma at the bottom of the deep rift running down the Atlantic from Iceland to Antartica.
This rift forms what the Zetas have called a 3rd magnet, a surface magnet.
Planet X tugged on this S shaped Rift, wanting this surface magnet to stay in alignment.
Since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system and rushed up to the Sun from the direction of Orion, a southern constellation, it was pointing its N Pole toward the Sun's S Pole.

The tugging on that magnet twice a day became obvious on the USGS live seismographs, a trend that had started only that March 2003.
Distinct 12 hour intervals, filled with jiggles and wobbles, would twice a day, were recorded on the USGS live seismographs.
These points, called the Face and Dark point, are equivalent to 12:00 UTC or high noon over Greenwich and 0:00 UTC or midnight over Greenwich, and the 12 hour jiggles and wobbles would occur BETWEEN those points.

ZetaTalk: 3rd Magnet, written on June 8, 2003
The distress a highly magnetized Atlantic Rift has on the surging magma is to create an irregular outgo at the N. Pole, where the particles flowing through the core are going straight up and out, but the particles that flowed along the Atlantic Rift are emerging at an angle.

And is this distress evident, the new and additional angle of magnetic particles outflowing at the N Pole?
Indeed it was!

June 11 2005: Edmonton Journal
A Canadian scientist who recently returned from a trip to measure the Pole's current location says it has now left Canadian territory and crossed into international waters. The pole, which, unlike the geographic North Pole, is in constant movement, has been within modern Canadian borders since at least the 1600s -- the time of Shakespeare and Sir Isaac Newton.

The tail of Planet X streams out from its N Pole, the outbound pole for magnetic particles.
The tail was thus pointing directly toward the Earth in June, 2003, and this too was noticed.

The sunset tonight, June 16 2003, in Montreal looked strange, much redder than I´ve seen. It was red, red red. ...
I live in LA and, June 24 2003, the clouds have a very reddish tint to them. Very unusual, and you never see sunsets like this in LA ...
At about midnight, June 24 2003, over here in Scotland, the clouds seemed to appear to have a reddish-pinkish colour. I haven't seen this before. ...
A group of us have been observing, in Melbourne Australia over the last week [Jun 28 2003], a thick cloud, a red color. It was more noticeable about 3-4 hours before sunrise in the cloud towards the eastern horizon.

Power outages occurred around the world by August of 2003, also the result of this massive tail hosing directly at the Earth.
Those living in NYC will remember the outage that had a million commuters quietly walking out of the city on Aug 28, 2003.
Outages, explained as power surges or brownouts, not cause by any equipment failure, happened around the world from August to November, then stopped.

Power Outages
Aug 14 massive power outage swept across swaths of the eastern United States and Canada
Aug 28 power outage during the evening rush hour creating havoc for around 1 million commuters in NYC
Sep 1 A power outage today blacked out parts of peninsular Malaysia
Sep 2 A power outage left at least 3 million Mexicans in the southern Yucatan peninsular without electricity
Sep 2 Finland, Russia, and overnight power blackout in Sydney´s business district.
Sep 5 Thousands of homes were plunged into darkness after a power cut in north London.
Sep 23 A power outage struck the capital of Denmark and southern Sweden on, leaving 4 million people without electricity.
Sep 28 much of Italy is without power after a blackout swept the country
Oct 6 major power failure blacks out Czech Republic.
Nov 7 most of Chile lost power in a major blackout.

The Zetas explained.

ZetaTalk: Charged Dust Cloud, written Oct 24, 2003
Dust, in Earth's atmosphere, drifts down to settle, at times slowly depending upon its weight but the process is invariable, often clearing out during a rainstorm where tiny dust particles cause the moisture to cling, a start to the raindrop. Why then, on a water planet such as Planet X, does a dust cloud shroud the planet, perpetually? The dust cloud, composed primarily of red oxidized iron particles, is charged, and the particles thus more interested in a magnetic dance than in any gravity attraction that the weighty corpus of Planet X might present. The cloud bristles, resisting gravity as electrified hair brushed on a dry winters day does, standing out from the head and crackling.

