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ZetaTalk: Sequence of Events
written Jan 20, 2005

What may be the next catastrophe to awaken the public?

During the life of ZetaTalk we have describing the events during the hour of the shift, during the week of rotation stoppage, during the days when the globe slows to a stop in its rotation, during the weeks leading into the side-by-side position of Earth and Planet X that allows this grip on the Atlantic Rift such that rotation could be stopped, the 270° roll of Planet X causing 3 Days of Darkness and 6 days of Sunrise West for the northern hemisphere, and prior to that months of tilting and leaning under the influence of Planet X as it passes the Sun’s S. Pole, and prior to that years of influence from afar as Planet X speeds toward the Sun from its midpoint between the Sun and its dark binary some 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances from the Sun. Of the thousands of ZetaTalk writings, over these years, these events were not laid out in an orderly fashion for the reader, for many reasons.

Consider the plagiarism that has occurred during the short life of ZetaTalk.

Consider the excuses the establishment has prepared to explain the Earth changes and keep the public dumb for as long as possible.

Were ZetaTalk to have come forth, at the start, with a logical sequence of events, both plagiarism and alternate excuses would have been more successful in deluding the public. Beyond these reasons for not being explicit in detailing the sequence of events is the ever present need to keep the establishment from formulating firm Martial Law plans. This looms like a dark boot over the heads of children at play, the desire to stomp hundreds of millions of innocents to death during the hours of chaos ever present, to eliminate demands for food and shelter from those not considered suitable for work camps. The common man, to whom we speak in our compassion to see them informed of what is to come, emotionally prepared for what this will mean in their lives, and able to lay plans for how they may help themselves and those they love and feel responsible for, nevertheless gets the message.