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ZetaTalk: UAE Port Deal
written Feb 24, 2006

Would the zetas or you like to comment on what's really going on behind the scenes with this United Arab Emirates port deal?

On the face of it, a simple matter of a buyout of a company, allowing existing contracts to continue. But step back and examine the buyout, which did not go to the highest bidder. Why would the stockholders approve of a deal giving them substantially less money, to sell to the UAE, than selling to Singapore would have provided? Indonesia is not only a staunch ally of the US and Britain, but also had no links to terrorism or support of 911 and Bin Laden. The stockholders of the private British company up for sale, of course, were not presented with an option, nor are private companies that well regulated so few recourses were available to the stockholders, so they took the option they were given. Grab the money and run. The known links to terrorism the UAE presented included hosting Bin Laden for hospital care in the months leading into 911, visiting him in Pakistan, being the home country for a number of the 911 terrorists, and laundering money for the 911 crowd. With this rap sheet, why would the British and the US want to encourage their control of key ports in the US?

We have often stated that the reason supposed terrorist attacks within the United States have not occurred is due to interference by benign aliens, who have been granted an exception from the rule of Non-Interference by the Council of Worlds. WMD planted in Iraq by the CIA disappeared before being discovered for like reasons. This exception by the Council bounds the Bush administration's desire to use the US Military for a worldwide power grab. The exception did not apply to Britain, and thus the false flag bombing op in London, done by the US and Britain, to bolster failing support for Blair. Had the Bush crowd had their way, similar bombings and bio-terrorism attacks would have been rampant in the US, WMD planted in Iraq, and plans to invade Iran and Syria uncontested as the populace of a country under attack most often support their leadership, blindly.

The Bush plan was to start with the oil fields of the world, and after the pole shift by using oil as the black gold it presumably would become, the plan was to not only dominate the world's struggling economies, but to enslave them. The US Military is as large as all other militaries combined. The US Military was presumed captured during the coup of 2000, when Gore as the popularly elected President was not the one gaining the White House, and in 2004, when voter fraud continued the Bush crowd in the White House. This positioned the Bush crowd for a power grab of the oil fields of the world, but more than an oil field grab was planned. What does this plan entail?

  1. To be in power during and after the pole shift, and to the extent that the pole shift does not arrive by the end of their term, to arrange some version of Martial Law so the existing President can remain in power. No more elections, at least not for 2008. In that invoking Martial Law requires an emergency, and the 2006 elections threaten to turn the House and Senate to Democratic control, impeachment proceedings loom as a likely possibility. Thus, there is a sense of urgency at the present time, a sense that the Bush crowd might be unseated prior to the pole shift, unless a terrorism episode could be arranged within the US.

  2. To commandeer the oil fields of the world, using the US Military, starting with Iraq, spreading into Iran and the Saudi fields, thence up into the Russian fields via Pakistan, thence to an easy takeover of Venezuela and the North Fields and Nigeria, with Alaska already in hand. This plan would have worked if the pole shift had occurred in 2003, as expected, but is on the ropes now due to several factors - a rebelling and exhausted military, a Nigerian rebellion, the Iraq civil war, the popularity of Venezuela's Chávez, and the increase in natural disasters in the US home front. Regaining the upper hand, militarily, can only happen if the draft is called in the US, and this can only succeed if step one, above, is accomplished.

  3. To remain the leader of the free world, waving the flag of democracy around the world as a cover for aggression. For the Bush crowd, this translates to military occupation or bases, control of emerging democracies around the world by corporate connections to the Bush family or associates, with the military might of other countries augmenting whatever the US Military might be about under the guise of coalition buildings. The plan was to take over the UN, replace the current leadership, and insert a strong Bush ally as a UN spokesperson, a la Bolton, to arrange this. This plan can be seen by Condi Rice attempting to relay support for an Iran or Syria war, along with isolation of Chávez. Both campaigns are currently falling flat. So much dirt has emerged about the Bush administration that few around the world see their efforts as anything but a power grab, which it is. Would this erosion of support for the US turn about if the US military were to burgeon under a draft? Hardly. But the minds plotting a world takeover during the pole shift think in terms of intimidation, and anticipate that fear of the mighty US Military would replace voluntary participation. Once again, this plan now requires step one and two, above, to succeed.