At this point, as Planet X passed the Sun's S Pole and moved to a position between the Earth and Sun,
the hosing N Pole of Planet X stayed glued to the Sun's S Pole.
This changed the dynamics, as Planet X was now swinging its S Pole toward the Earth.
The Earth was now spared the hose, for the time being, but another drama was about to emerge.

Orbit Halt

Finding Planet X in its path, the Earth stopped going round the Sun it in its orbit, and remains there still,
caught in the tracks in front of Planet X like a deer frozen in the headlights.

ZetaTalk: Sacred Orbits, written August 20, 2003
Are not orbits sacred, in accordance with Newton's Laws, set out in time long past by motion countering the draw of gravity to be unchanged through time? [Newton] was almost entirely wrong regarding the forces at play. Orbits within the Ecliptic and the rotation of bodies are caused by factors outside of themselves, including the flow of Gravity particles and the Repulsion Force that balances this, magnetic particles, the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, and the backwash of particles at the Ecliptic going into the Sun.

Thus, orbits are living things, quickly re-establishing themselves if interrupted, and interruption does not spell doom. Life on a planet does not end if an orbit changes, and often scarcely notices. The days may be cooler or warmer, the stars in a different place, and the seasons and sunset and sunrise times radically different. But overall, unless an orbit change puts a planet into the Sun such that life fries, or into cold space such that it freezes, it is not a death sentence.

How did the US government react to this stopped orbit on Dec 25, 2003?.
They had gone to code Orange on the alert system, one step below code Red which would allow Homeland Security to force everyone to stay in their homes.
They knew something was going to happen. We were approaching Planet X in our orbit.
But a stopped orbit was unexpected. To keep the public from knowing, they made a couple quick moves.
The first was to remove any web site giving information on sunrise sunset times, or constellation views.
This INCLUDED the Navy's own site, THE place to go for this information, round the world.
The second was to outlaw almanacs, like the Farmer's almanac, which likewise contained sunrise sunset information.
Carry an almanac, you're a terrorist, was the FBI edict! It's now classified information!

FBI Urges Police to Watch for People Carrying Almanacs [Dec 29] 'The FBI is warning police nationwide to be alert for people carrying almanacs, cautioning that the popular reference books covering everything from abbreviations to weather trends could be used for terrorist planning. ... The FBI urged police to report such discoveries to the local U.S. Joint Terrorism Task Force.

For those who say that a stopped orbit is not possible, because the seasons would not change, there is an explanation.
Benign aliens, under direction from the Council of Worlds, have been tilting the globe to simulate the seasons.
In fact, this is what the constellations show, to those checking closely.

ZetaTalk: Apparent Precision, written Dec 22, 2004
At the start of ZetaTalk we introduced the concept of an Element of Doubt whereby those unable to deal with the thought of an alien presence could take comfort in denial. A way out of the discomfort that would otherwise cause them to attack those speaking warmly about their visitations or excitedly about their UFO sightings or enthusiastically about what this might mean for mankind. A way out that would avoid panic turned inward that might result in severe depression or suicide or madness. A way out, whereby the person unable to comprehend the Earth being visited by beings from other planets, coming in all shapes and sizes and with intellects far superior to man, could deny. They would have facts they could cling to, wave about, and declare that all is normal. During the decades since Roswell, mass sightings have been few, and photographic proof debatable, and this is still the case. Explanations contrary to the obvious are still floated by the establishment, for those who have this need. They can cling to the comfort that man as the center of the Universe, and the only intelligent creature, provides. For those strong enough to face the facts, the mass of evidence is overwhelming, and the debunking done by the fearful pathetic.

How would an element of doubt help mankind prepare for the coming cataclysms, and would such an element of doubt be mandated by the Council of Worlds? Why would it not, given that the options are a mass panic if the Earth changes are undeniable. We have stated that Martial Law is unlikely to be called deliberately unless a firm date is known, as it is difficult to maintain for more than a short period of time. Thus, no firm date, no Martial Law, but if the Element of Doubt is removed, utterly, then with or without a date, Martial Law would not only be imposed suddenly, but during a state of panic on all sides, with the gunning down of those in the streets, gassing the hoards from planes overhead, and entombment in cities bombed all likely possibilities. Is panic only a possibility among the masses? Those in power are more prone to panic, as they fear more than the Earth changes, they fear losing power and the rage of those who have been lied to.

