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ZetaTalk: Wizard of Oz
written Feb 27, 2005

I was wondering if the Zetas would like to comment on Bush and his rash of meeting these days with world leaders? Does any of this have to do with Planet X? What do they think they know about its progress and timing?

The public was to assume, seeing a confident Bush lecturing Putin on democracy and glad-handing around Europe, that Bush and his handlers were there as the world leaders they purport to be, and the future rosy. Nothing could be further from the truth. As anyone closely watching the posturing of this administration and the words they utter, the opposite is most often the case. They tout freedom while invading and occupying. They announce a plan to save Social Security while planning to loot it to support a tottering DOW. Where the American public, held captive by a media well in hand and spouting the Bush doctrine, can only suffer the lies, those in power elsewhere around the world have other options.

We have stated that in the power shakeout that will accompany the pole shift, those at the very top and those forming sustainable survival communities at the bottom, will emerge as winners. No one will need the middle man. As the Earth changes become more extreme, more obvious, and the public no longer placated by inadequate explanations, these middle men are looking about them for a niche in the future. These future roles will only go to those Puppets the Puppet Master is comfortable with. This does not include Bush and his handlers, as on several fronts they have failed and disappointed the Puppet Master. Oil in the Middle East was to be secured for the future, for the Puppet Master, but the Iraq war, engaged early due to our White Lie about the likely timing of the shift, was poorly planned and has now destroyed the Iraq oil fields and turned the region into chaos. The 2004 election was to find Kerry as the new leadership in the US, a plan the Bush crowd did not accept and sabotaged with massive election fraud. The Yukos oil fields in Russia were put into play because of attempted grabs by Cheney and earlier by the Bush family. Thus, this crowd is seen as failing to deliver, causing problems, and failing to follow orders. Hardly a good resume when seeking future employment.

Bush and his handlers have sought to place themselves in a peer position with the Puppet Master, to assert dominance over the Americas and a binding alliance with Japan and Israel, thus having a foothold into dominance in the Middle East and Asia. The oil fields of the world - from Alaska to Venezuela which the US is attempting to destabilize, to Nigeria where the US has planted marines under the guise of assisting the country, to the unprotected North Fields in Europe, to the occupied Iraq fields and neighboring Saudi fields lying like ripe fruit awaiting the picking, to those fields in Russia accessed by an inroad through occupied Pakistan - are viewed by the Bush crowd as theirs. That the US Military is exhausted and in rebellion, and the whole house of cards requiring a massive influx of cash daily from countries such as China and Japan and Korea, is ignored. Instead, an arrogant insistence that Iran submit to dictates is being issued, so the US can have a united front under the Russian oil fields, from Iraq to Iran to Pakistan. Has the Bush crowd lost its grasp on reality?

This posturing is like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, the weaker he became, the more he asserted his authority in an attempt to get others to fight his battles for him. The Wizard wanted Dorothy to kill the Witch of the West for him, which she did, insisting she was not worthy of his assistance until she had proved her worth. How does this compare to the Bush European trip? Europe must admit they were wrong to avoid Iraq, must ally with the plans for the US to dominate Iran, must perceive Bush as the father lecturing to Putin the child, so that the world, and most importantly the US, continues to see the cowardly Wizard, Bush, as all powerful. The Puppet Master can pull the cash carpet from under Bush, effectively crashing him into domestic chaos and affecting the military operations, and this card may yet be played. At present, the Bush bluster is seen as just that, as the Bush plans to dominate the world require that the world go along with this agenda. Behind the curtain, the Wizard Bush is seen for what he is - weak, cowardly, failing, and now begging for support.

Panic includes panic in the heads of state in countries around the world that have been bullied into remaining silent with the panacea that Planet X would simply pass, the real danger due to earth changes to the extent that panic occurs anyway because of flooding, volcanic eruption, quake damaged cities, starvation incited riots, and the inability of governments to placate and reassure the public.
ZetaTalk: Lesser Evil, written Oct 30, 2003
Thus, knowledge other than rumor about Planet X and the coming cataclysms was very limited prior to 2003 when the earth changes and visibility of this monster looming into view changed the modus operandi. Many meetings between the Bush Administration and heads of state had as their basis bribery and threats to go along with the cover-up, which was explained as necessary so that panic would not ensue.
ZetaTalk: Who Knows, written March 3, 2004
Not all Puppets are alike, as those working closely with the Puppet Master are assured of a role in the Aftertime, working again as Puppets over those regions and people they are familiar with. But this, as we have explained, is not the Bush crowd, who have been rebellious and attempting to set themselves up as an independent entity. As we have stated, rebellious Puppets do not succeed. That is the rule.
ZetaTalk: Muzzling the Media, written Dec 4, 2004
Signs of the Times #1346
President Bush wakes up to the reality of Europe [Feb 21] ‘Almost more significant than where President Bush is going on his European journey this week is where he is not going. He is not going, for instance, to France to meet President Chirac. M. Chirac must bestir himself to dine with Mr Bush in Brussels. The US President is not going to Berlin, but he going to Germany to meet Chancellor Schröder for a few hours. He will also not be going to Moscow. Mr Bush and President Putin will meet each other in Slovakia.’ [and from another source] [Feb 27] ‘Russia and Iran signed a nuclear fuel supply deal long opposed by Washington on Sunday, paving the way for Iran to start up its first atomic reactor next year.’ [and from another source] Rice seeks to repair Turkey ties [Feb 5] ‘Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in the Turkish capital Saturday for a trip aimed at improving relations with this NATO ally, where anti-American sentiments have been strong since the start of the war in neighboring Iraq.’