Frustrated by having benign aliens interfering with plans to plant WMD in Iraq and create supposed terrorist attacks on US soil, the Bush crowd and their British allies hatched a plan to overwhelm the alien interference by sheer volume. Alien interference is an easy matter, as any plan requires humans to think about it, and the plan is picked up by telepathy, countered almost as soon as it is hatched. But if a broken water main can be controlled by turning the water off at the source, at a valve, a flood pouring across the plains is more difficult to stop, or so goes the logic. What if the ports along the East Coast were so massively infiltrated with dirty cargo that the blocking mechanism failed? Beyond alien interference, there are people involved, as we, the Service-to-Others Zetas and our breathern work closely with humans who are contactees or within the new MJ12, which formed from the remnants of MJ12 when it disbanded just prior to Bush and Cheney taking control of the White House.

Thus, from the perception of the Bush crowd, their plans are being frustrated by people, who emerge from the woodwork with seemingly uncanny awareness of just where to look to discover a bomb or a suspicious group of people or an encoded message. Then there are the occasions when people appear, able to teleport inside locked doors, to remove material to be used during an attack, all of this assisted by alien intervention, of course. If aliens seem to be an unlimited supply, the supply of people in a position to interfere seems limited, or so goes the logic. Thus, arranging for control of the ports, via a sale of a British firm to the UAE, all according to the rules as the Bush administration keeps reminding the newscasters, seemed a certain way to create the flood of terrorism attempts needed for the Bush crowd to proceed with step one, two, and three, above. Where will this lead? Certainly not to success, even if the plan is allowed to proceed. Bush and his appointee's hands are all over the press to let this happen, especially since Bush went out on a limb and stated he would use his veto, the first ever, to attempt to force it. Even if an attack were to occur, which is unlikely given the intense scrutiny the deal is now getting, it would not empower Bush. It would, in fact, do the opposite.

The Bush crowd is losing, and every attempt they now make to gain the power they assumed they had only exposes them further. The rats are beginning to turn on each other, each seeking to gain a broader power base for themselves, while sacrificing others. This is what those in the Service-to-Self do, without hesitation, loyalty nonexistant and self protection and promotion the only concern. Those so closely allied with Bush, so close that any exposure of Bush would bring them down too, will continue to form a united front, but watch the rats around them begin to bite at their toes. Rebellion is afoot, and not just in the US Military!

Signs of the Times #1552
White House scrambles to save port deal [Feb 22] 'The White House scrambled to rescue a deal giving a state-run Arab firm control of operations at six major US ports and to limit the political fallout from the controversial arrangement. Bush has vowed to veto any legislation stalling the deal, which congressional critics charge would hand sensitive seaport activities to a country with a spotty record on battling terrorism. Unless US lawmakers prevent it, Dubai Ports World's acquisition of the British firm which currently manages the ports is to be finalized on March 2. Ports affected by the deal are in New York; Miami; New Jersey; Baltimore, Maryland; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.' [and from another] UAE firm's exec says ports will stay safe [Feb 23] 'Critics have raised concerns about the company's status as a state-owned venture of the United Arab Emirates, accusing the Persian Gulf state of having ties to terrorism. Two of the hijackers involved in the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington came from the UAE, and most of the money for the plot was funneled through the banking center of Dubai. A bigger concern for security experts is the screening of the 9 million cargo containers that land on American docks every year. About 80 percent of those containers are screened at ports overseas before they arrive, but the quality of the screening is inconsistent.' [and from another] The Australian reported [Jan 16] 'The fate of P&O, Britain's premier ports group, rests in the hands of Ho Ching, a 52-year-old woman at the centre of the tightly knit elite that runs Singapore. Temasek, the secretive investment arm of the Singapore Government and 100 per cent owner of PSA, the ports group that has been stalking P&O for a year. PSA was finally roused to action by an audacious pound stg. 3.3 billion ($7.7 billion) agreed bid for P&O by Dubai Ports World, a rival shipping group owned by the Dubai Government. Last week P&O revealed that it had received a conditional pound stg. 3.5 billion counter-offer from the Singaporeans.' [Note: not the top offer, but Dubai wins the British bid?]