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ZetaTalk: Reminder Circles #4
written Aug 5, 2004

We have explained that the Yin Yang symbol represents the clash of rotation direction between the Earth and Planet X, a factor in the Earth's rotation slowing to a halt. In both Westbury and Beacon, this symbolism is shown to be central, with both the Earth and Venus now caught before the retrograde press of Planet X. The clockwise, retrograde, sweep of Planet X has now become the dominant influence for both. No escape for the hapless planets in its path.
We explained that the Coventry diagram showed Planet X along the Sun's magnetic flow lines but still well under the Ecliptic, on July 8, Ready to Tip into a 270 Roll. In the recent Etchilhampton, it has reached the Ecliptic, centered on the crop lines, a clear warning for mankind that their days of slow awakening to what is about to grip them have passed.
We have explained that Orbit Lock occurs because planets are held where they cannot leave due to the gravity pull of the Sun, but can come no closer because of particle crowding they are sensitive to. The double lines seen around the Sun in Nukerke and Nashenden imply an intensified lock, a lockdown, during this time when the gravity pull of Planet X adds to the pull of the Sun. The planets in this lock cannot escape the coming clash.
Westbury : Aug 1, 2004

Beacon : July 30, 2004

Etchilhampton, Aug 4, 2004

Coventry : July 4, 2004

Nukerke, Belgium : July 28, 2004

Etchilhampton, 2002

Nashenden : July 30, 2004