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ZetaTalk: Threshold Crossed
written May 21, 2005

Things seem a little slow on the Earth changes front right now or else I'm not paying close enough attention. I was wondering if the Zetas could comment on the long wait now that it's the 2nd anniversary of the original date. I think they called it the 'agonizing wait' back in 2003, so it would be interesting to hear from them at this point in the waiting game.

When ZetaTalk first started in 1995 there was little to support it behind the impact of the words on those hungry for answers to old questions, as the Earth changes had just begun. As the weather increased in ferocity and extremes, the quakes and volcanic activity gradually rose worldwide and refused to abate, and the behavior of world leaders aligned according to ancient prophecies describing the polarization and threats of war, our words of warning were taken more seriously. People began looking in the direction of Orion for signs of the inbound planet, known by many names as Niburu or Marduk or Wormwood, and most recently known as Planet X. Our famed coordinates for the path of this planet were desperately ridiculed when a faint glow appeared at those coordinates, growing in magnitude and moving in accordance with our predictions. And then global quakes started when the Atlantic Rift either faced or was in opposition to the presence roaring in from the other side of the Sun. The predicted date of passage around May 15, 2003 was clearly watched by those in power in the White House, as Operation TOPOFF was called to be in place during that time, Operation Planet X occurred in Iraq on May 15, and Homeland Security went to level Orange. In the months following the missed date, a dramatic Second Sun appeared and signs of a powdering of red dust was evident.

Then the wait.

As 2003 slipped into 2004, orbit aberrations and the continuing global quakes at the face and dark points were the sole indicators of the presence of Planet X. Increasing disasters from stretching and snapping landmasses or failing compasses were downplayed in the news, as were the increases in earthquakes and volcanic threats such as Yellowstone. To the public, watching the skies and the news, the issue of Planet X had become passe. Had it passed? It and the Earth had settled into a lock. Planet X was floating on a gravity field where the pull toward the Sun equaled the push away, creeping forward into a headwind of particles flowing back toward the Sun's middle, buffeted by the particles that emerge from the Sun's middle, and twisting within the Sun's magnetic field. The Earth, caught in an eddy flow in front of Planet X, was showing the distress of this approaching giant, with increasingly melting poles and glaciers, loosening and moving fault lines, and fuming volcanoes. But as there was no change in the media's reaction, the public continued to consider the Planet X issue passe. The Planet X light reflected by the Sun seemed not in evidence, as where in 2003 it had reflected toward the Earth, it was now reflecting back toward the Sun. And the massive tail seemed not in evidence, as where in 2003 its momentum had caused it to blow toward the Earth, it now roiled around close to the Sun.

Then something happened.

In late 2004 the hurricane and typhoon season not only broke records, it doubled in ferocity and count. If this was Global Warming, what was the impetus between 2003 and 2004 that caused this increase? On the heels of this, and for no reason geologists could recount, the plate joining India and Australia lifted, tearing along Sumatra, and creating a tsunami in resort areas that the media could not ignore. Volcanic activity had reached the point where the word normal no longer applied, and this roiling magma could certainly not be ascribed to a warming air mass. And the weather was so bizarre and unpredictable that weathermen had become apologetic. Throughout the year, since the Spring of 2004, a landmark seen by all, the Moon, was rounding the Earth during its monthly sojourns at a tilt that placed it where it had never been seen before. Those used to a lifetime of gazing at the Moon in the evening noted this odd placement, but no comment at all in the news about this astonishing event. A threshold had been reached, where the common man was aware that something was wrong, and that they were not being told the truth of the matter. That the cover-up had started to erode had become evident to those suspecting the truth, that the world had entered the End Times.But for many, the questions just kept mounting.

What will this increasingly aware public mean, for the future, and for the cover-up? Increasing talk over supper tables among family members and friends, while commuting to work, and on Internet chat boards will bring discussions around to the only answer for all these changes. This is not Global Warming, simply warming the atmosphere. This is not the Sun's activity. Where frequent it has not been outside of the norm for solar flares or sunspots or emissions. This can only be the presence of a gravity and magnetic force, seen in 2003 as a dramatic Second Sun and evident from its tugging on the Earth, the torque only we, the Zetas, predicted. Since reaction to this public awareness is in the hands of man, and thus could go in many directions, we will not at this time predict the outcome. But the public is no longer asleep, and will hardly start snoozing again even if the cover-up prevails. That threshold has been passed.

Nov 2, 2003 photo taken in South Africa, the Second Sun