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N Pole Migration Proof!

As noted on a GodlikeProduction message board thread, this fixed webcam in Japan, facing East, has a long archive of dawn photos going back for years.

Check out the morning pic´s of the sun. It´s in Japaneese but if you click on the dates in the calendar you get the morning pic for that day. My question is how can the sun change so drastically from one day to the other. Compare the 23rd to the 30th. Go through each day it is pretty bizaare.

Reports indicate that after the Dec 25, 2003 Sweeping Arm of the Sun that Iceland became the geological N Pole, but later in January, 2004 this migrated back to Siberia above Japan. Weather followed, a deep freeze in New England and Europe, but by the end of January, northern China. What is astonishing is how well photos from these Japanese archives show this! If Iceland were the geological N Pole on January 1, Japan's sunrise would be further to the left, as Japan would be hanging lower and glancing to the left to see the Sun as the globe turns. This is what is shown!

If there were a migration of the N Pole back across the Arctic mid January, the Sun would be as in years prior. And this is what is shown on January 15!

With a geological N Pole over Siberia, a straight shot from Iceland across the former N Pole to a spot across from Alaska and above Japan, the sunrise would be to the right, and once again, this is what is shown on January 30!