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ZetaTalk: Venus, Playing Chicken
written Mar 4, 2004

What is the planetary/star object at the 6 o’clock position to the Sun in the March 3, 2004 SOHO LASCO C3 Latest Image? This object has been revolving clockwise around the sun for several days now.

As we explained just days ago, where Earth halted in her orbit, stalled and even reversed on Dec 25, 2003, Venus did not arrive at that point until recently. Where the Earth is brushing back and forth in her stalled position, pushed forward counterclockwise in her normal orbit pattern by the Sweeping Arms of the Sun but likewise pushed back from the approaching Planet X by the Repulsion Force that planetary sized object generate against each other due to gravity particle bursts from their dense cores, Venus has a different kind of emergency. In Western cultures, there is a term called playing chicken, where reckless teens head toward each other in cars, on a single lane, daring the other to pull to the side first, a test of courage. As Planet X will be passing between the Earth and Sun, and this is where Venus lies, in her orbit, these two planets are in essence playing chicken. Venus does not have the magnetic nature that Earth does, thus does not get caught in the grip that the Earth is trapped in with Planet X. Venus can escape! But not by going to the side, as on one side is the Earth, the other the Sun, and Repulsion Force issues all around. But not having a magnetic grip to deal with, Venus can go backwards, rapidly, and it does.

For those who say that the Earth did not halt on Dec 25, 2003, we would point to the expected position of Earth and Venus at this date. Shorly after Feb 25, 2004 Venus is expected to be far from transiting in front of the Sun, as it was claimed to be in proper position just recently by NASA for a Feb 23 conjunction. But most telling, both Earth and Venus are normally going round the Sun in a counterclockwise motion, as are all the planets in the solar system. What do these SOHO images present? A clockwise orbit of Venus, without a doubt! For those who would argue that somehow this is correct, and that Earth and Venus are in their normal obits, we point to the expected position of Earth and Venus. Both moving counterclockwise, Venus not expected to transit in front of the Sun until June, 2004. Venus likewise moves faster than the Earth in her orbit, and would for a normal position be seen moving counterclockwise in a transit. But look how the SOHO evidence stands up in our argument, that the Earth has halted and it moving back and forth more or less in a December posture. Venus arrives to play chicken with Planet X, in her orbital path, in late February, 2004. Where the Earth is caught in an unshakable magnetic grip, and is tilting her N Pole toward the S Pole of Planet X at this time, Venus is not so trapped by magnetism. She halts, puts her gears into reverse, and guns it! Going clockwise, as the SOHO images show, past Earth in an unexpected transit of Venus in front of the Sun!

Nancy's Note: see new ZetaTalk: Jerking Nancy Around following re the retorical questions posed above. This is indeed Mercury in these images, the question being if these are current images or from the NASA archives.