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ZetaTalk: Guest Worker Program
written Apr 12, 2006.

What is the Zeta's take on the illegal immigration problem here in the US?

We mentioned in early descriptions of what to anticipate during the pole shift and the tense times preceding it that migration would increase, and border security concerns in response to the press of migration. Since that prediction, the flood of illegal immigrants almost doubled in the US alone, and other countries such as Europe have had riots related to restless immigrants denied work or social services. The conflicts are particularly acute where there is a large and indefensible border between lands or countries having a large discrepancy in living standards. If an immigrant can make 10 times the dollar for a days work, and find work, by hopping the border and sleeping with friends in a crowded hovel, it's certainly worth the trip. European countries such as Germany welcomed immigrants when they needed the workers, and then had them on their hands when the demand slacked, causing social tensions and expulsion demands. As the globe is suffering from economic depression, a fact much denied in the news which reports false positive figures in the US despite corporate and personal bankruptcies and increasing homelessness and joblessness, this will only get worse.

Beyond personal economics and hopes for a better life, the immigrant crisis between the US and Mexico has other dynamics, seldom discussed in the news. For one, the Bush administration, pandering to corporate interests, wants to hand their corporate cronies a Guest Worker program so they can continue to hire workers for less than minimum wage, without the burden of health or pension benefits, and with newfound freedom from being hassled by immigration officials looking for illegal immigrants. There is almost zero mention of the corporate lawbreakers in the media, as though the dynamic had only one side to it. Illegal immigrants are breaking the law, but they would not be doing so unless corporate interests were likewise breaking the law. Not mentioned, also, is whether the Bush proposal for Guest Workers would insist they be paid a minimum wage, as is law in the US. Corporate interests benefit, the US taxpayer carrying the burden of social services, and the US job seeker finding fewer jobs available to them. Where this is typical Bush, and where this gambit will not succeed anymore than the Social Security gift of monies to Wall Street or the permanent tax cut to the rich, there is more to this maneuver than cheap labor for corporate cronies.

What is the Bush plan for the US citizen when the pole shift hits?

Poisoning soft city dwellers, used to social services, as they struggle from the coastal and river basin cities. Forcing them to stay in these cities, under quarantine or shelter-on-place orders, or blockade them there, so the force of water we have predicted during the pole shift will cause them to drown. Infecting the poor, crowded into run-down neighborhoods and suffering from inadequate nutrition and lack of health care, so they become the brunt of a bird flu pandemic, dying by the millions. The point of this? To have a worker base, a slave labor base, that is young and healthy and unlikely to complain. Early plans for a draft, during the days going into the Iraq War, called for men and women, 18-35, with many skills. This was to be a worker base, not a soldier base. Selecting out this base into camps, along with healthy and compliant unskilled workers from Mexico, would form the slave camps of the future. The rest would be poisoned, drown, sickened, or starved. Thus, the Guest Worker program was long planned, to facilitate the flow of workers from Mexico to the US. It has run amuck of the press to preserve US jobs, creating conflict in the political base Bush needs, the GOP, as reality has coming home to the GOP. Another setback for Bush, who will move even closer to declaring Martial Law without cause, as we have predicted is likely to happen, and failing at this maneuver also.

Signs of the Times #1582
Immigrant Bill Fallout May Hurt House GOP [Apr 12] House Republicans rushed through legislation just before Christmas that would build hundreds of miles of fence along the U.S.-Mexico border, require that businesses verify the legality of all employees' status through a national database, fortify border patrols, and declare illegal immigrants and those who help them to be felons. After more lenient legislation failed in the Senate last week, the House-passed version burst into the public consciousness this week, as hundreds of thousands of protesters across the country turned out to denounce the bill. The hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets Monday vividly demonstrated the power of the issue.
Signs of the Times #1574
Flood of illegals turns into a tsunami [Mar 29] 'Sen. Lindsey Graham hears about illegal immigration whenever he travels his home state of South Carolina. And for good reason. South Carolina, a state with historically few illegal immigrants, saw a 1,000 percent increase in their numbers from 1990 to 2004. With 55,000 undocumented residents, South Carolina ranks far behind the nation's leader, California. But the issue is boiling throughout the country as illegal immigrants make their way to more cities and states than ever.' [and from another] Likewise, you will find human populations beginning to migrate. These migration not only happen in cases of severe starvation, such as in northern Africa south of the Sudan, where people just stumble like sticks in any direction, looking for food, but also occurs when things get bad enough, when crop shortages are bad, and people begin to wander. They're looking for something better. So you will have migrations and you will have guards against migrations. Rifles at the border, pointed and saying don't come a step further and shooting people for little reason. This is already starting to raise its head in the anxiety that the United States expresses about the people south of their borders. ZetaTalk: 1999 Predictions, written Apr 15, 1999. [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again!]