What does this take, among those intelligent enough to be able to travel across the Universe in a wink, switch densities, control gravity, create blackouts, and travel back in time? Do you think the Council cannot control particle flows, the magnetism that is causing the Earth wobble, or cannot bend light to its liking? Think again!

For those who say the day would not continue at 24 hours, as the Earth actually does an extra bit of a turn in order to face the Sun exactly at noon,
as it moves round in its 365 day orbit,
there is an explanation.
The reason the clock ticks along so closely to 24 hours a day, with only a leap second added every few years, is not due to momentum.
The Earth is synching with the Sun, a part of the Earth clicking to something moving in the Sun, the liquid core of the Earth pulling in that direction, in synch with the Sun's motions.

ZetaTalk: Newton's Clock, written May 19, 2004
The entire solar system sweeps in the direction of the Sun's rotation. The Earth faces the Sun, once a day, in keeping with the Sun's own rotation presentation, a touch point from matter on the Earth's surface and within its core to similar matter within the Sun. Likewise, perturbed planets in the solar system, temporarily out of place as they pass each other, are pulled back into their orbit positions by outreach arms from the Sun snapping them back into place.

What about Venus and Mercury, who are, like Earth, close to Planet X as it passes the Sun?
Are they likewise stopped in their orbit?
And if so, would they not appear out of place to those seeing the Morning and Evening Star, which Venus is known to be?
Per the Zetas, Mercury is so close to the Sun that is slides behind Planet X,
but Venus, like Earth, got stopped in June, 2004 when it came round in its orbit to encounter Planet X in its path.
Venus, like Earth, was caught in the cup of particle flows that flow around Planet X on their way out from the Sun, in an eddy flow from which they cannot escape.

ZetaTalk: Where is Planet X?, written Feb 5, 2005
People are astonished when we say, and seem to be saying, month after month, it's right next to the Sun, it's coming around the Sun, it's between the Earth and the Sun, but in fact, in December of 2003, it stopped the way you would if you discovered an elephant in your driveway and that was the only way you could pass. Well why couldn't the Earth sneak around? Because there are particle flows, immense numbers of particles that create a block, and there's crowding. Planets are swept along in their orbits, and stay at a distance from each other where they are comfortable with the particles that go into and out of the Sun.

After an anticipated Venus transit of the Sun on June 8, 2004 Venus thereafter loomed HUGE in the morning sky, far too close to the Earth to be in its track.

A Venus transit is when Venus is directly between the Sun and the Earth, and can be seen on the face of the Sun as a black dot as it crosses.
Past transits have occurred in our recent past.
The morning or evening star is normally bright, but what was reported was far outside of what those watching Venus in 2002, in 1998, in 1996, were used to.
It was HUGE.
And after the transit, when it should have been moving away from us, it appeared to be coming closer!
Simply not possible, unless Venus was caught in the cup and swinging towards us, temporarily, in the turmoil of the eddy flow.
Indeed, it seemed so.

on July 4
I live in New Zealand, and I work a couple of nights a week from 3-7 AM. I compared the size and brightness to some street lamps a couple of blocks away, and it was about the same. I've been working these hours for years, and I have never seen Venus look like that.

on Aug 23
I have never in my 68 years seen anything in the sky that looks like that. I have worked days, nights, come and go at all hours, and have never seen Venus look like that. From here it looks like Nancy Lieder was right. Venus is getting pushed back towards Earth. Venus is brighter every day.

If Venus were also caught and halted in its orbit by Planet X, and manipulated by benign aliens to fake a position around the Sun that humans were used to seeing,
Why would this be done?

ZetaTalk: Moving Planets, written June 13, 2004
Had tens of thousands of amateurs astronomers not seen Venus transit, after the loud announcement that this would occur, and had these amateurs made demands upon the establishment, doors would have slammed and resistance to open discussions would have increased. Rather than battering the doors of the cover-up with demands for an explanation, they are asking about anomalies around the Sun, the type of open discussion that will allow the cover-up to dissolve. Thus, the Council allowed Venus to be pushed where it was reluctant to go, and make an appearance, and to return, a small matter in the scheme of things.

