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ZetaTalk: Clear Message
written Jan 20, 2005

The message is clear for the hour of the shift, as by this time due to the continuous moaning and shuddering of the Earth, and the ravages caused by the stress of crust rotation having been stopped for 5.9 days while the core and magma continue to press for rotation, will have made any further imposition of Martial Law in the world impossible. All travel and traffic will be stopped, all communications down, the world frozen in horror, waiting for the next blow. What events are to occur during the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage are not clear, outside of what a moaning and continuously trembling Earth and the hysteria and confusion a long day or long night will create. We have explained that water will flow from the Equator to the Poles, creating deceptive beaches, and that wind will smooth the air temperatures worldwide, implying strong and unusual windstorms, and by implication that the stress on the crust will find the crust snapping and adjusting as these days pass, with cities imploding, bridges and roadways and rail lines distorted, all the infrastructure of man’s civilized existence rupturing, the broken link theory applied, becoming useless.

The cover-up will long since have become a casualty. A globe falling to its side during an increasing wobble and rolling its N. Pole away from the Sun will get the attention of even those most determined to run from the truth. It is upon them, and will not go away. Regardless of the degree of Earth changes, the severity of quakes or where the waters of the oceans will go during these days, the sociology impact will be immense. Those in denial, unable to envision anything but the security of their current world, will plunge into frantic resistance, arguing with the facts, frantically going about their normal routine and insisting that all is well, attacking any who say otherwise. Others, in great numbers, will quietly go insane. Certainly, the social infrastructure will break, jobs unattended or if attended mistakes made. If utilities such as water and power do not falter from breaks and explosions, they will falter from lack of attention. The attempts by those who would impose Martial Law to claim this is terrorism will fall on deaf ears, nor will the troops required to impose this have anything on their minds other than what the import of all this on their personal lives might mean. Social disruption, the moorings asunder.

What sequence of events will occur up until this severe 270° roll occurs we will hold in abeyance, in order to best discombobulate the establishment. They are still clinging to the notion that they will commandeer all the oil fields of the world, guarded by the US Military, black gold to be used as the next commodity in the future when survivors will sell their children and their freedoms in order to stay warm. Black gold to run the war machines of the world, ensuring world domination to he who owns the oil fields. That Iraq is in tatters and all tapped oil fields will explode into fireballs and all oil tanks likewise rupture and be disbursed has not occurred to these megalomaniacs. They are still clinging to the notion that a passage might happen without the severe Earth changes we have predicted, and want their paper ownership of the world to remain intact until that notion is disproved, utterly. Beach property, the solvency of banks and nations, corporate equity and the false value placed on commodities, all to retain their worth until the shores are awash and the cities in dust. Meanwhile, they lay their plans, prepare for their families, and plot how to enslave the common man whom they assume will be taken by surprise, and therefore be vulnerable.

But what is the common man expecting, and aware of? In every culture, in every country, there is some clue of the coming times in folklore and prophecy. In every case, this leads with the worst, descriptions of the final convulsions the Earth will go through on her way to rebirth. In every case, there are signs to look for when this time draws near. In every case, there is no clear indication of the date. In this regard, ZetaTalk did not differ from what existed in folklore and prophecy, describing the hour of the shift and heralding signs and declining to name a date. We have described increasing weather swings of drought and deluge, switching about for seemingly no reason, since 1995, and these have occurred. We have described earthquakes and volcanic activity increasing on a linear basis up until the last days, with the cover-up of this increase and lack of media attention keeping pace, and this likewise has occurred. We have described problems with maintaining satellites in the months before the pole shift, and this has become apparent to the common man even with extensive backup systems sent aloft to guard against this. We have described what signs the common man should look for, in order to time his escape to safety, and described in great detail what traps to avoid and how to prepare for the Aftertime. Regardless of what sequence of events will occur between now and then, he is armed. The breaches in the sequence of events, however, are designed to disarm the establishment, who will find themselves on a level, a par, with the common man they so disdain.