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ZetaTalk: Earth on the Rack
written Apr 16, 2005

We have stated recently that the Earth Wobble is caused by the tugging on the Atlantic Rift to align with Planet X and more recently accentuated by the pushing away of Earth’s N Pole as it increasingly competes with the N Pole of Planet X. We have stated that this wobble, in the shape of a Figure 8 if one looks down from space upon the Earth’s poles, is creating Magma Slam points near the magnetic S Pole of Earth, along the spine of the Andes, and at the African Rift, and also Magma Void points in the Mediterranean, Japan, and the West Coast of the US. Evidence of roiling magma in the voids, noticed by individuals who observe their drains and fountains reflecting conflicting directives from below the surface prompted us to relate this to the magma voids, which otherwise gave no physical evidence. Does the increased volcanic activity also relate? Indeed it does. Obviously, magma slam points, where more than one magma stream collides to impact the Earth’s crust, would be subject to increased volcanic activity, as volcanoes by their nature are an outlet for magma under pressure. Why would volcanoes near the magma slam point of the magnetic S Pole be increasing their activity months after the major plate snapping that occurred in December 2004? And what relationship does this have to volcanoes worldwide stepping up the pace at the same time? Clearly the magma is slamming harder, the voids are roiling more aggressively, and what does this mean?

The Earth, in its slow roll, is caught in many conflicting directives. It stands where it does in the lineup of planets as a balance between the gravity pull from the Sun and the repulsion force, the anti-gravity force, that is evoked between planetary bodies when they come close. It stands where it does in the planetary lineup as a compromise with the other planets, who all find a niche where particle flows are neither crowded nor creating a roiling void. It aligns itself magnetically with the Sun, and its rotation is dictated also by movement in the Sun’s interior, which the molten magma of the Earth chases, perpetually. When Planet X enters as yet another factor for the Earth to take into account, this does not negate the other forces at play. The Earth strives to honor each dictate, with those portions of the Earth least able to ignore the dictates of the old regime the last to change.

Signs of the Times #1384
79 volcanoes on watch list [Apr 16] 'As two earthquakes shook Indonesia's Java island on Friday, Indonesian seismologists placed 79 volcanoes on a "close watch" list, up from the 11. The New Straits Times, quoting Indonesian experts, said they fear a major eruption. Indonesian scientists had placed 11 volcanoes on the list on Thursday. [But] there are 79 volcanoes which need to be closely watched and they are being monitored by all observation posts.’
Signs of the Times #1382
[Apr 13] ‘Mount Talang in Indonesia is on the verge of a full-blown eruption. A second volcano in Indonesia, Tangkuban Perahu, on Java island, sprang to life and began rumbling overnight, prompting scientists to raise the status of the volcano to "alert" and declare it off limits. There have been hundreds of volcanic earthquakes recorded in the last several days. A third volcano in the area, Child of Krakatoa, in Sunda straits, west of Java, has been experiencing more than 32 volcanic quakes in the last two days.’ [and from another source] 3 volcanoes in the Philippines are also being watched by volcanologists - Mayon, Taal and Kanlaon. And now Yellowstone looking active. Volcano activations and alert in Argentina too. Altogether Egon, Karangetang, Talang, and Yasur are in the process of blowing their tops. Ambrym, Chikurachki, Colima, Fuego, Karymsky, Kilauea, Kliuchevskoi, Krakatau, Manam, Mayon, Mt. Erebus, Mt. St. Helens, Pacaya, Rabaul, Santa Maria, Sheveluch, Stromboli, Suwanose-Jima, Tungurahua, and Villarrica are about to blow!