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ZetaTalk: Dark Twin Visibility
written Mar 15, 2004

If Planet X is affecting our original Earth, by making it stop or even reverse in it´s orbit, why hasn´t this other Earth come into view?

What would Earth look like, if viewed from Venus? Got a recent snap shot? Got a report from someone who was there? This Dead Twin is in the orbit path of Earth, which is farther away than the orbit path of Venus and Mercury, which those on Earth see as bright objects due to reflected sunlight. Why is it that asteroids are dark, in space, unless in a close fly-by. They are reflecting light only from their hard rocky surfaces. Planets which have gaseous atmospheres or are gaseous do more than that, they reflect light that is bounced around in all directions. An example is shining a light into a dark forest, against the dark trees. One see vague shapes. Shine the light into a fog bank and you see that bank, no question. Yet water is clear! Does not have shape or color! But the light has been returned to the viewer, having been bounced around, rather than absorbed. Thus the reflected light from the dark twin would be more muted than expected, but in a halted Earth orbit, this twin sharing the orbit would Arrive from the West indeed, in an apparent collision course!