Comets Come Early

Evidence of this stopped orbit soon emerged, one of the earliest comets come early.
Two comets were expected to reach perihelion in April and May, the point when they are closest to the Sun, the point when they are most brilliant with outgassing from their tails due to the Sun's heat.

Feb 15 NASA Report:
A newly discovered comet may outshine most stars in the sky by May. Designated Comet T7. Many reports already place the comet as brighter than magnitude 7, meaning that it can now be seen with binoculars. Reports also indicate the comet already has a visible tail nearly the length of a full Moon. Another comet, Q4, may also reach naked eye visibility at nearly the same time, making 2004 April and May two of the busiest bright-comet months in centuries.

In February, these comets were not visible to the naked eye. Yet were seen by many, and NOT in the position expected for these comets, for the date seen.
Thus, checking the list of comets known and expected, and the location they should be in, those viewing these brillian comets were confused.
What were they seeing? Was this a NEW comet? The message boards were abuzz on the Internet.

I took this pictures in Cascavel, Parana South Brazil on Feb 3 at 8:00 PM (summertime). At the time the sun still in the horizon but I could see this star, then I shot these photos. The light from [the comet] was so strong I could see it even in day light. Its light was stronger than moon or any planets or stars at the moment.

We observe that this object is already in the solar system because the mass is visible, its not a point of light. We could see its ethereal mass. Another detail. we have observed in the photographic camera that the movement in the sky was 60% faster than any star, moon or planet.

And the Zetas explained why the comets, when they were expected in April and May, just simply did not make an appearance!

ZetaTalk: Comets Come Early, written Feb 19, 2004
What would happen if the Earth, backing up from Planet X which is coming at Earth in a virtual head-on orbit, reversed orbit? Such a move would not affect the Moon, which hugs the Earth's middle and is influenced by the rotation of Earth's core more than anything. Such a move would not affect where the stars are seen from Earth, as such slight movements of Earth in the cosmos does not affect the view of object at great distances. When the stars are visible, they would appear, positioned, the same. Distant planets such as Saturn or Jupiter would be viewed in the same position, as their orbits are long and their movements thus slow. How does the common man, given this confusing situation, sort out the truth of the matter?

Fortunately, we have comets! When discovered, their orbits ascertained and computed, comets Q4 and T7 were declared to arrive at perihelion in May, 2004, and certainly not visible naked eye prior to that time, if ever! So what is it the common man is seeing, in droves, in the sky just after sunset! It moved, has a tail, and is in their face astonishing them! Comets come early, because the orbit of Earth has backed into them. Comets orbit the Sun in the same counterclockwise motion that the planets assume in their orbits. Thus, the May perihelion dates assumed an Earth running ahead of the comets, the comets needing this time to catch up to the Earth in her orbit. Earth stopped, reversed, and the dates have arrived early! How early? Assume a halted and reversed orbit, so that by the reports on Feb 3 this has occurred for 6 weeks. Assume the comets not affected by Planet X, as they are too tiny to invoke the Repulsion Force of gravity. They rush forward, Earth rushes back, 6 weeks for them, 6 weeks backwards for the Earth, a total of 3 months. Does this not compute, on Feb 3, to a May date?

Dark Twin

Beyond the comets, Earthlings soon had another object by which to confirm a halted orbit.
By April, 2004, something odd was viewed in the West, in the evening sky.
Long rumored on the Internet from NASA leaks and confirmed by the Zetas, the Earth has a twin in her orbit, a dark twin without water or life, which shares her orbit like two marbles in a track going round and round, which soon place themselves exactly opposite each other in the track.
If the Earth is stopped in her orbit, due to the presence of Planet X in her path, this dark twin would soon catch up!

