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ZetaTalk: Serpo Exchange
written Dec 11, 2005

Planet Serpo is an alleged exchange program whereby 12 Americans went in a large alien craft to their home world, Serpo. This American group is said to have left Earth in 1965 for a 20 year exchange, but returned a couple years later in 1978.

We warned several years ago that as the time of the passage approached, disinformation sources would proliferate. This is in part due to the desire of individuals to get on the band wagon, onto the stage, as prophecy and predictions are increasingly discussed in the media. But primarily this will be due to deliberate campaigns by the US and other governments to try to control public perceptions. In the past, when the US government was determined to discourage the public from any desire for contact with aliens, aliens were painted as demons, about to mass colonize the Earth or chop humans into vats for consumption. The US government could not stop the populace from reaching out in curiosity and giving The Call to visitors, so hoped to stop such contact at the start, within the populace, by instilling fear in those about to give The Call.

Why has this approach changed? We have long explained that the elite anticipated escaping the effects of the coming pole shift by either going underground into well stocked caverns or going to the Moon or Mars. Thus, such enclaves as Mt Weather, complete with underground golf courses, and the press to get a manned mission to Mars. These plans were laid during the days when MJ12 was talking to, and listening to, alien visitors in the Service-to-Self orientation. MJ12 and the wealthy elite they included in their membership were assured they would be given an assist when the time came, but have come to realize that the Service-to-Self lie. Humans in the Service-to-Self lie too, as anyone listening to the Bush Administration has observed, so this should not have come as a surprise. But only recently tests on their underground enclaves have shown them not safe for human habitation, and calling upon the promise to be taken to Mars have shown this promise to be false also. Now what?

Of course, MJ12 was introduced to ourselves and other aliens in the Service-to-Others in concert with the sales pitches given by the Service-to-Self, and gradually realized that the spiritual orientations exist in aliens just as they do among humans. Most are good hearted, but a few are self-serving and manipulative. In desperation - seeing they will be stuck on the surface of Earth during the pending pole shift, amid horrific tidal wave sloshing, Richter 9 quakes everywhere, volcanic explosions and the gloom that follows, and a complete collapse of the infrastructure they rely upon - they cast about for other solutions. If the bad guys won't help them, as promised, they are now sucking up to the good guys. They noted that some contactees are protected from assassination, noting this when orders went out to assassinate these individuals and the assassinations were repeatedly foiled. They noted that some contactees were given healings, kept alive when their health would otherwise be failing. They noted mention of protection of good hearted communities after the pole shift, communal living with high tech alien communities, and set about to posture themselves for inclusion.

They reasoned that if the Council of Worlds is pacing contact with aliens based on the public's comfort level, so as not to increase anxiety, then the public should be made comfortable with the concept of the alien presence. If comfort with the alien presence can be promoted to the extent that aliens are walking about and interacting with people, then surely these friendly aliens would not let their neighbors suffer during the pole shift, and these helping hands would perforce extend to them, the elite, also. They reasoned that to counter the disinfo of the past, where aliens were seen as demonic, then disinfo where the aliens were seen as friendly and not that much different from people should be promoted. Thus we have planet Serpo, where aliens worship in churches, play soccer, conduct warfare with other planets, munch on veggies, use beasts of burden, and have a verbal language that can be understood by humans. True? Utter hogwash.

Were exchange programs not part of the MJ12 history? Within the parameters of Alternative 3, where humans were taken to the Dark Side of the Moon and to the Earth's Dark Twin, such travel with Service-to-Self aliens occurred, and of course Service-to-Self aliens resided as guests of MJ12 on Earth. This was not considered an exchange program as the Moon and the Dark Twin are tightly within your solar system. Aliens in the Service-to-Others also conferred with and were available as envoys to MJ12, on Earth, but residence was elsewhere in another density, unlike the Service-to-Self aliens who do not switch density well and avoid accidents by staying in 3rd Density with the humans they are assigned to interact with. Do we take humans off the surface of the Earth? Absolutely, as individual contactees, not as representatives of MJ12. Exchange programs do not exist, because contact with humans is guided by the Council of Worlds, within the parameters of The Call, and this is best controlled by having the human resident on Earth where a change of heart does not necessitate a change of planet.

Another, more likely, scenario, is to have the populace accept the alien presence, embrace it, and thus with aliens walking about on the face of the Earth, ignoring the plight of mankind would be embarrassing and they'd step in and effect a rescue, or so the logic goes.
ZetaTalk: Discord,
written Apr 15, 1996
In all cases where a fraud is being perpetrated, the false channeler must create a massive amount of details, or a single message as a standalone looks suspicious. Since none of this is provable, and the humans generating the fraud know they won't be challenged unduly, they wax poetic.
ZetaTalk: False Channels,
written Jun 15, 1996
There are several reasons why there will be no public announcement admitting to the alien presence. They are not in control of the visitations and sightings ongoing, and this lack of control is out of keeping with the posture they take in front of the tax payer.
ZetaTalk: Break the News,
written Jun 15, 1997