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ZetaTalk: Jerking Nancy Around
written Mar 4, 2004

In our response to the query about Mercury transiting the Sun, as shown in the SOHO images provided for this date, we posed rhetorical questions. Such as ‘What do these SOHO images present?’ and followed with the statement ‘A clockwise orbit of Venus, without a doubt!‘ and again with a rhetorical question ‘But look how the SOHO evidence stands up in our argument, that the Earth has halted and it moving back and forth more or less in a December posture.’ And everyone looked, and found Mercury transiting the Sun as it is expected to do on Mar 4, 2004. Now that we have your attention. Did we lie, again, another White Lie? If you examine those SOHO images, they are not exactly what would be expected for the date posted. Recall last summer, when SOHO burnout was a frequent problem, and often images from the archives, with a cut and past date to appear current, were provided. SOHO suffered from burnout on May 27, extreme packet loss on June 1, obvious date pasting on July 14 and careless image flip-flop of images on July 17. Did all of those problem just go away, as Planet X approached? Hardly, and after many downtimes, the decision was made by the end of the year to simply post from the Archives, which is the mode today. In that these images for Mar 4, 2004 are not current, due to the halted orbits of both Earth and Venus, they do show Venus moving in a clockwise orbit, in effect.

So why did we put Nancy between rhetorical questions and SOHO images, looking like a fool, once again? Other than to force a lot of attention on the issue of orbit halting, a resounding debate where the bebunkers love to slam and those curious what ZetaTalk are up to examine and research, there is a purpose. Debate is the mode to be in, as it sharpens awareness, creates interest if only for the entertainment, and brings awareness of a situation far beyond what can be brought by a mere statement. Recall what happened when Hazelwood took the stage, quoting almost verbatim what ZetaTalk had put into print over the years on the effect of the coming pole shift. The date, ‘Blindsided in 2003’, the description of the shift down to sloshing oceans and hurricane force winds, the description of safe places. Now on the talk show circuit are Ed Dames, David Booth, James McCanney and others warning that in 2004 or future dates Planet X will pass with devastation. Regardless of the lack of prediction history, or prediction accuracy, any and everyone but Nancy will appear on the circuit. But will they take ownership of the orbit halting and reversal statement? No way. NASA denies this, and to make such a statement is so outlandish that it spells doom even for those who fence sit and waffle in their predictions.

We have stated Ecliptic rise, Ecliptic drop, and tilt, all of which are supported not only by reports and observations but also by photographic evidence. But orbit halt? A difficult call, even when a tilt toward the Sun and a lean toward Planet X coming in from Orion places the constellations seemingly in their proper place. For those who think we abuse Nancy in this, she has been through this before with the Hale-Bopp issue, when we stated it was a comet that was being pointed to going into the 1997 grand show, but she was still under the assumption that it was going to be a no-show, and the famous May 15, 2003 White Lie wherein we did lie and she firmly believed the rotation stoppage and shift were imminent. She understands the chess game at play, when those who would use both she and ourselves want the information but want to take the credit and become the spokespersons. The establishment does not want Nancy as spokesperson, they want those they own and can control. Thus, she is black listed, and kept off the talk show circuit. Does this mean that the orbit has not halted? We have stated firmly that this is the case. But will any but Nancy claim this? Stay tuned, watch the squirming, and most certainly watch the skies!