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 Earth Changes

E1999:1999 Predictions4 years to go
F1999:Economic Collapse3.5 years to go
C1999:Social Disruption3.5 years to go
D1999:Likely Reality3.5 years to go
L1999: Next 3.5 Years3.5 years to go
E2000: During 20003 years to go
E2001: During 20012 years to go
E2002: During 20021 year to go
S2002:2002 Trends1 year to go
M2002:2002 Quickening9 months to go


So, what is going to happen in the next four years? Are we going to just trot along and arrive one day when the giant comet comes roaring through and a pole shift occurs? Of course not. You're going to have increasing earthquake tremblers. There has been a tightening up of the plates against each other that has not even appeared in your media, thought the information is available and has been documented on the Troubled Times web site that our emissary and her fellow co-workers have put out.
earthquakes will up-tick. During the last few years they have become more frequent, but they became so tiny during the lull when the deep plates were locking down, so the increase in frequency was not noticed. Now the increase in frequency will be noted.
structures that have not been quakeproofed, in cities that do not expect to experience quakes, are going to drop and shatter. What happened in Turkey is going to become so common that the populace will barely notice, just as today they have almost become immune to stories about bad weather. It’s almost become the norm.
Earthquakes increasing in frequency and intensity, and storm damage continues so that insurance companies will begin to falter and fail if not bolstered by government intervention.
Earthquake and volcano activity will steadily increase, on a somewhat linear scale. Earthquakes and volcanoes are reacting to the heating up and activity in the core, which has a great deal of drag in that there is a large amount of matter to heat up and increasing motion in this is not that easy, the core being heavy matter and inclined to hug itself closely. Thus, the increasing approach of the 12th Planet will be less noticeable on Earth than would be expected, when looking at the rapidly diminishing distance. However, should one run statistics on the changes, one would see other than lineal changes overall. It is simply that the core must increase substantially in its temperature or motion for a small increase evident on the crust. This is not lineal, and the crust is pushed outward when increased heat and swirling about occur, so is less subject to rubbing one plate against another and there are more places where magma can ooze out in the deep ocean rifts.
increasing ocean warming and melting poles, and quakes striking in places not previously experiencing them, in the memory of man. This is already rising alarm.


Earthquakes have been predicted by us to increase in frequency and strength going into the shift itself, and this includes the present time, the year prior to the shift. Earth crust plates that are coming under increasing pressure will no longer react only with increased quakes, shaking and minor adjustments along the fault lines. The plates will start to show these signs of increased pressure in their interior. ... Plates under pressure may or may not adjust according to their known or anticipated reactions. ... anything could happen on the surface, from a drop to a rise, including shifts in the water table.
the weak link is just waiting to break, from a source not anticipated by the city architects. Water lines can snap when the piping is put under pressure or stretched. Gas lines certainly can experience cracks and snaps. If electrical power lines, not as insulated as reported, and leaking gas, and water that conducts electricity, are put together, what do you have? Building with heavy plumbing running up to all the toilets and showers have a sinkhole developing under them, they will implode. Gas lines leaks set off in an explosion cause by adjustments under a city, will not just be limited to a building or block, but will ricochet through the city, creating a holocaust potentially.


Earthquake and volcano activity will steadily increase, on a somewhat linear scale.


Deep Earthquakes have skyrocked at an exponential rate since the mid 1980, and this indicates a tightening up of these plates. Where this has not translated to surface quakes, it soon will, and you will find that because these deep plates are locked in that a quake in one place transmits to another, and you will have what Nancy has been referring to as domino quakes. Rather than months going by before a repercussion is felt in another part of the world, repercussions will happen almost instantaneously.
the ricochet effect is going to mean that when there is a major earthquake, there will be a hiccuping effect around the world for some time, and these are going to increase in Richter scale in any case.


Likewise, as we have predicted in the past, there will be increasing booms and flashes, which are caused by underwater earthquakes that cause heaving in the oceans such that the air over the dropping water claps. This can happen over land, also. We predict that this will increase to the point where this is discussed in the coffee rooms and bars of many cities, even though it doesn’t get media coverage.