New York City, New York
I know that it was at least 3 times bigger than Venus has ever appeared. Possibly more. Obviously it was bigger than a normal star because I thought it was a light on a building. And the color also! That yellow was flaming yellow! Then two minutes later - blue! The map I pulled up for NYC shows that Venus is not visible at that time.
Detroit, Michigan
I live in suburban Detroit. I saw it in the sky around 11:00 PM. It was so huge I thought it might be an airplane coming in.
Sydney, Australia
I see it every day slightly west NW. It is extremely bright as the Sun sets then reduces in magnitude to about the brightness of Sirius. It does actually change color from yellow to blue then disappears below the horizon by about 9 PM.
In the Netherlands it's also visible for quite a while now. First, I thought it was just Venus but I have the feeling it gained in brightness over the weeks. Also its color has turned from white to more yellow, I believe. Last night I was outside at approx. 01:00 and it was still visible and I don´t believe that Venus would still visible that late.
San Francisco, California
I saw it from about 9:30 to 10:30 my time. I looked at a map and did not see Mars near it or any other visible stars, it seemed alone. I went out again at 11:00 and it had just disappeared, the night was clear and the earlier time I saw it , it wasn´t low enough on the horizon to have disappeared. The next night I checked it, it was still bigger and brighter than any star I have noticed before. But strangely , it seemed to have moved slightly more to the West.
Phoeniz, Arizona
I´ve been seeing it here in Phoenix AZ over a week now. It is very obvious. It is due West in the western sky about 10:00 PM my time. Very bright, yellowish and the bigest star on the horizon.

As usual, these instances do not make the major media, instructed to stay shut about any evidence of Planet X and just stick to the Michael Jackson.
But the Zetas explained what the public was seeing in the evening sky, very yellow and huge then fading quickly to blue, then disappearing.

ZetaTalk: Dark Twin, written Apr 19, 2004
Stars are visible in the night sky because of the laser of light they emit. Planets are visible because they do not absorb light rays but reflect them. Satellites or manmade metal objects such as the Space Station or probes are visible because metal is highly reflective. Comets create a spew of gas, a cloud, that reflects sunlight but are not highly visible until this cloud develops, outgassing. But what of asteroids, which regularly take mankind by surprise, appearing for a close pass but unnoticed until they arrive. Did they not twinkle, reflect light, or glow? Asteroids are almost entirely composed of hardened magma from the core of planets in the Asteroid Belt that got whacked to pieces in the past when Planet X and its entourage of moons passed through the solar system there. Magma is black, or dark gray, not a surface that reflects visible light rays.

What is it about the color black that makes it dark, unseen? It absorbs light, almost entirely, reflecting little. And as a dead planet, without water, without atmosphere, without vegetation coloration, there is nothing on the Dark Twin to change this. The Dark Twin has been viewed, by astonished gazers, due to the phenomena that causes the rising and setting Sun to appear huge and orange. The size of the Sun, overhead, is a fraction of its apparent size when it rises or sets, due to the tendency of light rays in the red spectrum to bend. These light rays spread outward from the Sun but bend toward Earth due to Earth's gravity, and thus arrive at Earth from this spread, giving the appearance of a larger Sun than is real. Why does the Dark Twin appear on the horizon, briefly, as a large yellow planet, the color and size changing back and forth to a tiny blue star? These are the colors least absorbed by the twin, thus most reflected. Yellow, being close in the color spectrum to red, bends outward and back toward Earth, thus changing the apparent size. Blue, being a straight line light ray not readily bent, reflects the true size of this object, equivalent to the Earth.


Meanwhile, by May, 2004, the fact that the constellations just didn't line up were being noticed.
This became increasingly obvious by Summer, the point when the Earth tilt was not tipping in the expected direction at all.
Like a fly on the top of a man's head as he moved about the room, the ceiling would always be visible, but the angle of view would change.

ZetaTalk: Constellation View, written May 24 2004
Constellation views are more than what stands in the dead of night, looking out, and include a full 180° view sunset to sunrise, thus a good portion of the 360° view. In fact, for the Earth, the constellations visible from a hemisphere are the same throughout the year, except for the degree of light polluting the view!

The expected angle of view is carefully documented in programs that generate the expected view for a time and place, so can be used for comparison.
Many observations, from around the world, were carefully documented by myself, Nancy, during 2004 and into 2005, showing clearly not only the halted orbit but a wobble that later developed.

