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ZetaTalk: Time Line Clues
written July 18, 2004

We have explained that the Bow engulfing the Sun represents Planet X supplanting the Sun's influence as it moves increasingly to a point directly between the Earth and Sun. This is again shown in the recent Southfield diagram as coming from the side of the Sun, and below the backwash of the Ecliptic. From the time the diagram in Italy was laid, until Southfield, this supplanting of influence has increased from approximately 50% to 60%, for the observant, a timeline to be watched. The circle makers conveniently placed their diagram along field lines to highlight this percentage.

Southfield : July 15, 2004
Italy : June 2, 2004

We have explained that the magnetic alignment of Planet X or the Earth, either along the magnetic Flow Lines of the Sun or in a side-by-side arrangement, are represented by the bars along the time line. In Asymmetrical diagram, likewise, diverse placements of these instances represent the drama to come as different placements of the planets during the dance of the passage. Where two bars exist, this is a single side-by-side arrangement for a single planet, but dual bars represent two planets in a side-by-side arrangement. Likewise, horizontal bars indicate more than one planet aligned end-to-end along the magnetic flow lines of the Sun. What then is to be made of the diagram at Pegsdon, where the 23° angle of exit of Planet X is clearly indicated as it approaches the Sun at a 32° angle from beneath the Ecliptic? Here again a time line clue is given for the astute, as there are three magnetic planets in the inner solar system now, Mercury, Earth, and Planet X. Pegsdon shows three horizontal end-to-end alignments, then a single side-by-side where Planet X aligns thus with the Sun, then a disturbed switching about akin to the 270° roll we have predicted for Planet X, with separate actions on the part of Earth and Mercury during this time, all prior to the exit of Planet X where it again assumes an alignment along the Sun's magnetic flow lines.

Pegsdon : July 10, 2004
Wisconsin : July 4, 2003

We have referred to the orb with the halo as representing the Sun, often seen with a halo during this past year. What then do dual suns on either side of the Sun represent? If the Ecliptic is a backwash of particle flows, then these particles emerge from the Sun at its poles. These particles are not magnetic particles which move from pole to pole, but are particles that return to the Sun with a prime directive to avoid crowding, which they do by going under or over the Ecliptic, the farthest point from which they emerged. Thus those particles emerging at the N. Pole return under the Ecliptic, and those emerging at the S. Pole of the Sun return above the Ecliptic. The particles involved in this dance are related, just as electro-magnetic particles are related and often dance together. This stability remains, unaffected by the passage of Planet X, but the reason the Earth at present has a 23° Rotation tilt is not by accident. As we have explained, as Planet X exits, its rotation alignment assumes a 23° tilt to the Ecliptic, and as Beckhampton explains, this particle flow is assuming increasing importance as the point of passage approaches.

Beckhampton : July 15, 2004
Rabley : June 30, 2004
Belgium : June 21, 2004

Clearly reminiscent of the Insect diagram presented in June, the recent Windmill diagram presents more complexity, hinting at the sequence of events that will be encountered as Planet X punches through the Ecliptic. Reverberations of four, then five, then reverberations that pile on one another, so that one does not end before another is on top of it, creating echoes and a lateral spread under the Ecliptic that suddenly dissipates. For those wondering what a reverberation is, we suggest visiting the documentation gathered on what Nancy calls the Sweeps, where planets halted in their orbits before the monster Planet X, coming at them in its retrograde orbit, are battered by the various sweeping arms of the Sun as they are forced into each other and ricochet back and forth. For those watching the sweeps, and the patterns they present, this again is a clue to the timeline.

Windmill Hill : July 17, 2004
Milkhill : June 26, 2004