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ZetaTalk: Juxtapositioned Planets
written July 14, 2004

We have mentioned that an Engulfing Arc represents the magnetic influence of Planet X supplanting the Sun's dominance. Planet X is rounding the Sun to the right of the Sun's S. Pole, just below the Ecliptic, and is coming almost directly toward Earth, halted in her orbit. The trajectory angle is such that Planet X will shoot over the top of Earth, but before this moment, much drama will occur. We have mentioned the Tilt and Lean of Planet X as it rounds the S. Pole of the Sun is the factor causing the Earth to tilt and lean, creating at present a Sun rising in the extreme north and a skew such that the noon Sun is in the southeast, and moving steadily in that direction despite the Solstice having passed. We have mentioned that Planet X might assume an almost horizontal alignment along the magnetic flow lines prior to such a roll, pointing its S. Pole outward and thus creating an irresistible magnetic tug for the Earth's N Pole, tilting toward Planet X such that the Sun almost rises over the N. Pole, a phenomenon hardly explained away by Global Warming or distracted by terrorism warnings. We have mentioned the possibility of a 270 Roll where Planet X would move to align side-by-side with the Sun's magnetic field by continuing the momentum already established rather than a jerk back. We have mentioned the Earth participating in this roll in some manner.

In Crop Circles depicting the relationship between Planet X, the Earth, and their Sun during these gyrations, numerous juxtapositions of the planets are presented.

The first position shows the planets beside each other, but not bound by a bar. Such a position would occur only where the Sun's magnetic field is dominant for both planets, a situation that prevails until Planet X is positioned between the Earth and Sun, supplanting itself as the dominant magnetic voice the Earth hears. This is the current situation, where both planets are on the Sun's magnetic flow lines, and where Planet X is tugging at the Earth, it is not yet dictating to it, as the Earth is struggling to maintain its magnetic allegiance to the Sun.

The second is a position so close they are represented as being stuck on each other, the smaller Earth a literal growth on the body of the larger Planet X. This implies an extreme, and temporary, magnetic connection such as might occur during a 270 roll where the planets, as magnets, have their poles lined up end-to-end, momentarily. Where the pole shift we have described is swift, during the course of an hour, and caused by rapid movement of Planet X out of the solar system in a slingshot manner as it escapes the extreme particle crowding created by its presence, the 270 roll is a slower process, and thus does not tear the crust of the Earth from her core.

The third position shows the planets held apart, represented by a bar between them, and this forced distance can only occur in a side-by-side magnet arrangement where the flow of magnetic particles around each planetary magnet requires some space. This, as we have stated, is the alignment that creates rotation slowing to a stop, as daily the Atlantic Rift faces Planet X or is in opposition to the larger field of Planet X, and is directed to remain in a side-by-side alignment. This arrangement, the bar arrangement, is depicted in Crop Circles as occurring as a last step in a sequence, as this is the position just prior to the pole shift.

The sequence is thus that Planet X first creates a tilt, lean, and wobble in the Earth as it rounds the Sun's S. Pole and skews along the Sun's magnetic flow lines. Then creates a tight end-to-end lock with the Earth while rising through these flow lines to the Ecliptic, where Planet X stands almost horizontally along the magnetic flow lines surrounding the Sun. Then Planet X continues its momentum in a 270 roll to align side-by-side with the Sun, creating gyrations in the Earth during this slow roll until the Earth likewise settles into a side-by-side lock with Planet X and rotation slowing to a stop begins. Crop Circles depicting the entire sequence look scattered or confused, as the various positions in the dance of the planets seem slung from this side to that in the field. Do the planets in fact move about during this process? Indeed, yet another part of the drama we decline to discuss at this moment, as the establishment is still not sharing the information they have with the public, and has still not positioned the media such that our message is received by the public simultaneously to the elite being privy to it. We are implying here TV and radio broadcasts, live. In the mean time, get ready for a magnetic dance of the planets beyond man's imagination.

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