From Australia, July 2, 2004

The Earth is probably in some sort of tilting mode. We are presently in Australia and I have on a couple occassions over the past 2 months observed the Southern Cross compressed northwards, into the zodiac, so to speak. My estimate based on hand-spanning off the horizon was a good 5-10 degrees out of position. The South Celestial Pole appears to be unchanged in reference to terrestrial south. Then the normal position of the Southern Cross would return. This suggests to me the Earth is tilting in a gentle rocking motion. Five to Ten degrees is a good estimate on the variance that I believe we are experiencing.

And from Quebec on August 27, 2004

Where I live in Quebec, Polaris is at least 10 or 15 degrees off of where it used to be. These are the facts.

From an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on Oct 29, 2004 while watching the Moon.

I work nights in the oil field, so the guys and I check out the moon every night we´re on the rig. We have some pretty good equipment here that is used to keep the rig perfectly over the drill hole, and have used it to check out the Moon´s movement. We are also linked to the NOAA and Naval Observatory and GPS and other stuff I haven't been trained on. The point is this, the Moon is supposed to move a certain amount every day in a certain direction and then back again over the course of a month. What it IS doing is way off the mark.

Three nights ago the moon was 17.3 degrees South of East. On the 27th when we watched the eclipse it was almost due East. Last night 4 degrees North of East, and now tonight we measured Moon rise over the horizon at 22.7 degrees North of East. We are using presision electronic equipment that keeps the rig aligned directly East/West along a particular latitude. From this latitudinal marker we measure the deviance from due East and compare it with what the Naval observatory says it should be.

Our observations show the moon to be measureably out of place an average of twenty three days each month! I´ve been watching the moon for over 50 years and from both ends of the Earth. This crazy stuff didn´t start til last May, 2004. Anyone with one eye and half sense can see that the moon is exactly where it shouldn´t be.

And from Washington State on Dec 20, 2004 while watching Polaris.

We are near the the 49th parallel here in Washington State and Polaris should be at 49°. Well we are at about 30° for Polaris. I was amazed at the amount of wobble I witnessed in an eleven hour spread yesterday evening and early this morning. Starting at 4:52 pm Polaris was at Alt 38 degrees. Then at 7:53 pm Polaris had moved to Alt 34 degrees, and then this morning two hours before sun up at 6:07 am Polaris was at Alt 28 degrees.


Because the Earth's magnetic poles are not aligned precisely with the geographic poles, the N Pole is sometimes hidden behind the curve of the Earth during the daily rotation in Winter, the position the Earth was in when it stopped in its orbit.
If Planet X, as the bully magnet, does not like the hose of magnetic particles coming from the Earth N Pole pointed at it, what would happen?
The N Pole of Earth would be pushed away, when it presents, creating a wobble.

ZetaTalk: Earth Wobble, written July 17, 2004
The Atlantic Rift is skewed to the West in the northern hemisphere, and then to the East in the southern hemisphere, following the deepest cleft between the continents as they rip apart during what is commonly called the Continental Drift. This Atlantic Rift is itself a magnet as the tearing occurred during prior pole shifts and cooling magma was quickly aligned with the reforming poles, and thus becomes a third magnet encouraged to align with the Earth's core and Planet X during their encounters. At the point where the Atlantic Rift either faces or is in opposition to Planet X, this tugging to align occurs, creating the Global Quakes noted on live seismographs only during this past year, for the Earth, when Planet X has been in the vicinity. Why has an Earth wobble developed?

Due to the 'S' shape of the rift, leading with its southern edge more toward the East, this tug on the rift tends not only to tilt the Earth's N. Pole toward the Sun but also lean the N. Pole toward Planet X. This gives Europe to Ontario a sunrise with a northern tilt, [too far to the North]. As this southern portion of the Atlantic Rift disappears around to the side of the Earth at dusk, this grip is relaxed, moving its N. Pole back away from Planet X slightly. This gives the Western Half of the United States a sunrise location more in keeping with what is expected. This also moves the Hudson Bay and waters off Nova Scotia away from direct sunlight, thus the odd cold these regions are experiencing during their Summer.

As the southern portion of the Atlantic Rift approaches the dark side of the Earth, where it is again in line with the Earth's core and Planet X as magnets, creating magnetic resonance, the tug to align with Planet X again becomes strong, giving Japan the view of a sunrise moving North. But as the southern portion of the Atlantic Rift swings round to approach its dawn position, it is now more accessible to Planet X than at dusk. Approaching from the South, Planet X can directly grip this southern tip of the Atlantic Rift, so any wobble to align with the Sun is slight. Thus Siberia does not find itself with the lack of sunlight the Hudson Bay region does during its daylight hours.

