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ZetaTalk: Dance Begins
written Oct 19, 2004

On Saturday morning [Oct 16], I looked from my bedroom window to view the sunrise. As the sun rose, I placed my thumb in front of the sun to block its brightness. When I did this, I was surprised to see another large sphere to the left of the sun. Could this be Planet X? While looking at your photo album, one in particular caught my attention. The one was dated target="_top">Aug 26, 2003 from Texas Skywatch and matched exactly what I saw. The only difference is that my Second Sun was horizontally to the left of the sun; in the photo the second sun is vertically below the sun.

We have, over the past several months, warned that as Planet X moved from below to above the Sun’s middle, the Ecliptic, it would move from slinging along the magnetic flow lines curling toward the Sun’s S. Pole to the magnetic flow lines curling out from the Sun’s N. Pole. Magnetic particles flow along these lines, from the N. Pole to the S. Pole, thus forcing Planet X to align with this flow. We have explained that the steps in this process are:

  1. Planet X first slings past the Sun’s S. Pole with its N. Pole pointing toward this great intake of magnetic particles. This caused Planet X to point its S. Pole toward the Earth, creating a Tilt and Lean in the Earth that has been in place since the Earth halted in its orbit last December, constellations out of place, the Sun too far to the North, and the Moon erratic in its orbit. This prevailed through the Spring and Summer of 2004.
  2. Planet X increasingly takes an almost horizontal alignment as it rises to the Ecliptic, as the magnetic flow lines which emerge almost vertical at the poles are almost horizontal at the middle. During this horizontal alignment, which we have termed a Lull in the Eye of the storm, the S. Pole intake of Planet X points almost directly at the Earth, allowing it to relax and assume an almost vertical posture with less tilt. This has been the situation recently until the past few days.
  3. Planet X then moves sideways as the path of least resistance while it switches from pointing its N. Pole toward the Sun to pointing its S. Pole toward the Sun, in keeping with the alignment of the magnetic flow lines above the Ecliptic. This motion, where the blast from the N. Pole of Planet X will eventually point directly at the Earth, will cause the Earth’s N. Pole to point away from the Sun and Planet X, the 3 Days of Darkness foretold in the Bible for the northern hemisphere. This motion has now begun.
  4. Planet X will then briefly assume a vertical position, completing its first 270° Roll to stand upright along side the Sun, but where Planet X will have its N. Pole upright, the Earth’s momentum and direction will cause it temporarily to assume an upside down posture, with Sunrise West for some days as folklore reports and as Islam foretells. The days of darkness and sunrise west for the Earth are accomplished by an extreme Wobble, which continues until the Earth is again upright alongside Planet X and the Sun, all in side-by-side alignment.
  5. It is at this point that slowing rotation begins, the Atlantic Rift, which has regularly been grabbed both at the Face and Dark positions vis-a-vis Planet X, directly exposed to the magnetic grab of the larger magnet, the monster Planet X. During the 270° roll and slowing rotation, earthquakes and volcanic activity greatly increase, as do erratic jet streams and consequent temperature extremes and storms. Due to the visibility of Planet X during this time, and the Sun rising and setting where it naught, these Earth changes certainly cannot be denied.

No longer Sun centered, almost invisible centered in the glare of the Sun, Planet X is now on the move, preparing for its sideways flip, the dance begun.

Signs of the Times #1188
During my stay in Brazil I had only bad weather with daily tropical storms. This was the only possible images I got on October 16 in the morning. Location was Cedral Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP. Lat 20 54 10 S, Lon +49 16 06 W. Source: Alberto in Brazil [and from another source] Double sun from Katkam in Vancouver. Source: Ben [and from another] This is not a Katkam lens flare, no evidence of flaring in the target="_top">Non-Cropped Image , and the Second Sun stands behind the clouds, as does the Monster Sun in the photo from Brazil, not in front of the clouds as a lens flare would do. Note in an image from target="_top">July 20, 2004 that this Second Sun does not make an appearance. This is recent! [and from another] Sun photo from a flight from Amsterdam to Warsaw - Boeing 737-400 , 35.000 feet high. This photo was taken approximately 7:00 PM on Oct 16. Source: JetMan in Poland [Note: previously in 2003 the Second Sun was to the right on sunrise, left during sunset, from the northern hemisphere. This is now reversed, indicating retrograde orbit motion in Planet X!]