This wobble takes the shape of a Figure 8, if one is looking at the N Pole during a 24 hours period.
This was confirmed not only by readings taken around the world, for sunrise and sunset, which exactly lined up with the tilt of the globe at those times, but also by the Hudson Bay cold spot, visible in temperature maps and in snow melt photos taken from space.
The spot west of Hudson Bay became the coldest spot on Earth.

This Cold Spot persists, an uneven distribution around the Polar Circle. Note the land west of Hudson Bay at latitude 60d is at the same lattitude as Siberia, the maps of Canada and Siberia representing equivalent lattitudes. Lattitude 60 runs just under the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, and Finland also.

Reports from people observing the wobble as it happened, poured in.
From Syracuse, New York Sep 2, 2004, while watching shadows on the sidewalk.

NYC moved inches
An amazing thing happened today at 6:35-45 PM EST in New York. Coming out of work I decided to lean up next to the building wall I work at in downtown Syracuse. While waiting for my wife to pick me up, I was slightly cold while out of the Sun, which was 2 feet in front of me. I decided to lean against the warm walls of the building instead of walking forward into the sunlight and having to stand unsupported. What I witnessed was truly amazing. The street faces East to West and what I saw with my own two eyes was the sun moving West to East for a few minutes. I was bathed in total sunlight, and stunned, for 5 minutes, and then it reversed direction and continued as normal. I know what I saw seems impossible, but I saw it. If I were not standing in the edge of the shadow I would have never noticed.

From LA in May 2005, an analysis of GPS receiver adjustments.
GPS signals are from the Global Positioning Satellites overhead which allow someone with a receiver on the ground to determine their exact latitude and longitude.
GPS is the means by which maps can be drawn in car guidance systems, for instance.
This analysis confirms the wobble developed during the Dec 2003 time frame, and has continued since.

GPS Proof
The measured drift distance has more than doubled within the last one year and nine month time. The GPS is hanging on my kitchen wall in one position and does not move. The trip distance is measured and recorded each day.

The motions being measured are getting bigger with time by a factor of more than two. These measurements are over and above what is being compensated for by the regular position correction updates done by the GPS managing agencies.

From the UK on Oct 30, 2004 while watching the Moon.

Moon Moving
The Moon is moving as I watch it. I'm sitting at my desk in the UK and at 09.00 AM I switched on my computer. As I opened my curtains, I observed the Moon to the NW and thought of all the message board posts made about the Moon. In ten minutes it moved, and is still moving, as I type. There is a church spire 300 meters from my house. In ten minutes I have watched it move from 6/7 degrees to the left of the spire and it is now, at 9.13 AM, 3-4 degrees to the right and moving North. How can the moon move to the North by between 9 to 11 degrees in 13 minutes?

I am an accomplished map reader (ex special forces) so don´t even try to suggest I don´t know how to use a compass. Two of them both give the same reading here. It is now 9.20. Add another 4-5 degrees. It is still moving. This, for me confirms that I no longer trust those who post on message boards denying any deviation from the norm. It is moving. This can be verified. It is a clear day, no wind or clouds in the UK midlands. I´m sorry but it is still moving, add another 4-5 degrees at 9.28. This is happening live, I´m watching it! This is live, it´s happening and it is verifiable, a compass, a land mark and two readings five minutes apart.

Three times, now, in 35 minutes it has moved over 20 degrees. First reading 260 degrees at 9.00 AM. It is now 9.40 AM and the moon is at 281 degrees, 21 degrees in 40 minutes. I have just checked a moon simulator and this is not normal. At 09:00 AM it should have been azimuth 294 degrees and at 9.40 301 degrees, a spread of 7 degrees in those 40 minutes. Also, the Moon is way too far to the South, offset by 34 degrees!

From Utah on Dec 5, 2004, while noticing the sunrise angle.

Dec 5: Sunrise barely East of direct South. Wife and I looked out East facing window which always lets in some Sun year round. Wife says, "Where's the Sun?" No direct sunlight coming in the window. Went outside to see the Sunrise barely East of direct South. All shadows almost directly North.
Dec 6: The Sunrise was normal in the East again. People thought I was nuts when I spoke of it.

From Chili on Dec 10, 2004, while capturing the sunset angle.

Dec 10, 2004: This December 10th I measured the deviation of sunset from West and I measured 31° to South. I measured a sunset 6 degrees more southern than it should be in 6 days from now!
Dec 16: And now I am really baffled. To my total astonishment, I measured just 17° south of West. Compared to the 31° of just 6 days ago, it is not only northern than it should, but also a very fast change!

Earth Torque

What has the stress on the Earth's crust been, during this wobble?
It began being twisted like a jar of pickles being opened.
The N Pole pulled in the normal direction, the direction of rotation, while the S Pole is grabbed and held, something the Zetas call the Torque Effect.

ZetaTalk: Torque Effect, written May 1, 2004
By gripping the Atlantic Rift, the cause of the Global Quakes that have racked the Earth for over a year, Planet X is creating a slow continental drift. What is the effect on the plates on either side of the rift when a void is created? There is a slide into the void, on the side experiencing a pileup, and thus the N American Plate is dropping into the void, relieving the stress of compression along its northern border in the Arctic by a torque to the side as it does so. During the pileup in the Pacific, the Indio-Australian Plate is being jammed under the Himalayans, causing this plate to drop and creating another void in the Indian Ocean. This is the cause of the African Rift, and this great continent once again is pulled into the void.

This torque effect can clearly be seen on the IRIS maps, since the great tsunami quake on Dec 26, 2004 when the Indio-Australian Plate popped up at New Zealand and plunged under the Himalayas.
Notably, there were two 8+ quakes at the S Pole just days ahead of that plate pop, in Auckland and Tasmania.
The Earth Torque was predicted and described in great detail by the Zetas 9 months earlier, in May of 2004, and was predicted only by ZetaTalk.
What do the IRIS maps show? The rest of the Ring of Fire is popping with earthquakes, but the West Coast of the United States, of North American, is almost asleep by comparison.
This is because it's moving to the East, and doesn't suffer the compression that the Pacific does during the Earth torque.

And what are we to expect, as we continue to approach the time of the pole shift, Planet X coming steadily closer?

The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard.
Isaiah 24:20
Forsooth, the land turns round as does a potter's wheel.
Egyptian Papyrus: 2:8

The Zetas use the analogy of a spinning top about to topple over, into what prophecy and folklore tell us will be 3 days of darkness for the northern hemisphere.

ZetaTalk: Potter's Wheel, written Dec 18, 2004
The analogy, of the death of a spinning top, equates to the description of what an Egyptian scribe recorded during the last pole shift, during the time of the Jewish Exodus. Clay on a potter's wheel is lopsided from the start, and as the potter starts to molds it, it is seen reeling around from one side of the wheel to the other. What was that scribe seeing, for this description to apply? He was not seeing the Sun too far to South on a regular basis, morning and night. That would have inspired a statement akin to 'Forsooth, the Sun hides in the South'.

He was not seeing the Sun crossing at an odd angle on a regular basis, from morning to night. That would have inspired a statement akin to 'Forsooth, the Sun retires early as it has risen early'. Would the Earth develop such an extraordinary wobble that it would sling its N. Pole from one side to the other, in the course of a day? Consider the Earth as a top, rotating as a top does. Consider the part of the globe having heaviness or drag to be the N. Pole, as this is the part of the globe pushed to the side. The polar wobble, and at times an over compensation, to and fro like a drunk.

As the Book of Enoch, a peer of the books in the Bible, states:

And all things on the earth shall alter,
And shall not appear in their time:
And the moon shall alter her order,
And not appear at her time.
And in those days the sun shall be seen and he shall journey in the evening on the extremity of the great chariot in the west
And shall shine more brightly than accords with the order of light.
And many chiefs of the stars shall transgress the order (prescribed).
And these shall alter their orbits and tasks,
And not appear at the seasons prescribed to them.
And the whole order of the stars shall be concealed,
And the thoughts of those on the earth shall err concerning them.